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  1. I should get back into it, haven't tried dirt on iRacing yet. Spent most of my time in a few rFactor leagues running late models and modifieds.
  2. Only WRG would look at OCFS on the rise, their relationship with the STSS , and tell them to make that choice. Hollywood couldn't write it.
  3. Never saw him win, but I did see him run, and for that I'm thankful. May we all get 92 years. I did see Fuzzy's last win though so there's that.
  4. Hope all works out, he was a complete gentleman when I got my book signed at ESW and he's one of my heroes.
  5. That was a different crash. The one I'm talking about got hooked on a start and went left, hit the tires, and did half a flip to the inside of the pits. I thought it was gonna land on the pace car I found a clip of it filmed with a pile of beans
  6. To be fair, that was a rainout day, in the fall, and it rained for days beforehand. The air was cool and dense and the track was super tacky.
  7. That happened a few years ago, I wanna say it was a URC race. The car went the opposite direction and landed in the pits.
  8. If I had to guess, I bet they hope for a Speedweeks style thing including Accord and the Valley culminating in a big event at Middletown. I hope they get it done, it seems like a great fit for the area.
  9. Ideally, what should happen here is we kill them for pages in this thread and then they don't do it again. Understanding that it was their first time and was pretty flawed and then waiting to see if they improve over time is for suckers. I want my gratification now!
  10. Hearn haunts me in my sleep, like a ghastly wraith put upon me by a witchdoctor of some kind.
  11. Another thing to point out is today's mods evolved from the same place as pavement mods and those are really starting to look like just a northeast thing, too.
  12. Yeah that's like me and my dad. Gonna have to change my name and profile pic I guess
  13. There's also a curfew, isn't there? I can remember coming home at 3am with my dad after a rain delay and to be completely honest they don't rank up there on my most memorable times at OCFS.
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