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  1. I may have....certainly forgot more than most know....call me Joe Biden. I find it funny when there are true topics based on racecars and how they work....most of you don’t have a word to say.
  2. Seen a lot of people spending more money on a hobby than you probably make a year. Kind of like the Trump boat parades......hundreds of trailer trash rednecks in 50-500k boats....lol
  3. Down south? Idk, apparently they feel like it’s their history. It doesn’t mean anything to me, never had one. But I’m willing to bet the loads of dirt tracks I’ve seen around the country that have them flying....are not full of liberals.
  4. I’ve been in the pit area for 30 years, know hundreds and hundreds of people. Few, very few agree with your socialist agenda. Travel around a bit, but bring your pills.....the amount of Trump shirts and rebel flags at tracks around the country will really put you over the edge.
  5. You elected a leader that undermines himself daily and then forgets he did it 15 minutes later.
  6. I would be willing to bet that 90% of any pit area at a dirt track in America disagrees with you quite strongly on all things political and China flu related. So while it’s in the nature of people that share in your views to label people who disagree as disgusting and disgraceful.....besides this forum(which still amazes me) your in the minority when it comes to racing people.
  7. It showed victory lane, it was a good race, wish they didn’t count 30 yellow laps but was very happy to see Fuller win.
  8. Yea....yea.....we know.....variants, Curves, outbreaks, side effects and long lasting damage. Your running out of people who give a shit. I do have to give it to you though....the people preaching the fear factor are gunna run it till the wheels fall off.
  9. This is all anyone that I personally know of thinks. If you don’t want the vaccine don’t get it, if you do...go for it. Once again, if it works it shouldn’t matter if somebody doesn’t get it.....you have yours and your safe. Nobody cares when people do not have the flu shot, your not forced to show a flu shot card to enter anywhere. If the people in charge showed that once you have it you can ditch the other bullshit, there wouldn’t be any debate. When they prance around vaccinated with 3 masks and sit 20 ft away from someone who is also vaccinated while doing an interview, it makes people qu
  10. So we should look up and label every un vaccinated adult or child that has opted against all immunizations and not allow them into or on anything as well.
  11. 100% agree. Same with the masks, if they work and your sold wear it.....if your not concerned and choose not to, your only putting yourself at risk. The people in charge have only themselves to blame, when you get vaccinated, still wear 2 masks, still preach social distancing and group limits, it doesn’t entice people to run out and get it. If the vaccine worked, if it was the key, then you simply promote the hell out of getting it and being able to stop all the other bullshit and going back to normal. If the government set a number of total vaccinations.....said once this number is reached al
  12. There are people and children out in public everyday that do not have immunizations to far worse and far more dangerous diseases than the China flu. We don’t make them show anything. I’m not for or against the vaccine, but I’m against mandating people to get it. This idea that everyone can just go get a covid test within 24 hours of going outside is a joke, it’s nothing more than herding people to the needle for financial gain.
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