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  1. Danny O'Brien is looking for win 100 at Brockville so someone hopefully has more stats. Tim Baltz definitely would know. Get ahold of him. Definitely more wins at the BOS. Here is an article “I would like to get 100”, said O’Brien, referring to his current win total at the speedway, which sits at 99 Modified wins (95 in the 358 Modified division). https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/brockville-ontario-speedway/2022/12/24/danny-obrien-returns-behind-358-mod-wheel/
  2. It ok but never been a big fan of this track. Lucas Oil Speedway with late models are on the tv while I'm watching Delaware on my phone. I think feature will be better than the heats
  3. I can tell mostly. It's a big track with minimal cameras but not that hard to tell. Nothing going to be perfect since It's not a series race. A position counter would be nice but not the end of the world.
  4. I wonder if Sheppard will do any traveling with races Friday, Saturday and Sunday still scheduled this weekend at other tracks or wait till next weekend at OCFS. Still winless in 2023 should we start to panic yet 😜 jk
  5. Or why don't they let him race? Could have avoided all of this
  6. If they were still sponsoring today it would be on the Ski-Doo Backcountry 850 🤣
  7. Disagree they both have been great for some time now. If people can't figure that out then they haven't been paying attention to this area way up north
  8. There another Payne I think could turn some heads this year and that's Zach Payne. 1 full year with his first career win in a Big Block in 2022. I wouldn't be surprised if he improved on his finishes this year
  9. I'd expect some drivers will make it to the expo show now
  10. Actually Brewerton 358 race is on Wednesday and not Thursday which is the only Satellite race. Might want to stick with Tuesday
  11. That 2004 race with Fuller I have in DVD. Absolutely crazy race and ranks among the best
  12. He will be racing some races this year at Brockville. Looking for win #100 at the track. I know he's racing all Ogilvies Auto & Fleet Triple Crown Series races so I'm hoping to catch a few of them this year
  13. Congratulations to three-time Mr. DIRT series titlist TIM FULLER, second-generation Canadian champion DANNY O'BRIEN and post-war pioneer driver BOB CAMERON who will be inducted into the Northeast Dirt Modified Hall of Fame on July 13. Also being honored in the Class of 2023 are car owner GLENN HYNEMAN; mechanic RANDY WILLIAMSON, partner at Bicknell Racing Products; the late Flemington Fair Speedway promoter PAUL KUHL; DIRT Motorsports TV director and cameraman PATRICK DONNELLY; and racer, writer and promoter LAURIE FALLIS. The 31st annual event — which will take place in the Museum on the grounds of Weedsport Speedway in New York — is free and open to the public, and will feature pre- and post-ceremony receptions sponsored by the track. So save the date: THURSDAY, JULY 13
  14. He must like how he ran the track considering he ran it back in the day. Not sure what ties they have but it must have been positive
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