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  1. Forget the happy medium. If the event is advertised as the "Stars and Stripes 100," then there should be 100 green flag laps, not 54 because they stole a bunch under caution. Put it back on the drivers where it belongs. They are the ones stopping on the track to draw yellows so they can change tires every 2 or 3 laps. The race distance gets shortened by however many laps it takes to reset the field... then the driver who pulled the yellow should be that many laps down to the field. But noooooo... instead of penalizing the guy for taking a big dump on the show, they reward him by tucking him in line at the end of the lead lap cars for the restart.
  2. We're not talking about live pit stops. We're talking about the 100 lap specials that dot our schedules. I see 2 blatant wrongs with cautions counting against the total distance. The first is that these events usually come at a higher admission price. We support these shows because we want to see how our locals match up to invaders. This is a chance for us to see most of the headliners battle head to head and be rewarded with a higher paycheck. They take planning. In some cases we need to schedule vacation time to attend them. And when we get there, concession prices have been raised on all items by 50 cents or a buck. But we come anyway because this is what we do. So the feature turns into a caution fest. Most of it from the drivers themselves wanting to change a tire or make an adjustment, so he draws a yellow and ducks into the pits. Now timing and scoring has to realign the restart order. The dude that drew the yellow returns to the track and falls in line behind the lead lap cars. In some cases, that's as high as 12th or 15th. We go green again and someone else draws a yellow because he's not going anywhere. And again timing and scoring has to realign the field while they turn laps under yellow. And who benefits from all of this? The top five cars because the race keeps getting shorter and shorter. There isn't one of us out there that can't say they went to a 100 lap special somewhere and only saw 30 to 35 laps of actual racing. Who gets screwed? The guys running 12th to 15th who need 5 or 6 green flag laps for their cars to start working again. They are stuck in those spots because of all of the cautions. And keep your eyes on the lap counters under caution. They'll take 2 away at a time if they are approaching the curfew, or if it's starting to rain and they are short of the half way point and because they think nobody is paying attention. "If you don't like the cautions, stay home." Really? I want to stop the blatant rip off, so I can't be a fan any more?
  3. You should have been 5 in 1968 like I was. My mom and dad both had to work even then to make ends meet and we didn't own new cars or go on cruises. Dad always bought 2 and 3 year old cars and ran them into the ground before we got another one. And we went tent camping as kids. We didn't own a color TV until the mid 70s. I do remember the economy being rough back then too. Gas rationing was a thing where the last digit in your license plate number determined whether or not you could get gas today. Odd or even. I even remember the guy on the radio saying today is an odd day or even day. I turn 60 in April. There's no way that I'd want to be 5 today and I feel bad for those that are. They have some tough decisions to make... like whether or not they want to sit down or stand up when they pee.
  4. Sometimes I can guess what people's ages are by what they say. While this economic shit storm continues, I've learned that different age groups are more tolerant than others of how far we are willing to let everyone jam it up our asses. I've become old and crotchety. I can't control the prices of things, but I do look for every bit of value if my money is paying for something. There was a time when I wouldn't buy anything generic or a store brand item. With few exceptions today, that's where I head first because that's all I can afford. My entertainment dollars are stretched so thin that I went to just 1 track last year. I can't afford the travel expenses or the price of admission to some of the events I'd like to see any more. It's gotten to the point that if I am paying a higher ticket price to watch in person or a higher fee for a Pay Per View event on streamed media, I better be getting my money's worth.
  5. Of course not. So why do we patronize events that advertise they are "X" amount of laps, but then count laps under caution?
  6. You can say that again! I was the roof camera the last time they raced at Syracuse. That show never aired because of a wreck I shot going into the 1st turn.
  7. I have to double dip here. Most impressive to me throughout the 2 weeks was Kaylee Bryson. This girl can wheel the hell out of a midget... fearless. She's 21 years old, she's cute as hell and she keeps her clothes on. Instead of being a swimsuit model, she lets her driving ability do her talking. I've got high hopes for her.
  8. 108 flips during the Tulsa Shootout. No idea how many they had during the Chili Bowl week because they stopped counting when Torgerson was ejected. I don't know if you caught this, but Jack Hewitt's interview was spot on when he spoke of Larson and Bell. Rico Abreu's interview was pretty much identical on that subject, only he is one of them - and active at the Chili Bowl. Of course he would say that.
  9. If you ask me, it isn't worth much because I didn't miss him and I doubt many others did either. A sprinkling of star power is really all it needs. When it gets over saturated with star power, it looks like heat stacking and favoritism when they all qualify.
  10. First off, enough with the F-Bombs. Acronyms substitute the need for that just fine. I missed the first night of the Tulsa Shootout because I had another commitment that I couldn't back out of, or I would have watched that too. I also watched the entre Chili Bowl from start to finish with the exception of going into the kitchen to make dinner within earshot of my TV. The Chili Bowl was televised a bunch of years ago. I don't remember now if it aired live as it was happening live or if it went live to tape, but that would have been the last time I watched it. Baumes and I are friends and he's constantly telling me that the Chili Bowl is the best event in the world and that I can't knock it until I tried it. I invested close to 2 weeks watching everything unfold as it happened. That's the beauty part of streamed broadcasts. It's the next best thing when you can't actually be there. I also watched better than a dozen California Midget shows throughout the season last year. My goal for watching the whole thing from start to finish was that I had hoped to catch the same fever Baumes has. I was hoping that I could get a little more versed in Midget racing so that he and I could bench race in the off season and that I would have a more solid opinion about the inner and outer workings of Midgets. What I came away with is that it definitely takes a special breed of race fan. I'm not it. The Tulsa Shootout is really nothing more than a 1,000+ kids trying to make a name for themselves to advance in other forms of racing. I do see and respect the need for this event. If even 1/4 of them choose racing as a career, this is where or next Tony Stewart's and Jeff Gordon's will come from. I disagree with Baumes that the Chili Bowl has the star power he claims it has, but then he goes to the Chili Bowl every year. A lot of the people he sees as stars are people he's seen race in previous Chili Bowls. Truthfully, Baumes is a talent scout in a way. He sees the potential in some of these people long before they become mainstream. Who ever heard of Cory Kruseman before he won the Chili Bowl? I'll bet Baumes did, but the Chili Bowl made him mainstream. As far as mainstream stars not being there, a bunch of them feel the promoter is making too much money. I thought the racing was fine without them, so Baumes wins that argument. But on the other hand, the lack of mainstream star power probably kept a bunch of PPV subscribers away from purchasing the broadcast. He loses that one. Next year, I won't watch either show until Friday and Saturday. The amount of screwing around in those shows is ridiculous enough sitting at home. I can't imagine being stuck in the grandstands that long. The broadcast team used for the Flo stream knows their Midgets and were fine with cars on the track, I'll give them full accolades for that. But they absolutely sucked - worst broadcast team ever when the track was idle. No entertainment value what so ever, and way too young to have historical stories to tell.
  11. Would that be a good idea with an invisible alcohol fire and another thing to do before you can exit?
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