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  1. There is no good clay down this way. Afton has trucked in a few loads of clay from the Syracuse area the last couple years and they have a black slick surface now like the central NY tracks. The rest have yet to do so.
  2. Sheppard breaks at the white flag and hands the win to local up and comer Darren Smith. I'm off to take 3 showers now before I get in bed. Dirtiest I've been in years.
  3. Noticed sparks from under the car the last 6-8 laps. Might've had something to do with it
  4. I didn't notice that but I noticed that the mod features at Fonda are damn good without the 44 in the field.
  5. If they have more than 18 cars I'd consider it a win. They will have to rely on big ULMS support
  6. Gibbs cars aren't winning? They have 5 wins as a team and the only car that hasn't won is the point leader
  7. That was race of the year no doubt. Once Stone got by I thought it was over but Horning never gave up and just got him at the line. What a race
  8. I can't speak for him, but I've never even seen Sheppard spank a field like that. Over a second a lap faster than the rest of the field, even when in lapped traffic and the others had clean track.
  9. That was a complete whooping. Straightawayed the field in 2 laps. Unbelievable bite off the corners.
  10. Let's look at the guys that had been running the 358s there the last couple years: Billy Whittaker, Larry Wight and Pat Ward will be at Brewerton Erick Rudolph will be at Ransomville. So will Williamson. Arbuthnot, Dunn and Willix will be at their home tracks in the north country. That's a lot of lost cars already and they were only drawing 18-20 every Sunday. I doubt they're over 20 mods this year. But they may build on that in years to come.
  11. I think places are allowed to have 10% capacity now, which is about what the weekly crowd has been there the last few years
  12. I'd rather have Fonda, Utica, Malta, Port Royal, Big Diamond, Grandview, Canandaigua, Brewerton, Fulton, dirt Oswego, and a bunch of other northeast tracks than the mile. The mile would be cool to hot lap on, but it would race horribly. It would either be impossible to pass or be a crash fest. Cedar Lake is probably my favorite dirt track to race at. Lernerville, Fairbury and Limaland are pretty fun too. All those tracks have 2-3 grooves still when the track is used up. I've caught the inside wall out of 4 at Weedsport one too many times to put that up there with them lol, but that
  13. Good call on Perrego. Sheppard and Friesen were out to lunch tonight!
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