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  1. Yeah, calling the place a dump sounds very optimisitc. I'd love to hire you as a motivational speaker.
  2. There are a number of teams who run well at the track weekly, but have nothing for the Freisens and Sheppards of the world. OCFS Management is way too enamored with the big names and don't bother to care about their local guys who are long time supporters. Also, what family of fans is going to go to a race on Thursday and then again on Saturday? I am happy with the improvements that have been made around the fairgrounds the last 4 years, but Management needs to understand what is affordable to the average family. They can't even do a Christmas drive through for a normal price.
  3. I don't think he was just stringing fans along. He made an announcement on his plans to build a top notch facility which was contingent on the state providing grants (which were promised after they demolished the mile) to help get it going. All of it fell apart when Cuomo's cronies got jammed up for misappropriating funds on other projects causing a lot of these grants to go away.
  4. I don't think it is much more than in the past, just that now it is more in front of us with social media being the main conduit. Many of the big teams update their equipment almost yearly, but the sales have generally gone on in the background through the car builders and connections like that.
  5. The Orange County Executive said that he is going to appeal to state officials using the model of the recently held Air Show, which had a drive in section and Seafood Festival which had a large turnout kept safely distanced. Its extremely frustrating to see these events held just down the road from OCFS and for some reason the state will not provide guidance and allow this track or others to conduct business. I certainly hope that part of the County Execs argument includes the economic impact tat Eastern States has to the immediate area.
  6. The only simulated racing I would watch on tv is Mario kart and even that is questionable because it much like iracing is not real.
  7. With Logano its obvious brand is very important. He made a brand out of what was a one time victory lane celebration and now its become his signature 'thing' to do when he wins.
  8. You know what I can't believe in all of this......it's that they need spotters in iRacing!!!!
  9. Let me go and spend a fortune to cheat up my sportsman so I can win $600 n. And to be clear this is not a knock of the payout, its a knock on the competitors who drop a ton of $ for this class.
  10. Any time I read these stories about younger kids getting into full size cars, I can't seem to understand the rush to get them up a class. This same conversation went on a year or 2 ago with another driver. The explanation was that driver was tearing it up in the smaller cars so he wasn't going to learn anything new so it was time to move him up. I think that driver is still racing sportsman. I just don't understand what happened to patience, he's only 12. There is plenty of time for him to get "noticed" which is one of the reasons Derrick Sr gave for allowing Jr to move up this soon. He said t
  11. Thanks Gary. I like when you lend your expertise on here. I've seen cars with coils with right side panard and also with left side setup. How do left side and right side panard setups work? Is there a certain type of track surface where one works better?
  12. When someone who transcends their sport retires, its a very big story regardless of their age. Like the guy or hate the guy you have to really look at what he has done to change the way people do things (in the shop) and look at what he has accomplished on the track.
  13. The point I was trying to make is that it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense that today you are inspecting 5 cars and each car is inspected differently. Each car should have the same exact inspection completed.
  14. This seems to be to problem is that they check different things each day. There has to be some uniformity to what they are doing. I know they can't check each an every bit and piece of every car, but a standard check on common problem areas needs to be done not, eh today we''ll check this, but not that.
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