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  1. Fulton will never have the crowds that they had back when they used them and most deyo shows utilizing them bring lots of fans and lots of participants. I don’t think most people care either way.
  2. He spends lots of time on his roof….standing with trophies and big checks. I’m a Mahaney fan, but it was quite the move he pulled. If the guy he drove into the jersey barrier was anyone but stew, both cars and a bunch more would have been piled into the fence. Not that it hasn’t been done before, stew has done it as well, and each time you see it, there is reason for someone to be upset. Part of racing.
  3. How many tracks run them all together weekly? I believe I posted in every response I wrote that it was only my opinion. I’m very fortunate, as is everyone else to be able to have one. I like sail panels, others may not, it’s completely ok.
  4. Well if there was some type of sheet metal option that 50% of those cars already utilize I’d agree with that as well. Sail panels on modifieds is not an “add on”. A good portion of them run them weekly and everyone has them.
  5. Most guys all use big small blocks at Fonda, and have for quite awhile when given the choice.
  6. Who calls them outlaw cars? They are modifieds that can use sail panels. They are certainly an advantage when they are an option. I don’t dislike the cars that utilize standard windows, I just think that there should be something that differentiates mods and sportsman and sail panels are an inexpensive way to do it. Now I will say, the tracks that do not follow dirtcar rules, but do not allow sail panels look ridiculous imo. The window is way too tall, but yet does not look like a sail panel. The doors are far too tall as well for my liking.
  7. The outlaw days at Fulton and Utica all featured big rubber, alcohol small blocks and sail panels. They were not the same as the East Windsor cars, but they were not just an average modified with square windows.
  8. It was going to get very interesting had it not been for the last caution. Jimmy was rolling pretty good at that point. It appeared he was better than Sears when they were in line, as soon as the 98 had to change his entry angle he was tight in the middle and would lose the nose a bit. That hurt him without the help of lapped cars.
  9. Not to mention having the car manufacturers all build completely different programs /templates for a whole new body. Putting sail panels on crate sportsman makes no sense….they are underpowered to begin with.
  10. The only thing we have to separate the mods from sportsman are sail panels. There should be something that distinguishes the 2 before they ever drop the green. Having 100 cars in the pits all look exactly the same IMO is a bad thing.
  11. I absolutely agree….and I don’t think you need to go that long ago to see it. With the new coil/short rod/left side panhard combo the cars are too hooked up. It leads to much more 1 lane racing, many more rubbered up surfaces and far less side by side/passing action. The old ideas of “find brown” “slow down to go faster” do not hold as much weight now. The days of watching Alan master rolling the implement tires on a glass racetrack seem to be gone….momentum racing through the black is advantageous rather than disastrous. I prefer the old bar cars as it pertains to entertainment value.
  12. Tires won’t wear at the same rate….and certainly change from track to track. Some places a RR is used in 1 feature and may be rotated to a heat race tire, some places you may get a few races out of a RR, so replacing them isn’t really scheduled the same for everyone. Not to mention, most teams all utilize the same size tires for the most part. If 95-95 1/2 inch chalk marks are the most popular you end up struggling to find them. Or you can start buying 93 inch shorts and also have to buy all new left rears as well. It’s not feasible. At certain points every year it can get tough to find exactl
  13. Who is winning from 18th at any home track besides stew? I have yet to see him start outside the top 12 and Brewertons winners usually come from the 8-12th starting spot most nights. Same at Malta.
  14. Teams rebuild shocks, you don’t normally ruin them completely. Most teams run the same sets for years and only “freshen” them until the bodies and pistons wear creating too much bleed. Even then some guys continue to use them, and you have to valve them differently. I’ve rebuilt shocks for guys that are all of 15 years old and are still being used. Tires are a different story….most teams may start the year with 3 or 4 new sets of rears, maybe a set or 2 of fronts…..as they wear out they are replaced…..very few teams can have 30 or more new tires sitting on a rack….not to mention most of the ti
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