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  1. I would say on average the crowd is bigger.  You don't have an average 50/50 split of $2000 without a good sized crowd.  I go every week and even though the crowd is smaller than it was 20 years ago I wouldn't call it small.
  2. The counts are down but they still seem better than most other tracks.  However I doubt my son or yours will ever see a regular saturday show with two con. races and cars sitting out the feature. The sportsman field has had a lot of cars and that at least gives me hope for more decent counts in the future.
  3. I will be stopping to buy I ticket but I won't be attending.  Hope the event is a success.
  4. I don't think Bachetti should even get a fine.  Clearly he saw that DC's car wasn't turning like it should have so he kindly tossed him a different wheel to see if that would help.
  5. Hearn didn't have much better luck running out of gas twice in 1 week.
  6. Nice shot.  It was an awesome day.  A bit cool in the morning but after the fog burned off I would say it was the most comfortable weather they had for a big weekend all year.
  7. You might want to read the rule book.  In this case it was followed as the penalty is clearly stated to have possible penalties not specific ones so it can be handled case by case.  Based on what was found in the engine as well as the investigation surrounding it the penalty was fair, not bought as some would like to think.  If it was bought the penalty should have been much less as there was plenty of room for a weaker penalty the way it was written.
  8. He also started last the next 3 races, he made up a lot of ground over a short season. 
  9. the Budget Sportsman championship with it.  He came into the race 19 points back and started around 18th but found his way to the front fast while Pappa and Johnson couldn't find anything.    Steve Hough also wrapped up the 358 mod class by staying close to Brett Haas, neither of whom found their way into the front five.
  10. I am fortunate to watch Mark race regularly at Lebanon and was sorry to hear about the accident.  You will be in my families thoughts, best of luck in a speedy recovery.
  11. Agreed, it all depends on who they knew it from, a victim or the disturbed perv.
  12. It's a shame noone pushed this clown out onto the track  during a feature race.  If anyone did actually know for a while and not say anything they should be tied behind a BB mod and sent out for a couple of hot laps, pantless hot laps.
  13. You might also consider an escape clause.  Sometimes things go downhill quick.
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