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  1. this is a huge shock to hear... of course Stew is keeping it polite and not giving away any dirty details. I'd love to know what went down as he has been integral to getting DKM off the ground and helping prove them as winners. I seriously doubt that finishing 2nd in the big $100k race at Orange County had anything to do with that. you cant win them all and that would be a very petty reason. I'm a big BRP supporter as I live 5 minutes from the shop in St Catharines... still though you like to see a variety of chassis builders remain sustainable and have success in the sport. with this move now you have arguably the best 4 drivers in the sport all in Bicknells - Sheppard, Friesen, Williamson, Rudolph.
  2. final event of the year... SOS Sprints and Dirtcar Sportsman Series race headlined a 4 division program.
  3. KB19 (Jamie) - thanks for stating the explanation so clearly! "It’s my understanding that if it’s your weekly track that runs 358s weekly you can run it during a series race at that track without losing points. Must weigh the same though. I’m not certain though. Fuller won Mohawk with his during sds " even if that were true it pretty much wouldnt matter because local guys arent running for points. they are running for the win or best paying position they can get to. and really that rule wouldnt make sense in an event like last night where a local guy like Williamson is following the series but could then be the lone tour regular allowed to run a small block without penalty. it just doesnt make sense in that scenario. yes, When Sheppard ran a small block and won the BB race here in 2011 he was penalized 30 points. clearly they have updated that rule to now be 1/2 points. in 2011 it was a gamble by Sheppard to run that car and try to get the win while he was involved in a tight points battle that went right down to the final races in Charlotte. it paid off for him in both ways. Marlar was pretty much a non factor last night and even spun in the consi... although after that he seemed to be getting the feel for it. I didnt expect much from him with the extremely slick track we have here. Ransomville could be really interesting where the track is pretty much always tacky for the heats and you can really get the power to the track... and of course he had that great win in the WOLM last year.
  4. it's not a ridiculous rule at all. it's a big block series. the guys following the tour and competing for points all need to be running the same thing. running a different engine should be penalized exactly as they have it by awarding only 1/2 points.
  5. it sounds like Rob Hile has the true story here and it's as simple as them making the car weigh the same as all the other big blocks then we'll plan on seeing him Monday and Tuesday. what a great treat for my 2 local tracks!
  6. now Billy Dunn is going to be driving the Perrego 18 at Orange County. seems like Graham must have more money than patience... http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2019/08/billy-dunn-heading-to-orange-county-saturday-with-graham-racing/?fbclid=IwAR1QUKE5dBoQptOou4dRyobppdHZvDDAs-vnllFUyMVEQMLZGv-bSAO9f2Y
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