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  1. I see zero issues with that move, especially coming to the white flag... Would it been warranted on lap 1 of a 50 lap race? Maybe not...but still...even then. Didn't see too much to that.
  2. If Sheppard returns to LoL on Saturday after he was at OCFS, I would highly recommend tuning into the LIVE FREE broadcast of LOL.TV on their website and watch him work his magic from starting somewhere in the double digits to likely in contention or winning the race.
  3. Really agree with this part of your post. Was great to see all of the coverage and media/PR work converge on Eldora for the Dream week.
  4. It was great to see Adam Roberts back in the pits at LoL on Saturday and they got things back together to get a car on the track.
  5. Pretty nice to not be committed to a Tour and be able to bounce back and forth between the Lucas and WoO big paying shows.
  6. Alan talked about it in an interview earlier this year he was hoping to travel a little more and hit UR on Fridays as well as a lot of the STSS north series.
  7. Does TMac even had any equipment in NY anymore? I think his new team is based out of the South or Midwest so I doubt they’d just tow up to NY even if there wasn’t a conflict with the Lucas Oil series just so he could race in his home state…maybe I’m wrong.
  8. Pretty sure the Gypsum stable sold off their stuff they had for Decker and Wight a few years ago. Dont think Tim Fuller has access to any super late model stuff anymore? Mike Maresca I believe has one? Maybe he tows down? Pretty sure Vic Coffey and the Sweetners Late Model stuff is all gone. I think his late model stuff is in North Carolina at the truck shop but maybe Stew brings the late model up to run? That will help draw a crowd.
  9. I know there seems to be a shortage on a lot of things right now, but something I specifically saw on Facebook was a post from American Racer saying that they are having a very serious tire shortage. Is Hoosier in the same boat? The post made it sound very bleak that there is a good chance of schedules being interrupted due to lack of tires. Anyone following this a little more closely or are teams aware of this and have a larger stockpile than usual at their race shops to ride out the tough times?
  10. Wow. That'll be a show to circle on the calendar to make a possible first trip to this track for.
  11. Not sure what the ULMS schedule is for the OCFS date, but perhaps a couple of those guys come and support it? Dan Stone and Gregg Satterlee (when not on Tour) I feel are usually good about supporting the Northeast shows. Boom Briggs was too before he joined WoO.
  12. WoO Lates have been at Canandaigua, Weedsport, Rolling Wheels, Brewerton off the top of my head within the last 10 years and I’ve been at all of them but Wheels. Fonda and Utica Rome had the Lucas Oil Late Models for like 2-3 years and those were some fun shows. Pretty sure Jimmy Owens won at least back to back if not all 3 fonda shows. Wish Timmy was on the Lucas Oil Tour back then but he was with WoO. Timmy certainly would be one of the bigger draws to any Central NY late model show. Billy Decker and Larry Wight used to jump in the super late models as well at Fonda and CNY tr
  13. Ryan won that 20K to win All-Star race back at Weedsport like 10ish years ago IIRC. Back when 20K to win shows were few and far between.
  14. I'll put them in order based on my thoughts just for fun. 1. Friesen 2. Sheppard 3. Williamson 4. Decker 5. Perrego 6. Rudolph 7. Wight 8. McLaughlin 9. Fuller 10. Mahaney
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