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  1. BIG SHOW VII POSTPONED TO AUGUST 12TH DUE TO WEATHER Promoters Brett Hearn And Lyle DeVore Have Fans In Mind On Wet Day In Malta   July 7, 2015 (Malta, NY) – Brett Hearn’s Big Show VII is one of the most anticipated events of 2015. As part of Albany-Saratoga Speedway’s 50th anniversary season the event is without a doubt a must attend for fans and drivers alike. With drizzle falling at the track through the morning and pending thunderstorms coming in the late afternoon into evening hours the Big Show was postponed to August 12th with the fans best interest in mind.   Big Show promoter Brett Hearn met with track promoter Lyle DeVore and DIRTcar Northeast Director Mike Perotte through the morning hours into the early afternoon on weather and a possible rain date. With an unfavorable forecast looming through the day the decision was made to postpone the Big Show until August 12th in it’s entirety.    “With the drizzle that’s been falling at the track all morning and the pending thunderstorms coming this afternoon we felt it was best for everyone to postpone,” said Big Show Promoter Brett Hearn.   “We talked with Mike Perotte and agreed upon the date of August 12th that seemed to fit well for everyone. Our biggest concern was not having the same thing happen as last year, when fans had to come twice to see the show. It was important to us to make sure the full Big Show experience happened without a hitch or weather issue,” continued Hearn.   Hearn is of course referring to 2014 when Big Show VI was rain delayed just 11 laps into the main event. With that in mind all three promoters and directors (Hearn, DeVore, Perotte) had fans, drivers, officials, and special guests in mind during the process of making the decision to postpone. They preferred not to rush or cut any of the pageantry for the fans from the event.   Big Show VII will take place just a little over a month from it’s original scheduled date, which gives time for Hearn and company to dig a little deeper into the promotional bucket before the big day. More stories, more promotion, and more anticipation will surely lead up to the highly touted Big Show VII.   The aforementioned pageantry is something very important to Brett Hearn during his promotion, as fan interaction is a key part of the Big Show at Albany-Saratoga Speedway.   “We didn’t want to sacrifice any of the pageantry or fan interactions of the big show. We set those things up for the fans and want them to experience and enjoy the Big Show and the talent that comes to it,” concluded Brett Hearn.   Kenny Wallace was a go for today July 7th, however his return on August 12th is still a work in progress. Wallace has quite a busy schedule of his own, as he balances his NASCAR TV career with his own dirt track racing schedule. More info will come in the near future on weather or not ‘the Herminator’ can return in August to join in the festivities of Big Show VII.         Mark down the new date of August 12th and be part of a Big Show worthy of celebrating 50 years at the historic Albany-Saratoga Speedway for 100 Laps Of Big Block Modified Super DIRTcar Series action along with the 602 Crate Sportsman division.   Come out early to enjoy the off clay attractions including souvenirs, apparel, autograph session, and refreshments. Gates open at 4PM, autograph session between 5-6PM, and racing to begin at 7PM. Autograph session is scheduled to include the stars of the Super DIRTcar Series and top Albany-Saratoga track regulars.   For all the latest news on Brett Hearn’s Big Show at Albany-Saratoga Speedway please visit online www.bretthearn.com or www.albany-saratogaspeedway.com. Info can also be found on Facebook pages for both Brett Hearn and Albany-Saratoga Speedway. For all the news on the Super DIRTcar Series visit www.superdirtcarseries.com. More information on Brett Hearn’s Big Show VII coming soon, stay tuned race fans.   All media requests must be submitted to bigshowcredentials@gmail.com by the supervising editor/publisher indicating the medium represented, specific assignment, area of access required, and coverage date. Please include the e-mail address and/or phone number for the person requesting credentials. Proof of coverage (tear sheets, video tape, audio tape, high resolution photo disk, etc.) is required from all outlets. Event management reserves the right to use submitted material for future promotions.   BIG SHOW ALL-TIME WINNERS 06/17/09 – Big Show I (Billy Decker) 06/16/10 – Big Show II (Jimmy Phelps) 06/21/11 – Big Show III (Billy Decker) 07/10/12 – Big Show IV (Bobby Varin) 07/09/13 – Big Show V (Brett Hearn) 07/30/14 – Big Show VI (Danny Johnson)   BRETT HEARN’S BIG SHOW AT ALBANY-SARATOGA SPEEDWAY is brought to you in part by sponsors and partners that include: Albany Saratoga Speedway, BH Racing Enterprises, Madsen Motorsports, 417 Bus Line LTD, Fox Racing Shocks, Recovery Sports Grill, Ferris Commercial Mowers, VP Racing Fuels, Cedar Peaks Enterprises, Halmar International, Fox Hill Camping Area, Steve Hough Motors, Don Kruger Motorsports LLC, and WLR Construction Inc.  
  2. Just got off the phone with Pete Demitraszek. As of right now there is NO MANDATORY REV BOX. We understand some tracks run them and some don't. Drivers from both situations plan to attend the 602 Nationals. He now understands that some guys from Malta that don't have to run rev boxes are planning to attend, but wasn't aware some guys didn't even have them on their cars. Apologies for that misunderstanding and AT THIS POINT NO REV BOX OR CHIP IS MANDATORY FOR THE 602 NATIONALS per Pete Demitraszek.   We also discussed several other things to make sure that this race goes off well and is a 100% success! Pete was open eared and listened to both sides, which I understand his concern to certain aspects as well.   I raised some concern in regards to loosing a lap since cautions count while changing a tire in the pits on a short track. His concern is it will make guys and gals want to race clean as possible. We plan to discuss this further later tonight. I would expect all drivers to race with one another CLEAN! Bumping happens on a short track and I'd hate to see someones night end over a minor rub that flattens a tire, however slamming doesn't have to happen. If you have a guy under you, GIVE HIM/HER ROOM! If you are outside of someone, GIVE THEM ROOM. That's called racing, we all know the difference. We will update you further on the situation with caution laps and courtesy laps to change a tire prior to or at the drivers meeting. Remember, to understand fully anything you must look at BOTH sides of the situation, or have both foresight and hindsight.   Far as qualifying, Pete's concern is some guys/gals have never raced their before. He wants them to have a fair chance to run up front and qualify. He is fully aware myself, I would like to see time trials to set heats. It lets the faster guys with more experience/ability however you want to label it race with one another. It is in no way an insult or disparaging towards any driver, but fact of the matter is in racing some drivers are faster than others. It happens in every sport. Some Quarterbacks are more productive than others. We will discuss this further this evening and let everyone know if they'll be time trialing or drawing through the gate. Either way it shouldn't stop you if you're a faster driver and guys race you cleanly. Besides the qualified cars are redrawing for feature anyway, so just because someone time trials fastest, wins their heat, doesn't mean they'll start up front. They could draw 12th.   The order of events, the B-Main is for those who do not qualify through heats or consi's. That could be part my fault in the way I explained it to Pete as we went through earlier discussions. After 10 lap heats, 12 lap consi's, there will be a 20 lap B-Main. Again we don't want this to be an all night affair, however I believe Pete understands the purpose of the B-Main now. So if you don't qualify for the Dodson Construction 602 Nationals through heats or Consi's, you may run in the B-Main. Of course there will be a question of how many start, who gets in etc. At this point I do not have that exact answer, however you will have it prior to or at the drivers meeting. (I would imagine it's a heads up deal and the top 12 non qualifying cars would be put into the Mayhem Motorsports $200 to win B-Main) Patience folks. It's not that bad.   EVERYONE SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR TECH! Between Pete and Mike Sowle they are dedicated to start teching hard on the crates in the capital area in the manor in which John Wight is successful in teching his at Fulton. Does this mean we're pulling motors at the Nationals? NO, it does not. But it also doesn't mean it is out of the realm of possibilities if the tech crew finds something to be iffy. BE PREPARED FOR IT. Don't run around like a crazy man (Scarborough everyone's thinking of you right now lol) and act surprised. From my understanding TECH will be heavy and plentiful on the top 6 finishers. Why 6? Just in case someone in the top 5 is not quite legal.   The running order of events MAY change, but for now the rest of what was posted by Tom Coughlin aka Wiseguy is accurate. If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact Pete or myself. Pete mostly by phone or E-mail, myself via phone, text, or Facebook. I do not frequently read DTD so please, if you have a question, don't post it here. Many of you have already contacted me via phone on both my cell and home phone and via Facebook chat. I respond quickly unless I pass out from Nyquil. lol Thank you for your understanding on this matter and lets try just once to not create mountains out of molehills. Thanks guys, see you Saturday for the Dodson Construction 602 Nationals Presented by Sowle Enterprises!
  3.    I did, due to jack a$$es like Scott Friers who sits in the stands drunk and thinks he knows racing. Have a great day.
  4. Awesome, positive, and productive post. Sounds like Ronnie & Jamie had a productive year at I-88. It's refreshing reading about that on DTD rather than the endless mind bending garbage you see on here. Kudos men... Oh...MLIU
  5. [quote name='ketchumfan' timestamp='1347598778' post='403742'] i think hazer has no friends so what one he does have he is trying to hold on and this is the only way to do it i dont think there is one person that haves one good thing to say about him. just saying [/quote] Everyday I look for one post that proves the intelligence level in racing is decaying and at an all time low. Thank you for being today's example. Now go get an education and try again. PLUS I still remember the password to log into that account, you may want to change it. Just sayin... Facts are facts; the track made mistake, covered it up instead of correcting it, and passed blame. Just one of the reasons they lost support at the track, not just Malta being dirt again. Bring on the next promoters, i guarantee they don't make the same mistakes in promoting. Here is a quote from one of the parting promoters "they are my mistakes to make, but give me a chance to correct them." Well, we're still waiting... PS..I never have nor will I ever give a flyin' **** what someone thinks that means nothing to my everyday life. I won't loose sleep over your most ignorant of opinions of me. Buh Bye PPS..stand for something or fall for everything. Falling is just what the general uninformed race fan does.
  6. OK now we're all even more confused at this situation... Head Scorer Says [quote]The computer shows that the 79 finished ahead of the 44 because the 44 did not have a working transponder.(The driver was so told by the Race Director prior to the start of the feature) I personally was hand scoring the 44 because of his transponder failure and could not determine which car crossed the "finish line" first. Where is exact finish line?[/quote] Former Track Promoter Says [quote]BECAUSE IT SHOWS ON THE AMB SCORING THE BATTERY WAS WEAK IN THE HEATS SO IT WENT DEAD IN FEATURE.[/quote] Hmmmmmm....so did anyone actually know when the transponder didn't work? Prior to the feature or during the feature? I'm just asking for clarification, that's all. I'm just a dumb race fan trying to understand how there could be that much inconsistency in the tracks side of the events...I leave you with that final thought to ponder folks, enjoy. Anyway, Adam yes NASCAR has changed finishes after races before. News doesn't travel in Canada??? LOL Kidding
  7. [quote name='meandmymizer' timestamp='1347426998' post='403436'] So are you saying that Mr. Soucie did intentionally wreck Chad because of what was said to him the previous week? That is what I get out of this statement No, I don't believe Mr.sousie wrecked Mr.Edwards intetionally for somthing he said. If you go back to the feature the week or possibly 2 before, you will see Mr.Edwards repeatedly make contact with Mr.soucie and then drive over his front end . Understandbly he was trying to get around Mr.soucie but could have drove around him not through him. These calls are harder made as a driver as where its easier for a spectator to see. I'm not saying either driver was right or wrong , I'm saying hazer can't defend one and not the other just because he's partnered with him. [/quote] Correct that is what i'm saying and that's why the 787 said both to my face and his family's that he did it intentionally to return the favor from the previous week. When a guy states he did it on purpose to multiple people, you really can't say "no I don't think he did it on purpose" because he said he did from his own mouth. I was not there the previous week so I couldn't say it was right or wrong what the 37 may have done and if he was aggressive or rough then he should have been talked to as well, however it's classless to race angry or pay guys back intentionally. That doesn't just go for the 787, that goes for any driver who sits behind the wheel. He was also allegedly saying previous to the racing activities he'd "pay him back" then said yes he did after, so yes in my logical opinion based on facts and admission by said driver of the 787 it was done intentional, watch the video replay, it's available from Bobco, Racin' Videos, and on Fox Fast Tracks. The track should have spoken to both drivers involved the same they did the night the 79 and 37 were racing hard and aggressive (per Don Warner) and not rough housing then had some after race activities. From what I was told by Don, Rock was more upset the way he was spoken to in the tower than how hard the 2 drivers were racing one another. JustGram, read it all again, comprehend once. Thanks. And yes it is my professional anylitical opinion with a few facts that this is how it may have trasnpired. Ask yourself some questions before posting, thanks...unless I'm just that nieve and I doubt that. Plus, go to MyLaps, the 44's transponder was working fine during his heat race. And with no hot laps to speak of how would the track know it wasn't working [i]PRIOR[/i] to the feature unless it was on the parade lap. If that's the case it's not much notice. And I have the video, it clearly shows the finish, watch again. Thank you for playing, next contestant please. LOL 1 44 GREG PESSALANO 8 1:53.848 13.678 8 65.799 This is a concern to me, but I'm confident the new promoters will address it...[quote]The finish line is probably located at the flag stand although it has never been marked at The Ridge.[/quote] [size="4"]Again to be clear, I respect and applaud both drivers efforts. I have before and will always say Rocky Warner can flat out drive any race car he sits in. I'm just a fan of what is right is right, period, don't matter who it is or who's involved.[/size] MLIU..still...and always, I can accept, can you?
  8. Bernie, did Mike make you aware he was asking the 44 to prove it and he'd make it right with no written protest required? Basically what you're saying is if it isn't written, even if it's wrong, it's tough cookies? Mike had no answer to the phone call he got about it apparently. Again just passing along info. Again, I'm just pointing out the discrepancy...I didn't make the error in judgement, I'm just pointing it out, as it was pointed out to me. So if you must lay blame boys, you can lay it on me for asking the questions, it's ok I understand how nobody takes accountability in racing any longer. It's always the blame game... Good luck to all drivers involved the remainder of the season.
  9. [quote name='Custom Bob' timestamp='1347343644' post='403238']3. The new Promoter is a local person. Not Howie, Ric, Bruce or anyone currently running a track. When the time is right and the new management is ready, the announcement will be made.[/quote] Here's my one guess Custom, STR and Checkers out will be big contributors? lol If i'm wrong I can wait...
  10. I'm just the messanger, info is factual, I'll let you guys debate what is right or wrong and what should or shouldn't be done to correct it. Same sort of situation that happened in the street stock division a couple years back and they eventually admitted it, corrected it, and awarded the person who earned it. I applaud both drivers efforts, not knocking anyone's nuts, but sometimes the right decision or statement isn't always the most popular. Been there, done that, and always will. Again I'm not loosing sleep over it. Just in a sport where everyone wants fairness, no politics, no "homerism", fair play, and honesty I think this would be a good good example. Co-champions would be silly since one has more points than the other. You guys debate it...my opinion is this, if the track knew it, it should have been adjusted accordingly both money and points. But again, you guys and gals can debate on what you think is fair or unfair, right or wrong, honest or dishonest. I pass no judgement either way. MLIU
  11. Paul, points are awarded based on the dirt scoring point system. 60, 56, 52, 50 down by 2 until 28, then down by 1 until 20. Only night missing on the website is September 1st. Take the points from Sept. 1 and add them to the points they have on their site, wala you get your final points. Problem is the night the points were scored wrong. Claimer, I don't know everything, but I'm intelligent and will not dumb myself down for anyone inlcuding yoruself. The video is not inconclusive, it was enough to get Pessalano the proper finish. So by stating that you're stating the track is inconclusive then contradicting yourself right after that by saying you have a "reliable source" that said the scorer made the decision based on the computer. Based on previous situations similar to this the scorer corrected his mistake and took responsibility for it. And again if you read above, I'm not busting anyone's balls like you did with your response, I simply stated a fact. Points are wrong...like it or not. If the finish was official then they should have said sorry Mr. Pessalano the result is what it is no matter what the video shows or the driver says. But they did not therefore opened up this pandora's box on their own. That's my opinion, don't really care if you like that or not. I won't loose sleep over it. Niagra, that's a fact...and yes disturbing.
  12. Let's jump right in shall we... It was brought to my attention on August 25th the Sportsman feature finish had Rocky Warner 2nd and Greg Pessalano 3rd, however the 44 (Pessalano) transponder fell off during the race which can be confirmed by viewing the My Laps report. It shows nothing for the 44 for fast lap etc. Per what I was told Warner had spoken to Pessalano about it and told him he didn't understand why he was 2nd when he didn't beat Pessalano to the line. Greg Pessalano apparently approached Mike Romano about it and was told watch the video for August 25th and if it shows him ahead of Rocky Warner they would give him 2nd place money. At the same time the points should have been adjusted accordingly. The video does show Greg Pessalano beat Rocky Warner to the line by about 1-2 feet. Pessalano had made mention to whom told me about this that he could vouch for this and was going to bring it up on the final night of points, but had been removed in an ambulance due to the drive shaft breaking and him being injured. So what we have is an incorrect finish, Warner with 4 more points than he should have, and the track knowing about it. Both Rocky Warner and Greg Pessalano are aware of the situation as well and Greg Pessalano stated he'd vouch for this error by the track. If the track properly adjusted the finish placing the 44 2nd and the 79 3rd then Rocky would have only scored 52 that night and not 56, meaning he has 4 more points than he earned. Remove those 4 points and Chad Edwards still won the title by 2 points even after being intentionally wrecked by Leo Soucie who bragged about how he was going to do it and then after bragged about how he did it to pay him back. (dirty, the whole thing was dirty by a dirty bunch) Below I have outlined the dates and points scored by both drivers. There is no disrespect meant towards anyone individual, I am not trying to discredit Rocky Warner's title, nor am I trying to twist the tracks nuts, I'm simply pointing out a error that was brought to my attention much like the year the points were wrong for the Street Stocks and Justin Knight actually won the title, not Chuck McSpirit. Bottom line is they have a mistake to correct and the Pessalano's can vouch for the mistake. Nobody is trying to screw anyone here, but make sure things are right. After all that's why we play this game, to make sure everyone is on a fair playing field. Congrats to both drivers on their championship efforts, but by virtue of the finishes and points system Chad Edwards is actually the track champion, not Rocky Warner. My apologies for bringing it up, but what is right is right and the track should make the adjustment just like they did the last time a situation like this came up, especially since they knew about it. From what I understand Edwards family even contacted Mike Romano about it, but nothing has been done to this point. Rocky Warner 04/13 – 52 04/20 – 60 05/04 – 60 05/18 – 56 05/25 – 52 06/10 – 56 06/17 – 48 06/24 – 28 (rain delayed to July 1) 07/01 – 44 07/08 – 60 07/22 – 60 07/29 – 44 08/14 – 20 (RoC Night/Show Up Points) 08/19 – 50 08/25 – 56 (Questionable, Video Shows Greg Pessalano 2nd, Rocky 3rd, Pessalano Transponder fell off. Rocky should have received 52 points) 09/01 – 56 Total Points = 802 (Should Possilby Be 798) Chad Edwards 04/13 – 60 04/20 – 52 05/04 – 56 05/18 – 60 05/25 – 50 06/10 – 50 06/17 – 56 06/24 – 60 (rain delayed to July 1) 07/01 – 52 07/08 – 52 07/22 – 50 07/29 – 52 08/14 – 20 (RoC Night/Show Up Points) 08/19 – 48 08/25 – 50 09/01 – 32 Total Points = 800 Don't kill the messanger, after all MLIU
  13. According to a source close to the champs family, Jeremy got $3,000 and Mike told him the reason was there wasn't enough tires sold to hit the $5,000 mark. So American Racer apparently pro rated the point fund money. Reportedly Jake said that money was set in stone at the beginning of the year via Bestline Oil and if I'm not mistaken I do remember seeing something to that effect, but after combing through their press releases (cough) on the website I found no such information. On a side note an article will be in the AARN all about the Ridge and I'm sure it will be historically inacurrate. LOL Chow for now boys & girl, MLIU
  14. [quote name='TFrable' timestamp='1346947250' post='402309'] Is it normal practice for the points money to be paid out within a few days following the final race? I thought it normally came at the banquet or over the off-season? [/quote] Normally at the banquet yes, but the ridge doesn't have one. They haven't in a couple years. Rocky got his $2,000 so I'd guess the Mod champ got his. I'll ask...
  15. Rolling Wheels Sept 2, 2012 - Results From My Laps 1 5 Don Spatorico 2 25g Nick Guererri 3 1s Jim Spano 4 66 Danny Wiesner 5 21 Taylor Caprara 6 21H Brandon Hagan 7 24A A.J. Lewis 8 67g Eric Giguere 9 3a Adam Hilton 10 1R Kyle Rohmer 11 44 David Conant Jr. 12 3m James Maier 13 6 Nate Reynolds 14 15d Kyle DeMetto 15 48B Brandon Rauscher 16 55c Jesse Cotriss 17 57 Anthony Stockman 18 16 Earl Rudy 19 8s Justin Sharp 20 17J Josh Livingston 21 20x Kevin Ridley 22 m1 Dave Marcuccilli 23 57b Frank Burnell 24 21J James Henry 25 7g Paul Guererri 26 93 Matt Parkhurst 27 4 Greg Martin
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