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  1. I'm not sure how many tracks are doing the draw redraw every week like Ransomville is but as a fan it sucks imo. I'm sure the top drivers like it. But it sucks big time as a fan.
  2. Ok easy now. I was joking referring to these threads go in all sorts of directions and I had no idea what I posted or what we started talking about.
  3. I'm just gonna guess that Madsen would never ever hire Beardsley to drive for them. Jmo.
  4. While most agree it wasn't a wreckless move by Matt it should be noted the wreckless move was by Andy. He actually drove into Matt. Now I know why we get such varied opinions on wrecks when people don't know what they're seeing.
  5. You should watch a little closer. Andy is coming down the track to protect the bottom except by the time he got there Matt was already there. Pretty easy to see.
  6. If it was up to him everything wouldn't have been shut down as long as it has been. Just saying.
  7. Can I totally hijack this thread and ask is Weedsport available on ppv anywhere tonight?
  8. Sounds like you're referring to the pipeline Sleepy shut down.
  9. If these people got all that extra unemployment, the stimulus money and didn't pay rent and need more help that's too damn bad. The more these jackwagons get a free ride the less they ever wanna work. You either worked or got unemployment....theres no reason to be hurting. And if you're here illegally that's just too bad, go back home where you belong.
  10. The big money teams don't pay taxes and the low buck teams and teams consistently in the consi pay all the taxes. I read this on a racing site somewhere.
  11. So it sounds like Buzz is doing pretty good financially lol. Good for him.
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