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  1. The Canadian border is closed all the way from coast to coast. Many of the US Canada border states have very low numbers of people vaccinated. NY has achieved 70% of eligible adults are vaccinated. That is however, still only 51% of the entire population. Here are the vaccinated percentages for the border states. Washington 51% Idaho 34% Montana 41% N. Dakota 38% Michigan 45% Wisconsin 47% Minnesota 49% Pennsylvania 47% NY 51% NH 54% VT 63% Maine 59%
  2. Plywood got expensive because the supply chain was disrupted when everyone bought only toilet paper for 6 months.
  3. I never knew "Jelly doesn't know how to drive a wheelbarrow." Lol. Only live streaming viewers will understand this.
  4. Cuomo never said that vaccinated people can enter businesses without a mask or testing when the business has chosen to require a mask and testing for service. I am fully vaccinated, plus I have been tested twice since then. It takes 10 minutes and its just a q tip up your nose. Results are back in a few minutes. You have every right to not frequent businesses that require vaccinations or testing. Every doctor's office that I have been to in the last 6 months has checked my forehead temperature before entry. You get tested on the forehead before they will give you a vaccine
  5. The refusal to wear masks or get vaccinations is not how you support racetracks. Who wants to go to a track and sit next to anti maskers and anti vaxers.
  6. My nephew asked me this as he was walking around the pits at Malta last week looking for Chris Johnson to see about getting his business name somewhere on his car.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SchenectadyHistory/permalink/2749525615371959
  8. The Yankees and the Mets announced their covid seating rules. vaccinated people may sit in the designated vaccinated people sections at full capacity, but everyone else must be at 33% and 6ft apart. They are even offering a free ticket to another game for anyone who gets their vaccine at the game. I also saw that Devil's bowl will be vaccinating people at the next race, for those who want it.
  9. Take your business elsewhere if the 10 minute rapid test is too much for you to handle. Businesses are allowed to make rules for entry, especially rules that protect their employees.
  10. For the record, I have been wearing a handkerchief over my mouth and nose since 2015 at the races. In 2018 both me and my wife started wearing k95 masks at all of the dirt races. In other news, I haven't needed my inhaler in a year.
  11. I saw a photo today that said, if you don't need a vaccine because God will protect you, why do you need a gun? The amount of anger over other people getting a vaccine is unbelievable. I support freedom to choose, and fully accept the consequences of my actions. I also accept the choices made by others.
  12. I don't know how accurate Race Monitor is, but they listed 4 of the drivers from the big block race as small blocks. #1 Jason Harrington Small Block Modified #7T Timothy Davis Small Block Modified #74 JR Heffner Small Block Modified #97 Bobby Hackel Small Block Modified
  13. Nearly all Covid capacity limits ending May 19 in NY, but there’s a catch Today 12:02 PM By Kevin Tampone | ktampone@syracuse.com New York — Nearly all of New York’s Covid-19 capacity limits on businesses will end May 19, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today. Starting that date, houses of worship, bars and restaurants, museums, theaters, retail stores, gyms and fitness centers, amusement parks and family entertainment centers, hair salons, spas, barber shops, offices and more will no longer be subject to any limits on the number of people they can welcome inside, Cuomo said. The
  14. It is now raining in Bristol and it is expected to end Sunday morning at 4am. Why is there still no mention of a rainout or a rain date?
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