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  1. It's always DirtCars fault. Nobody wants to take responsibility anymore. Maybe just a misunderstanding. Rj should have went and talked to Dean about the situation.
  2. To many specials, tire situation, gas and diesel prices equal low car counts. It's a shame but it is what it is.
  3. Obviously the driver's that sign the contract don't have a problem. They know what the contract states and the perks they'll receive. JMO!!!!
  4. Good pick up for the series. Wonder where he's going to get his home track bonus points, OCFS? Good luck Mike, Terry and the entire 2A team.
  5. My prediction is Aj Slideways Alan Johnson will keep his consecutive win streak going. 48 years with at least 1 win.
  6. You are absolutely right Rob about the keyboard know it all's. That's how most of the BS starts on here about DirtCar vs. Deyo. It just gets old. I support both series. But it seems like DirtCar is always made to be the bad guy and Deyo is an angel. Both have pros and cons. Choose one or the other or both and support Modified racing. JMO!!!!
  7. This post is just as bad as any to do with SDS vs. STSS.
  8. Grandview for me. 76 green flag laps. Draw for heat and feature. $30,000 on a 1/3 mile track. Not to shabby. Even though the big names in SDS and STSS will be elsewhere, still should be a good field of modifieds.
  9. Chris, the 10 car might the one Mike Seager drove. The 15 I believe is the Jan Oakes car.
  10. I believe Danny won a race or 2 driving for Jan Oakes back in the early 80's when he won 5 in a row.
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