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  1. I just don't understand why Fonda is the only stream with these constant ads....Bridgeport, Port Royal....no ads
  2. I'm in Florida........switched over to Bridgeport...don't know why but they don't show any commercials on that stream
  3. Here we go with all the endless commercials interrupting the broadcasting. I would much rather pay DTDTV weekly to stream Fonda than this bull$hit!
  4. I'm headed to the recliner to stream the races...why? because I live in Florida now.....LOL
  5. Is everyone forgetting that Stew has literally dominated U-R for the quite a few years? He's had 54 wins in 13 seasons.....I'd say he is the odds on favorite
  6. What they don't realize is that when you are forced to watch the same commercials over & over again that they stand a snowball's chance in hell of anyone catering to their service.....I wouldn't buy from Rock Auto ever after that....I was a subscriber to ESPN+ so I could watch MLB, but after the same Old Navy ad after every inning....I cancelled the service
  7. Could have fooled me, there's more frigging commercials on Flo at Accord than ESPN.....lol
  8. How many of the racers you noted have won multiple races on the highly competitive World of Outlaws......
  9. My complaint when I started this thread was about talking nonsense DURING the races instead of what is going on in the race,,,,,The cameraman can not be in 2 or 3 places at the same time so it is up to the announcers to keep those of us who are paying to stream the race to know what is happening.....as far as ongoing race info & starting line-ups i think they both do a decent job, but enough with the useless info during the actual race
  10. You're right....I'm old school...I want to hear lineups before the green flag & ongoing color commentary on the race....NOT worrying about creating nicknames, who knows more, the proper pronunciation of drivers names....talk about that stuff after the race is over and concentrate on what's happening on the track
  11. Fonda is in dire need of an announcing team.....i'm to the point where i am muting them rather than having to listen to the nonsense coming from the tower
  12. I used to run a vendor booth there when they 1st opened & sometimes never got out of there until well after midnight because of all the classes that they ran
  13. You could always spend your time watching "The View".....LOL
  14. Does anyone talk dirt racing anymore or just this horseshit???????
  15. In my opinion he's still one of the top 10 Dirt racers ever
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