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  1. Bystander.... If in fact running the team as a business, as Keith has stated, this is a huge decision. Orange County started already, be behind in points race. Fonda? Engine package and A/R. Big investment into team. Does that lead you to Utica on Fridays? Then towing back past Fonda to go home and return the next day? Alot of logistics to make this work if a change is to happen. Or there is the Fulton/LOL (Brewerton?) option staying with Hoosiers. I do not know what Accord runs for packages, but that could be an opportunity as well. (believe closest to their shop of all) I understand th
  2. Demetrius Drellos, Jessey Mueller, Peter Brittan, Keith Flach and Olden Dwyer scheduled to be there as well. Ronnie Johnson was scheduled but name no longer on list. Disappointed but totally understand...
  3. Definitely not the top dollar team of others. But don't get it twisted. That is a very loyal group of guys around Marc. Super tight knit. That car doesn't or won't lack for anything. Here is hoping for a successful 2021. First win was great, but I believe Marc expects alot more than that one. Damn, that sure was fun to watch tonight. 3J To The Front
  4. Tommy. 21.49 Sheppard 23.17 Larry 23.41 Max 23.90 Marc 24.13 Lap 34 times. Come on Chris there is a car coming to you late in the race, but Matt and Stews times were constantly in the high 22' low 23's all night. I agree his fire on the restarts were impressive but his drive off was the winning factor last night.
  5. I think we are both speaking the same language, .90 faster that late in a race is eye opening to say the least. Has he been anywhere to run before this race (this year)? Those Bicknells do seem to be very very strong out the box...
  6. Tommy has a top notch program. He has over 20 wins at OCFS. I think a track championship as well. I was not surprised when he charged thru the field to start the race. I was surprised when he ran the fastest lap of the race on lap 33 to better it on lap 34, .90 faster than any other lap on that track. Now that's surprising...
  7. I was just looking at the odds from my local casino. 4 to 1 odds are impressive. Larsen, Bell, Dillon only favorites above him. He will have to run a race with zero mistakes but it would be awesome to see!!!
  8. Thought i would jump on and look today. No luck for 4 seats. That is until I created a Bristol account and then a whole bunch of options showed up.. Seats are available but to see them they want your info... fair trade to me...
  9. my first thing was Syracuse to tri cities. remember that was hotel for 4 nights and car included and 2 tickets. right now I am below $1200 for all of it, thanks to everyone's suggestions.
  10. I appreciate all the replies. I don't mind driving 3 to 4 hour trips. I I like the idea of flying into charlotte and getting car from there. That seems to make the most sense to me. I will do some research. I had just priced out trips from Albany to Bristol. I needed you guys to help me think outside the box. This may actually be feasible yet....
  11. Contemplating taking my son RJ, to Bristol for Mods and Sprints. Not in for a long drive, he is only 15, so he can not help with driving duties. Anyone know of a travel agency who can help with a package deal. Checked Expedia and looking at almost $2500 for 2 plane tickets, hotel room and car rental. Looking for suggestions to trim the cost some.
  12. If I remember correctly he won the GR track championship, while not missing a single lap. That's impressive
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