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  1. My 17 year old daughter is bummed cause she can't go see the things with wings with me tomorrow night cause she has to babysit. Told her you don't pass up about a 100 bucks. They be around again.
  2. One or two, give it time and they will keep falling out of the tree and their will be more apples!
  3. Mpg was not good considering it had 35 inch tires on it. Engine wise probaly 40,000 since I owned it before everything else started to fall apart and I quit fixing it. Had right around 200,000 when I junked it. Still run like a watch.
  4. 10 or so years ago I bought a 94 dodge with a 360 just simply for when I bought my plow the frame came off a 94 dodge. I'd already spent 500 on a frame for my 88 Chevy for plow to fit and that had expired so I bought the dodge. Headers and straight pipes clear to the back, no converters, no mufflers. Damn near make you go deaf at a idle, let alone plowing or just plain driving.
  5. I know he is a moderator. I've called him sheriff Bob before when he rightfully gets after people that get out of line or he needs to get after them. I just missed the humor in your post apparently.
  6. Apparently I'm missing something? How did you come to that conclusion from that post?
  7. Id go with the class that has the least cautions this week goes first next week and so on down the line.
  8. Jmo but if the ads weren't there price would be higher and then people would bitch about that.
  9. He is the greatest. And untouchable. He did forget to fly back and win fonda last night. Same as Sheppard was a couple years ago. And next was Larson last year. Who is next year?
  10. I would think, or atleast my thinking driver wise if you have the money to go to Bristol you would. Its not so much about what you could win, it could very well be a once in lifetime opportunity. Fonda will still be there and other big races here as well.
  11. Idiots? Your medical degree is from where? The I know it all university? Apparently you haven't realized they have learned more about it as time progresses.
  12. I wear a mask, in process of getting vaccine, don't give 2 shits if it has a tracking chip in it like the nutcase conspiracy folks thinks, I have nothing to hide. Go very few places. Around pretty much same people. Know a bunch of people that have got it. From 3 to over 90. Some have no lingering effects, many do. Except the dead ones, including a 35 yr old that was perfectly healthy. So to all that its a inconvenience for to wear a mask for a few minutes. Don't bitch cause your local track got clipped and shut down and then wish to blame it on coumo or Trump. Biden is head guy now, he could
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