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  1. I had my son with me, standing in turn three. I don’t often get excited during a race, but both of us were watching this one super close.
  2. I could have been more successful in Sportsman with more money. Now I have more money and no time. I spend time with RJ now. He won at Malta last night going away. I know personally how much hard work he puts into his effort, and knowing that keeps me from trying to race again. I don’t have that kind of drive. A lot of the men and women who do have that drive are a financial success because of it. Tire prep, scaling the car, playing with shocks and finding a way to finance a fast car are all equally part of racing.
  3. The video is uploading on his YouTube channel now. It was stuck at 14% for a long time, but it’s going.
  4. So here it is. This is the heat race. I always leave a little bit of sitting on pit lane and heading to the scales in, as I think those are things the people who haven’t raced yet don’t see. The dust at LV sure is different.. hangs in the air but is sticky.
  5. YouTube link I know, it’s been a while since I uploaded an RJ video. After hanging up my helmet I got into Flat Track racing. I have now thrown myself into the ground often enough that I’m thinking I may hang up another helmet. With most of us not being able to go racing, I thought this might help. Enjoy!
  6. I have been a bit busy racing on two wheels myself, and not spending as much time working with RJ as I would like to. I have a few more races to upload, I will try to get to them this week. Enjoy!
  7. Jake, I am sometimes not so smart. Fixed the title, I will fix it on YouTube tonight. BTW, congrats on the sweep.
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