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  1. Matt said he broke something in the LR suspension and that the lapped car had nothing to do with him breaking.
  2. For sure but that doesn’t make it an acceptable racing surface for today’s cars.
  3. That place has been that way since I was a kid. The last few years they races there in the early 90s it was a disaster. Too bad because it’s a cool little nostalgic track but I think it getting shut down was just natural selection. Now….if they could ever do something to the old Mid-State Speedway at the Otsego County (Morris) Fairgrounds, I could get behind that. We used to drive in there as teenagers and drive around the track. There’s definitely potential there. Brookfield on the other hand, not so much.
  4. From what I understand there were 15 cars TOTAL. 4 sportsman, 3 Pro Stocks and 8 4 cylinders. A video I saw showed that they still haven’t done anything about that cinder surface. Crazy dusty for so few cars. Loose, shitty looking “dirt.” Also was told that they didn’t have a tow truck and were trying to clear the track with a Jeep….. Not disappointed that I wasn’t able to go. Yikes.
  5. My top 10 is based on drivers who I feel can go to any track on any night and be competitive. Not knocking others left off the list, just my opinion. In no particular order: Friesen Sheppard Williamson Rudolph Tim Fuller Larry Wight Billy Decker Mike Mahaney Anthony Perrego Mike Maresca Honorable mentions include Andy Bachetti, Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch, Jr.
  6. What if Tim McCreadie never left modifieds to chase his late model dream? Where do YOU think he would be on our ever-changing and super opinionated list of all-time greats?
  7. I’m a Fonda guy but if you’re right near 81, a 1 hour trip to Thunder Mountain would be another solid option.
  8. Ryan Krachun posted on Facebook that Dieter Schmidt has passed away. RIP to one of the most iconic car owners in NE modified racing.
  9. Agreed. I don’t think she’s rated highly in terms of modified talent and I don’t know of anyone who would say she ranks high. She’s a clean driver though who does have some skill behind the wheeland just happens to be married to the best NE Dirt modified driver in the world right now. Of course she’s going to be in top notch equipment. Can’t fault her for that. She’s going to get more wins too. People are salty for no reason and often forget how damn good she was in a sprint car.
  10. That was a hell of a feature. Probably the best I’ve seen all year. Guys really had to work to pass, but I give them a lot of credit because they kept it so clean. The battle between Mahaney and Sheppard was a really good one.
  11. I was really happy to see him win. He ran a great race and handled lapped traffic like the pro that he is. When Perrego got under him he was running the middle and immediately dropped down low and essentially shut him down. While I was pulling for Mahaney, it was so cool to see a guy like Steve get one more “big” win. I’ve always believed Steve never gets the full recognition he deserves as one of the all-time greats.
  12. I said this before. Stew in Tom Cullen’s 1WGC was unstoppable. He did to U-R what he’s doing to Fonda now. It became boring to go there after awhile.
  13. Fair enough. For what it’s worth, I love Rock Auto. Cheapest parts I’ve found. Haha
  14. I didn’t mean you in particular. I know what you meant. By “here” I meant the DTD forums. There have been multiple threads with people complaining about the ads.
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