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  1. I've admired Howie's business sense over the years, but this is hard to take....... BTW, OCFS is much easier on brakes as well, comparing their sweeping turns to LV's paper-clip turns...........as told to me by "Whistling" Jackie Wilson.
  2. Hearn was vilified before, during, and after running NASCAR. "He should move up." "He should stay at that level." "He's ruining it for the low-budget guys." The whining was laughable.
  3. That's rich; Two Bicknell's with Bedell's engines = "small team"............LOL.
  4. The question I always ask is "If the "fine arts" are so "fine", why do they need taxpayer subsidies?"
  5. Wait......are you talking about the tech inspector at OCFS that used to tell a very few selected drivers Hearn's performance secrets?
  6. I'm guessing by your comment that you haven't seen many pro stock shows at OCFS.
  7. What kind of a "business decision" alienates more than 75 million consumers?
  8. Wouldn't it be great if Tommy was using torsion bars and EVERYONE else was on coils?
  9. Wouldn't it be great if Tommy was using torsion bars and EVERYONE else was on coils?
  10. Wait.......what? If that was Sheppard, you wouldn't have blinked an eye.............
  11. And I view this thread as discussion, not argument, with some very good points being made.
  12. History has repeatedly shown us that these pissing contests between promoters do not end well.
  13. I recall seeing them twice, both times during Cagle's run as manager.
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