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  1. I'll take Fulton for example here - the racing in 2019 was drastically different than what we see in 2021 and I feel the suspension changes have had a ton to do with it. Had a couple cars on coils in 2019, now we're down to a couple on bars this year. Feel like its even more noticeable in the underpowered crate class, have one friend who went forward 8-10 spots almost every week there in 2019 just chugging along the bottom in the thin strip of bite. With how hooked up everyone is now and the way you gotta be so much more aggressive on the coils, its often quicker to just pile it through the mi
  2. I thought it was good. Wight and Sears swapped the lead a few times over the course of the race and couldn't tell you who was going to win until about 3 to go when Sears started pulling away. Top and bottom lanes were equal and not much in the middle - in short, track was good. Colagiovanni wins if the ESS race is 26 laps, but they pay after 25 and Hebing was leading then. Only downside was I wasn't home in time to watch the Modified race at Fonda.
  3. Quite a post but not surprised. Seen this Taylor Sheldon guy post full-blown death threats on top-tier Modified drivers in the YouTube comments of various races along with more of this type of rant. Confusing since scrolling through his posts from 12+ years ago, he seemed to be normal at some time. Now there's this.
  4. I just redid my entire setup between April and now. Fanatec CSL wheel/pedals for $500, new PC built for $1000, new monitor for $400, and $100 worth of metal, a seat, and other things to fab up a new rig. Roughly $2000 total, and Ducharme has the same wheel as I do. We run totally different settings from one another, so if you end up with that wheel, I'll forward over what we each run and you can pick what you like from them both. Can confirm, Weedsport is weird. The track on iRacing came out in early September, and I got to practice there for the first time in late September. The game tra
  5. A few positive notes regarding iRacing now that we're just about a month into the Modifieds: A couple iRacing staff friends confirmed that the Big Blocks were their biggest release ever. More people bought the Mods in the first week they were out than any other piece of content ever in their first week. More sales than NASCAR Cup, Indycar, Sprint Cars, Late Models in their first week released, and any track like Daytona, Indy, Spa, Monza, and so on. I don't have a hard number but that's a LOT of people racing our relatively regional cars. Continuing off the popularity,
  6. Along with at the scales, someone in the field said they checked all cars in staging before the feature. There was a halfway break where crews could work on the car, but I'm sure the officials would be staring you down like my dog stares at me while I'm eating dinner if you dared to pop one dzus off your hood. From the video I saw and the people I've talked to there including one pitted near Root at the halfway break, his hood didn't come off at halfway. Was told he was a couple hundred over the 6200 limit after 200 laps, but obviously was 6200 when they started since they checked
  7. I've already tried digging into the files for this and this is going to be just about impossible. I think I just now located the paint scheme files and its a foreign file extension I don't think I've ever even seen before. Can definitely tell they did not want this game modified in any way.
  8. This is what I have and absolutely love it. There's better and significantly more expensive out there, but this runs with the best of them. Ran a half distance Cup race at Watkins Glen the other day and never missed my marks once, so it allows for precise consistency which is definitely the biggest component to winning. https://fanatec.com/us-en/bundles/csl-elite-ps4-starter-kit I think I was the first wave of race fans to grow up with video games, right about 5 y/o when WoO 2002 was released. Games are the entire reason I even knew what auto racing was, nonetheless got intere
  9. Right before the first Cole Cup A-Main. Remember that one very vividly and not sure how the whole grandstands didn't get gassed by a terrified skunk. Probably 2012-2014, the tow truck and ambulance crews in the infield of Five Mile Point got in a full on brawl. Seemed to be about the entire staff in the infield was fighting. Was in the middle of a stock class feature, never shot the yellow despite the 20 person fight going on. When the yellow did come out, it took a while because everyone that was supposed to be cleaning it up was too busy beating each other up to do their assigned
  10. I can't find the original (to tell you how long ago it was, I did it in high school and now I teach high school), but I figured I'd restart the document. Will be adding throughout the day as I cross off more tracks. Once more, verified the accuracy of the tool by measuring some drag strips that I know are exactly 1000 ft or 1/4 mile. Worth noting, the outside isn't always the outside wall, more or less the highest I ever foresee a car running. Somewhere like Outlaw I measure the far outside (like Bob did - and I got the same exact measurement) because they run up there, but somewhere like Thun
  11. Can-Am had a rain delay last night and the usual dry slick went out the window. Don't think I saw any black on the place and Sportsman were just about wide open. Wasn't necessarily top speed Fuller was talking about, just a ton faster than previous weeks when the track was blacking up after hot laps. I had a spreadsheet where I had the distances of the outside and inside lines of every dirt Modified track, traced on Google Maps. I'll have to dig it out because there were some interesting results, and I verified the accuracy by measuring places like Syracuse (exactly 1mi around the
  12. Currently at 64, may be forgetting a couple. Used the weird circumstances known as 2020 to add a few unexpected ones to the list. New York: Syracuse Mile & Indoor, Brewerton, Fulton, Utica-Rome, Oswego, Weedsport, Rolling Wheels, Can-Am, Paradise, Evans Mills, Mohawk, Adirondack, Lebanon Valley, Malta, Accord, OCFS, Fonda, Glen Ridge, Thunder Mountain, Skyline, Five Mile, Outlaw, Woodhull, Canandaigua, Ransomville, Lancaster, Genesee, Watkins Glen, Chemung, Brookfield, Afton, Airborne PA: Big Diamond, Grandview, Penn Can, Williams Grove, Susquehanna, Lincoln, Port Royal, Pocono,
  13. I've looked at some that say full release to follow, then checked the track's social media and I'm honestly not sure if anyone even does them at some of those tracks. I know DTD has some of their own people that do similar work when they're at the track, but obviously that's not everywhere. Utica-Rome is the first place that comes to mind for having recaps and stories posted quickly, not just results.
  14. The obvious answer for my situation is Tri County Race Track. I never would've guessed six months, even two months ago, that my first Modified race of the season would be at some bullring in the middle of the mountains over half a day worth of driving away. If I'm able to find a feasible way to do so responsibly, I'd like to find a way to make one more run down south before things get going up here. Hard to plan things far out with a rapidly changing situation with races scheduled at short notice based on area guidelines.
  15. Heck, that was just a guess. 3 including driver means they're only getting $5,400 in pit money for the week, which means you now have to sell like 800 PPVs per night to break even. That just makes it even harder for Deyo to not lose his savings.
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