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  1. IIRC, one year or maybe a couple of years at Woodhull they went to a system where first and second-place cars from the previous week started 15th and 16th the next week no matter what?
  2. Yeah not sure what you want them to do? Add a Sheppard’s bonus and offer him a cash prize to start last in every race? He’ll still get some wins even doing that. Not that it’s a real scenario any way.
  3. 100 percent. No way anywhere close to 19 make it through more than a couple of months.
  4. I really hope Hoffman lasts the whole season on the WoO Tour. I’m not naive enough to think Pierce will, but there are a lot of interesting names on that driver roster that I’m imagining will whittle down to 12 over time.
  5. Brent Marks Rico Abreu Justin Peck Buddy Kofoid Kyle Larson Danny Dietrich Doesn't get much better than that when you take out the top WoO normal followers. Curious to see what Carson Macedo, Sheldon, Donny, Gravel and Brad do.
  6. Deyo taking Utica Rome, Fonda and Georgetown NASCAR certainly seems very plausible given the announcement on social media scheduled for tomorrow pertaining to all three tracks he operates….
  7. Back on topic…. Danny Dietrich officially chasing all points shows for High Limit.
  8. Buddy Kofoid and CJ Leary surely had crap luck and were considered cars with A Main/win potential. But how many more heavy hitters never made it to a C?
  9. And I know he has graduated on to late models but Timmy McCreadie still cut his teeth in northeast modifieds and still races one from time to time.
  10. I don’t see how attending this race vs. watching every night on Flo gives any advantage to anyone to objectively consider how many drivers have an actual shot at winning the race. It seems to me that only fuels your proximity bias wanting the Chili Bowl to be something from a top-end competitive stand point that it just simply isn’t. Is the atmosphere in the Expo center unbelievable? By all accounts yes (without first hand experiencing it) Are there a ton of top-end sprint car, midget, non-wing guys there mixed in with some late model, pavement and NASCAR guys making it one of the most diverse fields in racing. Yes. Do they need to figure out a way to run more than five races in a span of 6 hours on Saturday so their online and some of their in person crowd doesn’t get bored, Yes. Can 100 to your now 150 cars win the Chili Bowl? Not a chance. Just because you race for KKM doesn’t mean you have a chance to win if you don’t have the talent to match the equipment.
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