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  1. Who are the top 10 Modified drivers currently racing? Stretched it to 10 to see what everyone thinks. Top 5 might be too easy for all of us armchair racers.
  2. Marc Johnson beats a big field at Albany Saratoga. Great to see a smaller team top the big dogs!
  3. Did Outlaw, Can Am and OCF allow all fans into the grandstand?
  4. Maybe he should have a couple of cheeseburgers before the feature last night.
  5. Andy is not thinking about race tracks now. He is knee deep in crap which will probably prolong our agony of opening tracks for fans. 10% at a Rangers game is ridiculous but the last 12 months have been a manipulative attempt by government to control the masses!
  6. We can only hope King Corrupt Cuomo is back pedaling even more. He won’t do a damn thing to help racing. Keep fingers crossed, maybe the clown will resign!
  7. Watching the UMP modifieds are painful. Caution every other lap.
  8. Funny how the Lucas Late Models run a 100 lap, all green flag lap race. Cautions do not count.extra distance races maybe run 70% of the race under green in most cases with mods.
  9. The Lucas Late Models are one of the toughest tours. They have had 19 winners this year. No easy task to go out there and win! Timmy and any driver should be damn excited about winning! If you don’t watch them on Lucas TV, you are missing some great racing! I drive 5 hours plus to go see them at Port Royal and was not disappointed. Wish they could come into NY. I know it’s modified country and I am a huge Dirt Mod guy but these late models are fun to watch! Very competitive most nights and the longer races usually produce a surprise ending!
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