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  1. Like Kyle Bush running trucks,,no contest! Some competition from Mahaney and Matt,,but not much.
  2. hes a fine driver for sure,one of the best,,watch next time out prob has to run consi 5 sec lead is unreal,,my boy super matt needed 1 gal more gas,,4 lbs light
  3. No nascar,,too small not enough area for parking unless get rid of ''fair'' lol To make this place good again hire the co. that redid bridgeport that place has amazing races instead of making the track maybe 1 grove on good days for your boy!
  4. on my local f book,,big teams stuff as well as no name,,just seems more than normal for off season,,
  5. After ESW with Doug E. showed he had fastest lap around 170 or so,,so lets throw a ''caution'' for friggin 10 laps to seal over his tires,ruining his chances to win.according to him ,,waa waa lol
  6. I like your f book pic bob its cool. you gotta remember this place is not internet compatible,crappy old wires from 64 worlds far, army surplus gen for power, act they have now a modern gen i think,what do you expect i think mandee even mentioned,she cant upload stuff there forget the buffoons in charge,thats another issue lol
  7. A family member that works in orang. co govt health div. said its not all in hasids,community,,a lot surprisingly is in newburgh area,,.of course how accurate are hassy's at reporting! ?
  8. Being run,,?with orange countys ''increase''[see town of bloomingrove,monroe area] in the china virus,,? I hope so
  9. I heard being they were dq'ed,,they raced for no money? that would suck
  10. so now go to port royal and win the 50 plus k money.this guy has more class and style than anyone else out there,,.and hes a pretty damn good racer too.
  11. oh cool,as long as EVRYONE ELSE was checked too? dont be a hater lol,
  12. im glad they will run the event.Brett and all involved should be commened.now cmon mahaney,lets win this!
  13. Pay to enter,and race but get no prize money.Tracks cant survive with no fans allowed and be expected to pay all the bills.NHRA just reduced their top fuel classes from 50k to win to 15k,,hows teams gonna react to that? Who the heck will drive to fla,the next race for that?
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