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  1. Why was Hearn sent to the rear at the start of his heat race tonight??
  2. Hourly looks good, but there's a big cell over utica right now that looks like it's heading towards the track. What're all the keyboard weathermen thinking cause this one is lost
  3. I'd assume he has a car for weedsport and a car for Orange County then a backup in the other trailer
  4. if Hearn stayed for the heat races what position does that put him in for weedsport? can he still race there tomorrow?
  5. 4 wins in 6 years. if the place wasn't being torn down Stewie would make a legend out of himself there. it's a shame that it's over because it would've been fun to see how man wins Stewie could've collected there
  6. does anybody know what the points would have been if Hearn didn't get dq'd earlier in the season?
  7. Anybody else feel like we're witnessing a man who could end up being ONE OF the best dirt drivers of all time?
  8. 66 points out with Albany Saratoga, Lebanon Valley and Syracuse still to come I would say Brett Hearn is right back in the thick of things
  9. Tremont leads Hearn by 60 points with 7 races left I believe
  10. Modifieds top 5: Matt Depew, Kenny Tremont, Keith Flach, Matt DeLorenzo, Peter Britten. Hearn got 7th after starting last. Stew Friesen won the sprints
  11. What are the odds this one gets in? 0 percent?
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