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  1. IIRC northeast modifieds did race East Bay some years ago.
  2. It’s a really fine dust that doesn’t show up all that well on Flo. That’s what makes it get everywhere when you go there, though.
  3. Tyler County almost always has a level of dust that is indescribable. It would make the southern tier tracks blush. There’s a creek off of turn two that has flooded the track numerous times over the years and the surface has a ton of silt in it, hence the dust. But despite all that dust, it tends to hold moisture better than most tracks over the course of a night. I have goggles and a bandanna that I keep in my garage specifically for my random trips to Tyler County just because it tends to race so incredibly well.
  4. If I was running Marion Center I would have scheduled an unsanctioned 10k show today because it’s kinda on the way from Tyler to 7.
  5. The BRP tour has run PPMS, but it’s been years. Mods there reminded me of OG Bridgeport. I’d like to see em race at Tazewell. I’d be curious to see how they handled the banking.
  6. I was at Tyler County one night when there was minimal dust because it had rained most of the day and it was very tacky. That was the only night I have ever been there when the racing actually kinda sucked. It was freight train at the wall.
  7. It’s shocking how many tracks screw around all night and run 6 or more divisions and stay open.
  8. The people doing the actual racing generally prefer straight up formats. There’s too much of a chance of getting torn up in a pure draw race. As a fan I prefer watching races that are pure draw, but I’m not paying the bills to fix the torn up stuff.
  9. Tim has openly mentioned that he’s very happy being a helmet bag driver these days. I’m happy for him, but the very top teams in the sport don’t play that way. They test and test, and then they test some more and they generally want the driver around for more than just the races.
  10. Lol he was only in that car for a couple months before he went back to Rocket again
  11. Don’t be surprised if Paylor/T-Mac make a change after this year.
  12. It’s been the rumor since they booted Paylor. That’s why.
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