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  1. No, we have the Roku box and no matter how we format the screen the code doesn’t show. I guess it’s time for a new tv.
  2. I can’t get it on my tv through the Roku. It plays on my laptop and phone but on the tv it asks to link something but it doesn’t show the code on my screen...just the top of each letter and/or number. Any ideas?
  3. Valley actually had 29 big blocks. The only car listed above that’s a SB is Harrington and he went out to do 1 lap after trouble in the SB feature. Dwyer had trouble in practice and isn’t listed but I was there and there were 29 BB
  4. I know that they usually draw for starting spots for the heats then it's heads up for the feature on opening night.
  5. I'm sure it did. Howie really screwed up this time. I was really excited for this season up until a few days ago.
  6. As an obvious LVS fan and a long time Flach family fan and someone who’s son has grown up a Flach fan and friend to the point of Keith and Chelsea coming to watch my son play hockey before I will say we will be very disappointed if KFR leaves LVS. I know the whole thing stinks and it was a stupid thing to give out the front row when so many regulars were racing elsewhere instead of practicing. I have to believe that track management now realizes it was a mistake but at this point it’s too late to fix it. I hope it motivates Keith to go into LV opening night with an axe to grind and he gets the
  7. According to the track office you do not need a negative test or proof of vaccination. Unless that has changed since Wednesday when I called and got my season pass.
  8. You seem to be misinformed. You do NOT need a negative Covid test or proof of being vaccinated to get into LVS this year.
  9. Valley opens May 1st with fans. Masks and social distancing are required.
  10. I’m thinking she won’t even qualify so all of this will be a moot point.
  11. Are you referring to me? If you are, please refer me to the page where I called for tracks to be shut down a year ago. I went to more different tracks last season in many different states. There’s a difference between being an idiot about the virus and living through it while taking the proper precautions.
  12. We just decided this morning to do the same thing. We are leaving Wednesday and we only seen 1 campground that has full hook-ups and that’s where we are going to book.
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