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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and without them, the world would be rather boring and I enjoy lurking the forums here and reading people’s thoughts. I just wanted to point out that a certain promotor has stepped up to the plate in Middletown and vowed to actually make a difference there and for that, I applaud Jeremie Corcoran for his efforts and everyone else at the speedway who’s involved in trying to make it better. The track is far from perfect, it’s been documented on DTD and beyond for many years, we know. Although I’m a belligerent pessimist I will give my support and actually wait and see the results with my own eyes before publicly displaying my aggression. The clay hasn’t even been laid down and not a single lap has been run, but people just deem it a failure right off the bat. I never met Jeremie, but I have faith in him, his knowledge and abilities. The funny thing is, four generations of my family have attended the races at Middletown and I consider the track almost sacred for all the years since the 1950’s that the place has provided my family a place to go on a Saturday night and forget about life for a while. It’s almost hallowed grounds and enjoy it very much to this day and consider the drivers and employees there my friends. For every reason you state that you hate it, I can give you ten reasons that I love it there. I guess my whole point is that dirt car racing in the northeast is fuggin’ great and I’d watch these guys anywhere and I support them anywhere because it’s probably better to lift the sport than to drag it down. Not everything is positive and rainbows and unicorns, but it’s a sport we all want to see around for a long time, no? I read everyone’s opinions here…some are great, some are just not conducive to the sport. I get it…Middletown is a contaminated shitbox…but to some of us…it’s OUR contaminated shitbox. Give the people who care about it the time of day to perhaps someday change your mind. Thanks for listening. Long Live the OCFS!
  2. Loved this documentary. I was there that night too as an ecstatic 13-year old. Can see my dad in the grandstand at 23:27 for half a second. Hard to believe when this was filmed, Middletown had already been racing cars there for sixty-something years. I watched this when it aired on TV and loved it then and still to this day. Good stuff.
  3. Best news I've heard out of Middletown in some time. Glad to hear it.
  4. 2017 schedule is posted on their spiffy new website. https://orangecountyfairspeedway.net/ocfs/
  5. I'm 47 and watched/loved NASCAR from childhood. I had it so bad that when a race ended on Sunday, I was already looking forward to the following week. Every weekend the race was on TV in my house, sometimes on multiple sets; never wanting to miss a second. Boy, have things changed. After Kenseth won the title in '03 and they initiated the Chase the following year, my long-standing interest started to wane. The CoT, the cookie-cutter tracks, the Coke-swilling drivers and the constant tweaks to a point system that no one asked for and the pre-fabricated drama and excitement they tried to manufacture was enough to nauseate me. The final straw for me was 2015 when Busch wins the championship after missing 11 point races. I turned off the TV during the final laps of Homestead and didn't look back. Now with the announcement of a stage-based race format, I'm so glad I'm no longer wasting my Sundays. In my opinion, the sport isn't even recognizable anymore and is just a shell of its former self. Now I know I will never go back. NASCAR is dead to me. R.I.P.
  6. Orange County Fair Speedway: 1. Tommy Meier 2. Stewart Friesen 3. Jerry Higbie 4. Billy Vaninwegen 5. Craig Mitchell
  7. It looks like a 5-point difference for the top Modified spot going into next week; Championship Night on 9/3. It should be another stellar evening at the House of Power. 1 Stewart Friesen 1050 2 Jerry Higbie 1045 3 Tommy Meier 1034
  8. Anyone have any results from Middletown last night? Thanks for any info. Jeff
  9. Steve Barrick should be on this list. His knowledge and dedication is remarkable and not sure where he finds the time to do all of the writing he does. Help Wanted Dirt track racing is currently accepting applications for writers and photographers for placement throughout the industry at various locations throughout the country. These exciting positions are enormously rewarding and are open immediately. Responsibilities: Write, promote and document all aspects of dirt track auto racing Provide the general public with written articles, exciting news stories and top-notch photography Meet strict deadlines Adhere to track policies at all times Be un-biased and be completely positive in everything, even if you don’t agree Travel required Qualifications: Weekend work is mandatory Overtime is required Must be able to read, write and speak fluent English Must have/buy your own equipment Must sacrifice your free time and find time to work a full-time paying job; family time is optional Be accepting of all criticism Must watch racing action through a tiny lens or be able to watch and take notes at the same time. Compensation Package: Yearly salary: $0.00 Benefits: $0.00 Reimbursement: $0.00 Free admission: 1 Many positions now available. Join the exciting team now and be a part of the world of free journalism for the good of the sport and its fan base. Bring all of your skills and passion forward so you too can be unpaid and appreciated throughout your career. Admission to speedway is included so you can work. Then, when the checkered flag drops, you can go home and continue your employment on your own free time and develop your photos and create your news articles for all to enjoy. Did we mention there’s free admission? Must be a self-starter and bring your own expertise and experience to the sport, because we all know how incredibly easy it is to write descriptive, creative stories, do your own editing, proofreading and to shoot, develop and crop photographs and prepare them for online social-media consumption. (Many people can write and many can snap a photo of sports action, but there’s few who can do it well! It’s called talent.) My hats off to all of those who attend the races and the next day sacrifice their own time to have their stories/photos delivered by Monday morning. It is no easy task, I assure you. All of your “co-workers” will be paid, ie; announcers, tow truck drivers, vendors, security, flaggers, etc, etc., but you will work for free for the good of the sport. At the end of the day you’ll receive a verbal “thank you” for your time, efforts and services. (If we remember) And, we offer a free pass to the races!
  10. My pick for OCFS this weekend is...... Mother Nature. Not looking so good right now.
  11. Jeff Lambert


    Testing 1 2 3
  12. You can scroll through pages of threads on your phone now. The text is all wonky though. Perhaps it's a setting I'll have to adjust. I'll play around w/ it when I get home from work.
  13. Parking is free for the HC Open.  No coolers.  Rows H through O are reserved seating in the main grandstand.  
  14.   The whole point of is an app is so you don't need a computer.  At home, that would be fine, but being away from home for hours and hours the app limits what content you have access to.  I haven't been able to freely click through multi-page threads since I installed the app.  
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