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  1. Not to you Gevo, because you can probably hook me up with something I have on my bucket list. I want to drive a car that was built in the late 1920's or early 1930s. Not a hot rod, but a factory stock pickup or car - just as it would have come from the factory. I've never even had a ride in one, but driving one would be fun.
  2. Another funny story about how loud that exhaust could be. I was in Florida heading north on A1A at the Route 40 intersection. I am in the far left lane to head to Volusia and in the 2nd left lane was this Dodge Neon with the windows down. An older white woman was driving and her 3 passengers were all younger black guys and were playing that deep bass rap music. Nasty shit was rattling shit in my truck. Now remember - I dumped the exhaust tips out at 45° angles to be different. When the light turned green, I let the Neon get just a slight jump on me so that I could see where it was. Then I nai
  3. I pulled 421,000 out of mine. Broke my heart to let it go, but I had to get something more reliable. I bought a 99 Ram 360 and I hate this one.
  4. Just learned this morning that Waterloo/Weedsport/Canandaigua/Rolling Wheels hero Johnny McArdell died yesterday afternoon.
  5. I knew this was how this was going to turn out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, except when their opinion doesn't match someone else's. BV/DV fan... You can't say you have nothing more at stake other than being just a fan, and then take exception to wording someone used about your favorite drivers. It gives the impression that you are butt hurt. I spoke with Mimi about it briefly last night. She said she would contact Bobby about it to see how he felt. If he felt there was an apology in order, she would offer one. Neither one of us thought he would have been as offended by it
  6. He's just pissed that I made his mom perform a roadside field sobriety test.
  7. Funny racing related story and loud exhausts. Back in the late 90's, I had a '94 Dodge Ram that we did a ton of exhaust work to. I used a Walker High Flow Cat. Converter and a Y pipe off the back to create dual exhaust. Then we used 2 3/4" exhaust pipe and instead of coming out the back by the trailer hitch, we came out at angles at the corners of the back bumper. No Mufflers. Man... it was obnoxiously loud if I played with the throttle. I got a ticket one night in Geneva at 2am for setting off car alarms with it. One night after leaving Brewerton, I needed to get gas. I left the track, w
  8. I specifically drove by this morning on my way to Canandaigua to take my mom to a doctor's appointment. The pit area looked more suited for big frogs than big blocks.
  9. I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed that I knew every car in that video. Proud because I've been a fan that long or ashamed that racing is all I know. Never did or wanted to do anything else. Life experiences away from racing are extremely limited. Sometimes I wonder where life would have taken me had I never gone to the stock car races and fell in love with them for the rest of my life. There was a time when I was a kid that I wanted to be a cop. After I went to the races, I didn't care about that any more.
  10. I really don't remember my first trip to Weedsport, but I figure it was sometime in 1974 because of an event between Alan Johnson and Will Cagle that I remember vividly where Cagle was booed big time. But by 1979 - 1980 I was going pretty much weekly, and that's how I became a fan of Lou Lazzaro. Early in the season, EVERYONE was there. Jack, Lou, Lape, Alan, Danny, Cagle, Colsten, Akulis, Castle, Mike and Andy Romano, John and Steve Podolak, Glenski, Pat Ward, Birosh, Kappesser, Mitchell, McCreadie...
  11. He wasn't banned as far as I know. And even if he was, what's to stop him from registering with a new screen name, right Goggles?
  12. This really sucks. The track itself would have been really easy to whip into shape. But because the property itself is flat as a pancake and nearly perfectly level, there is no run off when it rains. The pits and spectator parking lot would have been soggy as hell. I drove by the track at about 8:10 this morning on my way to my mom's house for her to get tested for Covid. Nobody was behind me, so I slowed down to a crawl. There was a monster puddle just to the right of the pit sign in booth. I looked down the length of the back stretch and there was no standing water anywhere. The pits were re
  13. What happens if you change your picture size on the TV to "normal" instead of "wide screen" or "stretch view?" Can you see the whole code then?
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