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  1. Its pretty much monkey see monkey do...i'll stick to higfab
  2. There were no cars behind pit wall that werent in that wreck. All others were on pit road. Had they not allowed cars to fuel during that time the race would have been dramatically different. And Yes Suitcase Quit. I dont blame him
  3. A $12000 open small block motor has won a lot of races for us. Call Dan Bedell if you dont believe it
  4. He wasnt banned tho dont you read? Drivers complained why else would they?
  5. The factual part is that a group of drivers banded together to cry to Harpell to not have him race there. The other part is that when he beats them same group of guys they always say he did something to them. There is one group of guys that feel a way about him and thats just the plain truth. You must be one of them judging by your tone. Funny you mention Weaver hes easily the 2nd most hated 5 mile person other than Dan in history....and also for his limited time spent therebon and off and never a full season hes done extremely well....facts
  6. There are a total of 12 dzus buttons to put sale panels on smh
  7. Mr. Harpell all due respect ive never shown any ill harm nor slandered your place of business nor said anything about your facility. People womdered why Dan hadn't stuck to his plan that was highly published in several media outlets. As you know it is the information age and things get spread rampantly. It is not nonsense however and completey factual. Good day sir.
  8. Precisely why! The deal with 5 mile a couple years ago was someone tried to turn him after the finish line they missed and a couple guys got collected.....the deal with thunder is after camping all year and what have you they asked that he not return weekly because several drivers said they wouldnt return if he raced there....the same thing with five mile. It sounds like the Southern Tier has a bunch of butt hurt pansies to me. Since when is arguing a point a crime? Is he out there trashing peoples personal belongings or being a menace on the track? Highly doubt it he wins an awful high percentage of his starts and typically runs up front at these places so what is it?
  9. I guess you are getting old but you are still an asshole...Creeden never dumped Doc
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