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  1. that is more like DR stuff put him in equal equipment !🏁
  2. The Dr at Fonda with WES Moody is that who Jordan Mccreadie is or was driving for ?just fishing
  3. Super dirt week will be next ,No Dirt Week in New York State !
  4. Anyone know if Doc has any irons in the fire ?
  5. The brine well eatery in Syracuse , they feature garbage plates , the Rochester plate is awesome , just like the DR !
  6. Mike Costen had a unique trailer it had a truck camper that sat in front of race car on tandem trailer , or Bobby Podalak and Johnny with open trailers with race car tires and wheels on the trailers , any pictures would be fun!
  7. Has Shackleton closed up shop or just the NAPA stores . What's the future for the DR ?
  8. Mike is a great guy and competitor , very easy to talk to , has lots of determination , will soon be at the top!
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