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  1. Wow, a $27,000 purse for $8 reserved and $6.50 general admission.
  2. This +1,000. There's nothing outlaw or bad-ass about slapping sail panels on the same cars run all over the Northeast. It is just a lame wannabe of what really were bad ass cars at East Windsor.
  3. Spot on. OCFS has long been a place that has guys sandbag for three weeks to start up front and win. Abusing the handicapping system has led to the central PA 410 tracks running fewer handicapped shows every year and bigger teams saying eff the weekly handicapped shows.
  4. What Eldora did yesterday does not translate at all into the money that can be paid at a season-long schedule of dirt Modified races. The 50/50 at Eldora yesterday was $88,000. That gives some perspective of what the crowd was like there yesterday. The Outlaws do not even pay $1,500 to start nightly -- and their crowds dwarf our local Modified crowds.
  5. Here is a link to a story on the incident. Couch was racing Superbowl Speedway near Dallas (Tex.) and suffered third degree burns over 60 percent of his body. ☚ī¸ https://dentonrc.com/sports/son-of-braswell-assistant-football-coach-dies-in-sprint-car-racing-crash/article_0dedd315-ac00-5d3b-9a23-15b10c94a6ca.html
  6. The driver's name was actually Caleb Couch. I read that story yesterday, and it just sounds so awful. This was nearly an identical situation to what happened to Sprint Car driver Harli White over a decade ago. The track did not have adequate fire equipment/personnel and Couch was trapped in his burning Micro Sprint for several minutes. Edit: I did not realize until looking more closely at your post that Caleb Couch has now passed from his injuries.
  7. This thread is another example of how discussions about her on this board have no basis in reality. She has no career wins in a 410, but "has showed Kinser and Swindell the fast way around once or twice" or "schooled them" in a dash that didn't pay anything.
  8. She does not have any wins in a 410. The only women who have ever won in a winged 410 are Shawna Wilskey, Erin Crocker, Judi Bates and Paige Polyak. Miranda Throckmorton won in a non-wing 410.
  9. Jeff Jr. had a post on Facebook saying that after his dad got screwed on a questionable restart that was allowed to stand.
  10. He wasn't going back to OCFS because of the favoritism.
  11. I don't recall anyone ever saying "I want a system in which a guy can miss a third of the season and still be the champion."
  12. You mean like meeting the fan demand to have a normal points system and not one that is a farce?
  13. Two hundred bucks for dinner? Where are you eating, OCFS? 😂
  14. That is not what the track press release said; the track press release said that Kressley's transponder was not detected. "In a statement from Grandview Speedway general manager Tina Rogers a tie for first spot in the June 26 T.P.Trailers NASCAR Modified feature has been announced. “I spoke with both Brett and Craig. I explained the situation with what the scorers saw and what the transponder read. After further review and being in contact with MyLaps Sports timing, they assured me it is possible for the loop and timing system to detect 2 cars with different transponders even if they cr
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