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  1. I hope so. That’s a dangerous situation. This was all followed by some sort of scuffle behind that area of the grandstands
  2. Bottles and cans were being thrown onto the front stretch while Corbin and yetman were fighting. Flagger saw it and left the flag stand to find them but I’d say 4 or 5 were thrown. A can got thrown a couple weeks ago too while cars were on the track
  3. Does anyone know if they were able to catch the idiots throwing things on the track? Also, did DeLorenzo have something break in the final corner? Looked like it was gonna be a good finish then it seemed he suddenly slowed
  4. Based on social media he’s always working on it? I’m also not sure how much weather has played a role. It’s been dry here in Malta and the weeks I’ve been to the track it was one lane and tough to pass
  5. You define the problem, “because I suffered from a broken system everyone else should too” you’re right, you start at the bottom and work your way up, but the bottom should be a living wage on par with inflation... like it used to be. You used to be able to support a family of 4 on 1 income, you could work a part time job in the summer and pay for a semester of college... as you said a history class would be good for you as well
  6. You should take an economics class at your local community college
  7. I don’t disagree with you that it goes beyond that but let’s be honest even $15.50 isn’t enough anymore. The Burger King by me is offering $15.75. Then you start factoring the type of work being done, the hours, what benefits are being offered. If you have a kid you lose money by working a job for that wage.
  8. And increase other benefits needed to support everyone who doesn’t get paid enough from all the available jobs offering low wages, limited benefits and bad hours. Until the big companies start paying we all keep paying
  9. I like how at pocono a couple years ago they called the race on tv like a radio broadcast
  10. Problem is that in both scenarios you ruin great tracks by putting dirt on them. The logistics however do make sense
  11. Marcus at camping world has been fantastic for the truck series and nascar in general
  12. It’s interesting that people who said “if you’re scared to get the virus stay home” are now upset because they’re told if they’re afraid to get the vaccine stay home
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