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  1. Lance and the 69k team getting off the porch this week and rowing out to Wisconsin for two shows.
  2. Speaking of Trone Outdoor. I know they were always prevalent with Greg Hodnett. Has the Mike Heffner operation continued to scale things back? That was a really really stout ride for a long time with Daryn Pittman and Greg Hodnett behind the wheel and I'm sure many others, but it appears they've scaled quite a bit back lately or don't even exist anymore?
  3. Wight and Hile yes. Varin is in the sprinter a little more and I think recently he even followed the whole ESS or Patriot Tour for a year IIRC.
  4. Paulie, Danny Varin, Joe Trenca, Hutton, Davey Franek, Larry Wight and Chris Hile to name a few is who he’s probably referring to.
  5. Tyler Courtney certainly has the funding, talent and capability to run with the WoO on a nightly basis. Certainly the depth isn’t there but the All-Stars have a couple of followers that could run with WoO if they chose and be competitive with the big dogs.
  6. What a show at Weedsport tonight! Qualifying was fun to see the NY local boys take the series regulars to school. Heat races were action packed led by Scotty Thiel tickling the high side going 8th to 3rd. Feature was incredibly racey all over the place. Was rooting hard for Farnham to hold on but just couldn’t hold off all the All-Stars in the last 7 laps. Next to no dust. felt bad for Hile with a top 5 qualifying time vanquished by forgetting to go to scales after his laps. Never recovered and really too bad as I think he would have been a factor in the top 10. Mod race was same old story. Another $4K to Matt’s bank account. Unfortunate how light the crowd was? Kind of surprising with big blocks on the card too. all-stars really get a bad rap I feel with support in comparison to WoO and put on just as good racing. I generally have always seen good shows out of them when I watch.
  7. Certainly below Hearn's pace but not by a whole lot. If he decides to race modifieds for another 15ish years, he can absolutely catch Hearn it would appear as long as there are tracks to still race on and series to put on races in that time span.
  8. It also wasn't that long ago...maybe 4-5 years ago now that Erick Rudolph was showing signs of being able to compete nightly with Sheppard, but he's regressed back to being another solid/very good driver that wins a lot of local shows, but isn't really a threat on either of the big series or the big money shows.
  9. Fuller certainly didn’t mince words in VL. it was interesting to hear Payne in Victory Lane kind of “apologize” for Fuller’s comments saying I appreciate the track and giving us a place to race. Hasnt it been a good 2 weeks with no rain in that area now? I’m sure that didn’t help matters. I have faith in Paul Cole and company they’ll get it figured out but yeah this week was pretty dusty on the broadcast.
  10. Aside from his win at Albany-Saratoga, Mike Mahaney has seemed to get off to a slow start in the Huttig car. Especially in the series races he’s been at. Rooting for Mike and team to turn it around. Hopefully someone can challenge Sheppard this year in the big races. Complete respect to Matt and what he’s accomplished, but it would be nice to see some different guys pick up big pay days once in awhile.
  11. Curious to find out how many active race tracks that have modifieds on a consistent basis that Matt Sheppard hasn’t won at yet. Accord posted a preview for tomorrow’s race and mentioned he hadn’t won yet which got me thinking there can’t be many.
  12. That’s too bad. She was always a great runner at LoL! On the positive side, how about 25 305 sprint cars there last night? That division has truly truly arrived with that car count now. I believe there were 28 big blocks too?
  13. 26 mods at Airborne last night! Pretty impressive count considering they are going to be part time class this year. Were other area tracks not running or started up yet or is that going to be a pretty accurate count all year for them? Lot of Quebec guys came back and over the border for it.
  14. Fortunate thing for Late Models is pretty easy to still find plenty of 20K to win shows or more just about every weekend somewhere so although they’re missing out on their tour perks, they’ve had plenty of opportunities to race and pick up some money if they’ve wanted to.
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