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  1. But it was ok to bail out Jaime Dimon and his JP Morgan Bank and all the other wealthy CEO bankers? You forget it goes both ways. The Middle Class needs to take back our country and rewrite the Tax Code and have the crooks start paying their fair share of taxes like I pay mine. Lets start creating tax deductions for the Middle Class again and level the playing field!
  2. I wasnt there at Outlaw last night but Bobby must have been fun to watch. I wonder what the Doctor mumbled when Bobby passed him? Anybody wanna guess? Lol.
  3. "You either worked or got unemployment....theres no reason to be hurting." You are out of touch with reality. lol. Its not that simple. What you said does apply to many... yes I agree. But there are also many that had well paying jobs and now those jobs are no longer there. $20 hr is not gona cut it for many of those people.
  4. Now we know why The Doctor told Bobby not to come back. Danny started 7th and finished 4th and Bobby started 14th and finished 3rd in front of him. Cartwright started 4th and finished 9th. Those lap times were impressive! That was a fast track!
  5. I went to Brewerton and saw some 4 wide racing when they were not racing 3 wide! Decent night and there were just some sprinkles.
  6. I think the wealthy one percenters and some who fall just below that should help out. Their fortunes skyrocketed during the pandemic. Their Net Worth exploded while the rest of us suffered. Something is definitely not right. Common sense says that makes NO SENSE! Lol. Plus they could just "write off" anything they give to charity. Better yet, start a business and give the money away and write it all off as a loss. The Tax Laws were made by the wealthy to protect and help the wealthy while the rest of us get screwed! lol.
  7. I dont want to sound like I am bashing them, because I think the place is awesome. But how could you even race on that surface if it was as loose as it was the last time they raced? The speeds must have been arounf avg. 55-60mph for the sportsman.
  8. What? Throwing things on the track? Why? What would make somebody throw anything on the track? What were they throwing?
  9. Im looking at the weather and its making me miserable. Looking at anywhere from 40%-60% chance of precipitation at these tracks tonight. But looking at radar it looks somewhat clear with maybe a few sprinkles. Where should I go? Im thinking Brewerton but Utica is closer. Not sure where I can dodge the rain. Anybody else have their eye on the weather for these tracks? I know if I say screw it and stay home they will get the show in and if I go they will probably get rained on. Pisses me off! Lol.
  10. Im sure you are right about that. Just like anything.... there are lazy doctors, lawyers and even some lazy millionaires who inherited all their money and are just having fun burning through it and not concerned with using it to maintain a cash flow.
  11. What a shame. I was there the last time they raced and there is no way in hell you are gonna race on that surface. From the grandstand it looked like cars were racing on beach sand. It looked like it was about 8-10 inches deep and just totally loose. Zero traction. Seems to me they need to come up with a lot of money to get a surface they can race on. I wonder if Deyo wants to take on another track and just run some specials only? Lol.
  12. I was half joking, you are right. I didnt know there wasnt somewhere in the country where they race on dirt and use Goodyears. Other than AR and Hoosiers, are there any other tires that are used for dirt racing that could fill the void if this results in not being able to put tires on a car?
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