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  1. Not only a setup advisor but he knows a thing or two about motors. Back in the hay days of the Reading Fairgrounds everyone wanted a Davey Brown build motor or a set of heads from him.
  2. That’s like closing the gate after the horse gets out.
  3. Considering Jennerstown is an island all by itself in that area they really aren’t doing too bad with car counts. It surely is a beautiful facility. Not a bad seat in the house. Always loved to see the modifies run there.
  4. I guess you don’t get into New Jersey too often. Everything costs more in New Jersey. People who live in New Jersey are moving across the border to Pennsylvania because of the high taxes they have to pay in Jersey but they continue to work in New Jersey because the pay is better in Jersey then Pennsylvania. They just commute back and forth.
  5. Leroy this is from the Alan Johnson race fan Facebook page on April 21. He was there. Start 8th take five. Hell of a field here tonight to have a bad draw lol.
  6. As you know I do attend the Chili Bowl and yes they do have way too much down time on Saturday night. During the day they start at 9:00 in the morning and run a total of 26 races to qualify cars for the c and b mains for tv part of the show. They also do track prep in between those 26 races and they race nonstop from 9 am till around 4:30 pm. One thing you have to remember is your in a different time zone then they are, so a later start time for you. However when they start back up at night for tv they once run 2 C mains, 2 B mains, the pole shuffle and the main race. They hardly ever finish before 12:30 am their time. If you are there from 9:00 in the morning till the very end it’s a very long time. Most of the long down time at night is all for tv time. Yes things do have to change and shorten things up. Total money paid out during the race week, total money made during the race week, total money it takes to do put on this race week, I have no idea. But it sounds like you have all the numbers.
  7. My Race Pass showing 40 cars signed into pits as of 3:50.
  8. ‼️ IT's RACE DAY FOR THE STARS OF THE Super DIRTcar Series. WHO IS READY FOR SOME BIG BLOCK MODIFIED ACTION. Beautiful sunny weather today. See you all soon ‼️ 📌 75 Laps of Big Block Modifieds vying for $7500 payday! 🗓 Sunday April 23 🏎 3:00 Pits * 🎟 5:00 grandstands * 🚦 6:00 Cars on track 🌟 Super DIRTcar Series 🌟 SpeedSTR's 🌟 Vintage Modifeds ‼️ All Star Circuit of Champions & PA POSSE COMING THURSDAY May 25TH ‼️
  9. The Super DIRTcar Series will make its first trip of the championship season to Bridgeport Motorsports Park for the King of the Big Blocks showcase on Sunday, April 23. The 75-lap, $7,500-to-win, spectacular will be the lone stop for the Series this season at the Swedesboro, NJ oval and fourth visit at the track overall. If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all the action live on DIRTVision – either online or by downloading the DIRTVision App
  10. Local Philadelphia weather station just said that the rain will clear out by 5:00 AM Sunday morning.
  11. Good one John. What took you so long to reply? You must be getting old. Don’t know about a FSS but they do sell a Chili Bowl at the Chili Bowl thats pretty good. 😆
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