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  1. When I'm on FLO I'm bouncing all over the place, there are so many choices on Friday & Saturdays. If the ads bother you, just jump to another track when a commercial comes on. Heck, sometimes, I'm jumping off races when they throw the caution flag. The great think about watching races from around the country is the realization that dirt tracks don't have to turn into ice rinks during the night.
  2. I will agree with you on the 1/4 miles. Not a big fan of watching crates on a 1/2 mile.
  3. Remember in the old days there was the 200 MPH club? Wasn't there some religious show at one time called the 700 club? We can call those guys the 200 club.
  4. I agree, the cars look ridiculous jacked up Minority on its way to becoming a majority.
  5. Rule 1, take care of the people that support you. When you attempt to force drivers to support you, you may end up with a a problem.
  6. Looked like Sheppard had the race in the bag but Stew went with a harder tire and Matt went with a softer tire and that was the difference.
  7. The heats were scheduled to start at 7:15, the heats started at 8:35 on Flo. If that isn't the time they actually started, that is kinda strange.
  8. My way or the highway doesn't work as well as it used to.
  9. I wasn't implying any one driver in particular (in case it sounded like that), I made that statement referencing Flach because he supported Howie alot longer than the rest of the guys.
  10. He also has something in his right shoe that nobody else has.
  11. The Flach family has supported Lebanon Valley for a long time. Keith was running a series race with the organization LV runs their races under. Even if Howie didn't care about the rest of the guys, you would have to be completely tone deaf to create a situation which puts Keith in this spot.
  12. Interesting takes on which night of racing was better. IMO, on TV, Sunday looked more entertaining than Friday.
  13. Expecting guys to show up for your practice when there is a 10K show to win and a 12K show to win running the same day does seem petty.
  14. I was surprised at Sheppard's lack of forward movement in either race.
  15. So, I'm watching Fonda on Flo and this is the first time I've seen Pro Stocks in awhile. Do they need a droop rule for the Pro Stocks now?
  16. And, he got pointers from Tim Fuller on rear spoiler positioning.
  17. From what I can tell from Race Monitor, it looks like 28 sprints and 41 mods. Don't quote me, the warmup listings look a little wonky.
  18. Right now the Saturday forecast in Bistol is a 1/2 inch rain during the day and more than a 1/2 inch rain during the night.
  19. How about Stew Friday at Bristol and Saturday at Fonda.
  20. I've been tested 6 times at Walgreens (Rapid-results within a couple of hours) and it hasn't cost me anything although I do have health insurance.
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