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  1. Just asking a question here... There was some big stink raised over Tyler Dippel because of his age. But Matt Janczuk, Ronnie Davis III, Zach Sobotka and Kyle Inman were all making waves in the press because they traveled all over and were winners. Even Dave Marcuccilli and Rocky Warner were big news items when they ran Sportsman. The Sportsman Series' (plural) is my favorite of all right now because there are a shitload of cars out there. A promoter doesn't really have to try all that hard to pull 30 cars and that's both good and bad for the sport. Some of the names I've seen listed in the earliest parts of this thread are people I've never heard of before. So I guess my question is - are they as good as the folks I listed?
  2. NOBODY pretends they are New Yorkers these days. In fact, most of us who have lived here most of our lives pretend we are from someplace else.
  3. Dirt Track Racing... where 3 people on microphones constantly remind their audiences how great they are. You blocked me too. It was nice... I didn't have to listen to you blow your own horn.
  4. Bubba The Love Sponge. Long Live The Chaz. Spazman. How did racing ever get so lucky?
  5. Tricks of the trade. I'm no fan of it either, but I've gotten used to it.
  6. I enjoyed your silence while you figured out how to answer. I will bet a bunch of others did as well.
  7. That book is laden with errors. The track opened on August 6th, 1967 as a dirt track. I don't know how many events were run that year, but there was heavy dust. Opening day in 1968 was originally scheduled for May 5th but was pushed back to May 26th to allow for paving. I'd post the newspaper articles and ads that prove this here, but for some reason I can't.
  8. The grand opener at Evans Mills was held on August 6th, 1967 as a dirt track. I have no idea how many events were run that season, but the track was paved in 1968.
  9. Mike Coleates came through with good info. MAVTV on Sunday September 17th at 4pm.
  10. An older friend of mine sent me a private message on facebook asking if I knew if there were going to be live streaming or a live to tape recording of this weekend's shows. He wants to go, but is tied up with other stuff and cant. I didn't .know, so I asked on my page. Announcers, scorers, track officials and scribes from just about everywhere replied saying they didn't know either. I didn't think it would hurt to ask here either...
  11. That makes 2 of us. I get laughed at for being the way I am about cell phones, but I don't want to be an addict like most of my friends are. My phone is for making phone calls, not taking pictures of QR codes for everything, or allowing every app access to everything in my phone. I refuse to text message because it takes too long. I can answer a question on Monday that the recipient never has to acknowledge. If you cant pick up the phone for my phone call and speed up the process of Q and A, then send a text message to someone with a different answer.
  12. I can take you back to day 1 with newspaper accounts of the first ever show there, and these would be non trade paper accounts. They definitely have a different feel. I also have video/film footage of the track as dirt - before it was paved. It's yours for the asking...
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