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  1. 3 easy rule changes that would help the racing tremendously and SAVE racers money…. 1-right side panhard only 2-flat rear rear deck from behind cage to rear of quarter panel with adjustable 3” lip 3-no siping or grooving of tires. Grinding only with sandpaper disks. No disks creating surface cuts in tread. Super easy changes that fix a bunch of issues and save money.
  2. It’s great there’s still a good amount of people who find it exciting. As far as the number? Im not sure. The vast majority of people in the grandstands at every show have an affiliation with a team. Support classes bring more people to the racetrack than the mod teams, and then those people pick a mod driver to cheer for and buy apparel. No matter how boring the modified portion becomes, family and friends of the competitors will go. Same goes for the decades long track fan, they go, no matter how good or bad the show is or how the track is run. There’s been a decline in attendance at many of the bigger shows, which IMO is a direct result of the lack of competition. These events are the ones that used to draw from everywhere…..both fans and teams. Why has attendance dropped? I can vividly remember huge crowds at Weedsport, Rolling Wheels, Middletown, Brewerton etc for sds races. Standing room only at the Victoria 200…..there’s numerous videos and photos floating around of the Valley in the 80s and 90s with masses of people. Today crowds are nothing like that. There has to be a reason, and it isn’t because the price of admission. Local short track racing is one of the least expensive family entertainment options today.
  3. Exactly. The events that are supposed to showcase the best racing, the most excitement, the highest number of possible winners and the largest purses are for the most part predetermined. Pointing to local weekly programs as the better product is a detriment in itself to modified racing. While it’s great the the typical Friday and Saturday night tracks can produce some great action, the series and marquee races have to be the stars of the show. Once again, while you will see more of a variety of winners on the weekend, 4 out of the top 5 will be the same in different orders basically all season at most tracks. All you have to do is look in the results section, or go to the tracks point standings, most will show you top 5s and wins……there will be a few guys at each track that are light years ahead of the competition in stats that matter. The handicap and shorter races certainly help propel some surprise guys into the top 5 at times, but overall the product is much the same on the weekends and big events.
  4. Late models can certainly get single file and are very aero dependent now. That hurts the racing at a lot of places, especially those with speed. But, they have a ton of big shows that are well supported and typically there’s a dozen or more drivers that unload with a legitimate shot at winning, which is unheard of nowadays at any modified show.
  5. I’ll always be involved no matter how boring it gets, or atleast until the close friends I now help get out of it. When that day comes, my feelings won’t be hurt.
  6. While I agree modified racing has been on a decline since Glenn stopped being involved……his vision always included a bunch of talented guys who on any night could win. Today there’s 1…….and when he has an off night there’s a whopping 3 more that can crack off wins in marquee events. That equation will not create excitement.
  7. A boring day at the racetrack is a fantastic day at work. Just because it’s stale doesn’t mean the fans won’t go, or those of us involved in teams won’t be involved. But it’s stale none the less. At this point in time if there were tracks featuring sprint cars or SLMs weekly in a reasonable proximity to modified tracks…..they would be better supported. The support amongst the fan base and streaming audience isn’t even close. 15-20 years ago if there was a WoO late model and sprint car double header at the greatest facility on earth competing against a Friday night show at Brewerton….. I would have paid more to go watch the big blocks, today I’d rather watch damn near any traveling LM show over anything modifieds have to offer. Besides weekly racing at a few facilities…..we know the outcome of most races before the gates open. The top 3-5 can be pre determined at most weekly facilities as well.
  8. It’s repeated everywhere……there’s a whole lot more people than just myself who find it to be the same story year after year. Especially the big events and series themselves. Late model and sprint car racing is far more entertaining.
  9. Sadly those are the topics every year. To say modified racing is boring today is an understatement.
  10. Same stories year after year……the tracks that are notorious shit holes are shitholes……the ones doing well 10 years ago are for the most part still doing well, 5 mile is still closing and reopening atleast 2 times a season, OCFS is the greatest facility on earth to 6 total people, racecars are really expensive and Matt Sheppard wins basically everything. You are all caught up from the last decade and I gave you story lines for the next decade as well.
  11. Depends what content you’re after. All the Daily Wire contributors are a good listen if you enjoy common sense.
  12. Depends on where each person is being informed. There’s masses of people who believe they have correct information, just because they were told so. Which is usually partially truthful at the absolute very best and normally completely false. One must do their own studying and reading from multiple sources and areas of the world, read about history/ economics and investigate the back story of most any person or topic brought forward today. The media on both sides of every argument are nothing but liars and “click” artists designed to boost viewership not provide accurate information.
  13. While it wasn’t porn, I do agree it appears I spent/spend far more time reading than you. I highly recommend it, as long as it’s not opinion garbage like The NY Times or the Washington post.
  14. There’s been a direct attack on western ideology and the belief system that built the US. Basically the foundational values of a free and prosperous country. It’s the attempt to completely change our culture, it started decades ago by infiltrating and indoctrinating children in grade school all the way through college and now is promoted as such. Gender identity is yet another attack on normalcy, but also a smoke screen for a larger goal. It’s identity politics at its finest. The quickest way to destroy a nation.
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