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  1. There hasn't been much on here lately about how incredibly unpredictable Modified racing is these days.
  2. I don't disagree with you. Just as an added point, Late Models run far fewer 100 lappers than what there used to be 20-30 years ago. Back then, the entire STARS and Hav-A-Tampa tours consisted of many 100-lappers, even just run of the mill series races. Now, it is mostly just the traditional crown jewels that still go 100 laps. Many of the other races are 50 laps or so for $10,000 and up. I will say that when I was going to a lot of Late Model races in the 1990s, seeing them run 100 laps without counting caution laps did make the Modified SDS races seem like a rip off when half the laps would be run under caution some nights.
  3. The World 100 is 100 green flag laps. Maybe there are some big Late Model races that count caution laps, but I have never seen any and don't know of any.
  4. Maybe this was just frustration from Hyneman, but I think his complaining about draws shows and guys "earning" their starting spots in Sprint Cars and Late Models is a bit strange. The majority of the shows the team ran this year were handicapped shows that put them in the middle of the field every night. There is no "earning" your spot in a handicapped show that puts the same guys up front every week.
  5. There were several years in the late 1980s when Hyneman went 410 Sprint Car racing with Billy Pauch. Pauch's first 410 win and first trip to the Knoxville Nationals came in a Hyneman No. 126 Sprint Car. Dave Calaman also drove for Hyneman in 410 Sprints Yes, that team does go back to the very early 1980s.
  6. Yes, I did know that. I meant that in reference to Manmiller coming the closest he ever has to winning this race, but that section was sloppily written. I have made the change for clarity. Thank you. 🙂
  7. Ryan Godown's hard tires made the difference over the 32 caution-free laps that ended Saturday night's 53rd annual Freedom 76 at Grandview Speedway. Godown started sixth in the 34-car feature field and moved to the front quickly. After pole starter Frank Cozze paced the opening six laps and third-starting Rick Laubach led laps 7-11, Godown powered to the lead around Laubach in turn four to complete lap 12. Godown then led laps 12-76 to win his second career Freedom 76 (he previously won the race in 2021) . For several laps at the mid-stages of the event, Godown had to fight off eventual runner-up Doug Manmiller in heavy lapped traffic. But with the race going green from lap 45 until the finish, Godown pulled away from Manmiller and Mike Gular to win comfortably. The top five were as follows: 1. 26 Ryan Godown (6th starting spot) 2. 44 Doug Manmiller (12th starting spot) 3. 2A Mike Gular (18th starting spot) 4. 20 Rick Laubach (3rd starting spot) 5. 30 Craig Von Dohren (7th starting spot) Godown said in Victory Lane that he knew Manmiller was in second and saw him a couple times, but Godown's hard tires came to life after a few laps of green flag racing. Godown also said that he got two good draws on the night (second in his heat and sixth in the 28-driver feature redraw). The base winner's share for the race was $30,061 from the track. NASCAR also kicked in $1,000 extra to the race winner. The race included over $2,000 in lap money, most of which was claimed by Godown. The winner did not collect a second $1,000 bonus put up by NASCAR if the race winner had perfect attendance for every Saturday night Grandview points show this season. * Manmiller's runner up finish was the best of his career in the Freedom. He won his first career Modified feature as a Grandview rookie in 1994 and his 32 career wins rank seventh all-time on the track win list. Saturday night was closest he has come to winning the big one in PA/New Jersey Modified racing * Gular, whose four wins this season led all drivers at Grandview, reached third on lap 49. He and Manmiller then had a 10-lap battle for second that allowed Godown to draw in the race's closing laps. Among the other storylines: * Thirteen-time Grandview track champion Craig Von Dohren loomed a heavy favorite after drawing seventh for the feature, But Von Dohren never got higher than third. Both Manmiller and Gular drove past Von Dohren on their way to the front. * Pre-race favorites Duane Howard (20th starting spot), 2023 Big Diamond and Grandview track champion Brett Kressley (24th starting spot) and eight-time Freedom 76 winner Jeff Strunk (25th starting spot) all had terrible draws for the feature. Howard fared the best of the trio with a sixth-place finish. Kressley made progress using his traditional outside lane in the opening half of the feature. But as the outside lane went away late, Kressley's advancement stalled with an eight-place finish. Strunk suffered a nightmare of a race, pitting for a flat tire on lap 10, then becoming collected in a lap 38 fronstretch accident. * The race was slowed just four times by caution.: Jared Umbenhauer losing power on lap 7, Strunk's flat tire on lap 10, a Strunk/Bobby Gunther Walsh crash on lap 38 and a Joseph Watson/Sam Martz Sr./Kevin Hirthler crash on lap 45. None of the incidents were serious in nature. * A field of 72 drivers were on hand for the event. The track kept announcing 73 drivers, but I could only come up with 72 drivers taking part in six heats and four guaranteed starters who did not have to run heats. * The field included lots of New Egypt (N.J.) and Bridgeport (N.J.) invaders, but the most surprising outsider may have been Accord (N.Y.) track champion Corey Cormier. Cormier qualified easily from sixth starting spot in his heat, but was not a factor in the feature. * USAC East Coast Sprint Car points leader Briggs Danner, who previously spent two seasons racing a family owned-Modified weekly at Grandview before going Sprint Car racing, picked a up a ride as a teammate to Doug Manmiller in a car owned by Jason Miller, moved forward in the feature from 22nd starting spot to a 10th place finish. * Surprise 2023 Big Diamond (Pa.) Coalcracker winner Louden Reimert, who drew the pole at the Coalcracker two weeks ago, never got untracked after drawing 27th of 28 for the feature Saturday night at Grandview. * Having seen every Freedom 76 since 1986, I would say Saturday night was probably a middle of the road Freedom 76, definitely not one of the top five all-time Freedom races I have seen. At times in the middle stages of the event, there was as much as a five-car battle for the lead through heavy traffic. But the best Freedom 76s of all-time have those battles for the lead through traffic over the final five laps. Saturday's race did not have such a battle at the end; Godown was just too fast late. * Duane Howard won the night's 10-lap cash dash, which paid $1,371.76.
  8. From what I saw on FB, that was the plan if the race was going to be concluded on Sunday. The track has said it will be a complete new show when the race is run. From a logistics standpoint, I am not sure how running the Tusky would really work on the Friday night of the STSS weekend. The entire grandstands are reserved for the Tuscarora 50 show. Many/most of the tickets have already been sold. IMO, there would be much bitching from Modified fans about having to pay a steep price to see Friday's show. How would ticket money even get divided up between Deyo and the track if a $60,000 to win show would suddenly get added to the weekend at the last minute? Seems like a nightmare to me.
  9. I don't even know that flag representing losers is why it is problematic. The flag represents traitors against the United States. The southern states did not secede because of some vague "unfair practices" or the euphemism of "states rights." The southern states seceded because of slavery and the farming economy of the south could not survive without that free labor.
  10. That is not at all what I said, and you know that. Wonder what it could possibly be about the Confederate flag that makes it so popular with white supremacist groups today and "Unite the White" rallies like in Charlottesville?
  11. The context of Lynyrd Skynyrd rocking the Confederate flag 50 years ago or the Duke boys driving the General Lee 40 years ago is a lot different than proudly displaying the flag now. The flag now has been been co-opted by white supremacist groups.
  12. I am not familiar with her. What is her background? From a racing family? How long has she raced Sportsman?
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