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  1. Eek! Don't worry, I don't want your beer. Great customer service skills you have here though.
  2. DirtVision can have the rest of the races for the year in all series cancelled and it would still end up being cheaper than DTD TV.
  3. I agree. Sheppard definitely did it on purpose and nothing was done.
  4. This was just posted on the Super DIRTcar Series Facebook page.
  5. It's just me that goes to the races so the family argument doesn't really work with me. I could try asking my dog to watch it, but I have a feeling she would say no. DIRTVison/Flo have not spoiled anything for us. In fact, they are creating competition, however DTD doesn't see it that way. Sure they have a business model, it just doesn't work for me. I know there are others that feel the same way. It may work for you, DTD or others, it still doesn't change the fact that it's too much to ask IMO. I want DTD to succeed and I certainly appreciate them covering all the races that they do. If there
  6. I just wanted to say awesome work DTD TV!!! Thank you for giving us some racing again! Although it's hard for me to watch it live on the weekends, I certainly appreciate everything that you guys are doing, especially through this quarantine crap lol. (I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the restrictions, it just gets a little tiresome sometimes)
  7. Leroy, can you give more insight as to the leasing out the tracks? I'm still back on the DIRTcar way where they do rely on the host track to pay a certain amount.
  8. I believe you still have to subscribe (Fast Pass) to see certain past events such as the 4 this past weekend, Sprints and Late Models.
  9. Does anybody know why DIRTVision takes so long to add races to their vault? I wanted/want to watch the Late Models from this past weekend, but it's still not up on their site. I've emailed them and they said they post their events up within a week of them being ran. All I can think of is that DTD TV had theres up on demand hours after the race ran on Saturday, so thank you for that! It's hard for me to watch it live on the weekends. Just doesn't make much sense to me that they can't.
  10. I have a feeling that if/when NASCAR returns, they will have fans that will show up to the track anyways, as in camping/partying.
  11. jumper12a You work for the SDS Series? Yikes! If you were my employee, I wouldn't allow you to act like that on social media. You're giving off a terrible look for the organization.
  12. Not sure how long I can make this, but here are Alan Johnson's results with money and the place he came in 2003. I have him winning $82000 for Syracuse in the mods for some reason, so you might be able to take $32k off of the total. Alan won the Super DIRT Series that year which I believe paid another 60k. Alan finished 2nd in the 358 series that year and I'm unsure what that would have paid. This doesn't include any of his weekly racing at home tracks.
  13. My records are far from accurate, but in 2003, Alan Johnson had a big year. I have him winning almost 300k with just the 358 Super DIRT Series and Modified Super DIRT Series, not including any weekly racing. Purses are definitely stagnant, but teams keep showing up so people must be making money.
  14. I asked this because they had a Super DIRTcar series race earlier this year as well as last year.
  15. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the reason that Eastern States is not a Super DIRTcar series race anymore? I thoroughly enjoyed the strategy and races at Oswego this year and I'd love to see more of the "200" lap races. I guess I'm just stuck in the olden days with Lebanon Valley, Rolling Wheels, Syracuse, Fonda and Orange County all being 200 laps, even others for a bit. I wish we had more. I really miss the Super DIRT Series races at the end of year as it was truly the 2nd part of the season. Also, Orange County has had an aggressive schedule this year. I hope it paid/pays off for the
  16. Oh wow! I didn't realize Dirt Track Digest streamed that much. Thank you for letting me know. I come and go with DIRT racing. It seems I find myself catching up every few years, but I still love it. As I'm in Canada, some of these tracks are far for me to travel to. I've watched a couple races on FloRacing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I might hit up the Fonda telecast, even though it's definitely a little pricey. Thank you again.
  17. I used to love watching them run into 3 and out of 4 at Rolling Wheels! I miss that place.
  18. Hello folks. I read these boards, but don't post a lot or at all lol. I'm just curious as to what streaming services are offered for DIRT racing, specifically 358 and Big Blocks? I see FloRacing does and I think Dirt Track Digest does some streaming too. Any others out there? Do many people watch the streams?
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