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  1. Extended again till July 21. Not looking like any Canadian swing this year
  2. https://jw4.proboards.com/thread/341/2021-club-wago-master-schedule
  3. Modifieds are back at Mohawk International Raceway for the first of 4 races in 2021. They haven't held a modified race since 2019 because of the border remaining closed and was last won by Mat Williamson and Dave Marcuccilli. You can expect some familiar regulars as well as some invaders with Can-am having Friday night off of that week. I've been a few times already and track has been in great shape. Let's pack this place!!
  4. The racing there is a hit or miss. I've seen some good ones but the last few times I've been there hasn't provided much passing that I can remember. I think getting rid the the top side wall all the way around the track would help make an outside groove come in with bite for some better racing. JMO
  5. George Foley looked really good tonight. Lost some stops on the start, came back up to 2nd and challenged for the lead but faded to 5th at the end.
  6. With his cup playoff race being at Talladega the next day good luck with that
  7. There are plenty of great teams in Canada that also don't get the respect because they don't travel lots too
  8. If it was a Friday I would highly recommend Can-am. Track has provided excellent racing this year. As far as Saturday's near Syracuse you can't go wrong with LOL or Fonda but hard to pass up some racing at Fulton
  9. Partly because they had some invaders that would have went to Thunder Mountain if they didn't get rained out
  10. Idk if it was the dust or the 10+ video cameras that I wasn't impressed about. Hard to watch the battles when they keep changing the video at times. 1 vs 1 spectacular races were good with 1 Camera view though
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