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  1. Apparently they must have been well know to the cup owners that gave them their shots at the big time.
  2. Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, Eric Jones the Busch brothers, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Harrison Burton all ran asphalt late models early in their careers.
  3. There hasn't been a weekly BB class in PA since Reading closed. The Purses at Grandview and lately Big Diamond have been higher than most BB tracks in NY for years.
  4. Dirt week always coincides with a NASCAR race in the chase so I don't think that would be possible.
  5. I see reading is not one of your strong suits. Please show me where I said the election was rigged, I said the primary was rigged for sleepy joe.
  6. This is laughable, Democrats had the most diverse field ever assembled for a presidential primary and they still rigged it so the oldest fossil in the race won. Multiple women an Asian man a gay man Hispanics and it still came down to the two oldest white guys in the race. And bernie never stood a chance again. So much for the party of diversity.
  7. My first thought was to not get but it appears that we will be regulated into it like it or not. I have a trailer at a campground in Lyndhurst Ontario that I haven't seen since Sept. 2019, with that being said I got my first shot on April 30th. Hopefully I will be able to get up to the camper sometime this year and being vaccinated is going to be a requirement to it happening I believe.
  8. I may be missing something here, but is this only for opening day? If this only affects 1 race I'm not sure why the outrage.
  9. Not to mention the fact that he had close to in not more than 400 laps on that track already, yes in completely different cars but I would take that any day over seeing it for the first time on Thursday.
  10. They have already announced the cup race on dirt for next year so the possibility exists for the mods to run at least once more. What happens this time I'm sure sure will factor into whether or not they are rescheduled.
  11. I think the stacker that the horse is transported in cost a bit more than the ones used for modifieds too. 😎
  12. At least he posted something that actually had something to do with racing. He doesn't do that very often.
  13. His Dad Randy owned some pretty fast cars on the PA tri track circuit in the 90's for Kenny Brightbill. We parked next to them at Penn National, great bunch probably met the kid. Good for him
  14. A couple of you guys trigger so easily on here anymore, your almost taking the fun out of it.
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