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  1. My entire 2020 schedule was cancelled in NY. Florida bound permanently next month so Volusia is next for me.
  2. No you did not say it was, I did. I respect your point. The topic is more on the current place we are in. Or maybe I'm wrong. I get it.
  3. They just canceled the Truck race. Also add Watkins Glen to that list.
  4. slojunk91 said: Absolutely will do. Really sad that you edited my post. Totally unprofessional . if i were an admin you would be gone. Lol!! Okay.
  5. Absolutely will do. Really sad that you edited my post , can't deal with reality ? Your post is hardly reality. I can name 20+ people who have left and never came back. Now I can add myself to that list.Come back to what?? Democrats, shitty weather, sky high taxes, gun control,etc....You can keep your outstanding governor and state.
  6. He's NYC elected and the only thing he "squashed" were the other states in death numbers. I already sold my business and left this state.
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