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  1. I would have to agree with most on this one as well. It has a lot less to do with sitting dormant mostly since 2019 than it does the racing just hasn't been as great there for a few years now. Yes, there's been some good racing and people passing but the majority of the races I've watched online or in person there in the last 4 years alone has been pretty lackluster. I have also seen some really good racing and lots of passing as well so not all are boring and follow the leader.
  2. I could be wrong but I'm not even sure Beardsley is running for Madsen as it is he more so he bought a car from them and didn't change much on the tinwork. I could be wrong though
  3. first time even hearing about this. what I'd like to know is how come there wasn't any penalty for Sheppard going after Max at Volusia? seems like dirt only enforces rules when they feel like it. Yes, I know he got he trouble when he did it to Larry which is even more reason to do something as a repeat offense.
  4. correct Brett drove a backup car of Richards and took a bit to get the handle but he looked pretty solid in the feature and was passing some cars until he was involved in a wreck that also took out decker and bloomquist and a few others
  5. i think there'd be a lot to discuss as well and correct me if i'm wrong but i don't recall him winning many big races in a modified. he was in contention for a lot for sure but even the biggest i can recall without research he didn't really win, being the screw job at esw but his name is in the record books for it. i know he won a ton of the old sunday night weedsport tv series races and possibly the championship for it as well as a bunch of races throughout the northeast. he's definitely had more success in late models, imho
  6. was shocked to see DD didn't have a backup car or someone loan him one for points since he would have a provisional
  7. i think the problem is more so he's not a platinum driver so how are you going to punish him? if you're the overall point leader at the end of the year, you deserve 1st place points payout as well, none of this bs you're not a platinum driver
  8. no what's laughable is that none of them are employees. they're race car drivers that go to events to compete for bragging rights and the purse that's paid out at the end of each event, including the overall championship. if he can go skip a couple races and still have the most points at the end of the year that's all that matters.
  9. that's a damn joke. I've never said anything bad about any series but that's highway robbery if true and by the sounds of it, it is. so he leads points all year and because he's not platinum he can't get the points fund payout, lol I was wondering why after one of the races Mahaney said something about himself being the point leader when he was behind Friesen
  10. not 100% but I'm going to say no. It's on dirtvision but any special races on dtd are always more.
  11. I find this pretty funny tbh. I always see comments like this or "Modown" yet I've watched a lot of races the last few years in which he was in them and have only seen a time or 2 in which he ran someone over in which it could have been avoidable. I've watched all the Bridgeport heats and features this year and he's been clean in all of them. He doesn't beat and bang on cars anymore than the rest of them in my opinion. At least not enough to get that name tag. Both of the Pauch's, CVD, Watt, Howard, Manmiller, Gular, Yankowski, Cozze, Laubach, Van horn, Buffalino, Blewett, and I'm sure there'
  12. they all have ads, it's just when they come on that bothered me. the other night really has been my only issue and that was at Accord. They kept coming on during the heat races and I'd miss several laps or during the feature. Other than that, they're usually just in between races or during cautions and that's fine. Like others depending on the night I'm watching a few different tracks so it's not a big deal. Loved that I was able to see Bridgeport, Oswego, and Fonda Mod features all in the same night and didn't miss any laps.
  13. maybe you didn't read what i said.........i'm not crying about them. i asked since when they started having them during the racing action? there were several times last night when they played in the middle of the heat races and during the feature as well. i didn't even see the friesen wreck happen as it was during a commercial, instead it came back when he was crawling out of his car. then a replay of it. the point is to see the racing, the ads during down time i have no problem with
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