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  1. Well if repetition isn’t your thing.....don’t watch Fonda when stew is there....just unbelievably fast. Damn it flo racing you just keep showing the same guy winning.
  2. In head to head stats at Utica, Matt has more wins , top 5s and top 10s along with a better average finish according to race stat central. He also has 60 fewer starts but only 10 fewer wins than stew. I would put my money on those 2 vs the field 99% of the time anywhere, but It’s a toss up between them when you get to familiar ground for Matt. He’s been off at places he doesn’t frequent as much, but he will be extremely fast at places he sees often.
  3. He may be the odds on favorite, but Matt owned the place the last few seasons he called UR home. I believe the first of which stew raced there weekly as well.
  4. The commercials annoy me so badly I’d buy a new truck before I purchased a 1 dollar part with free shipping from them to fix my current one.
  5. I’d pay 350 a year if I never had to see another rock auto commercial.
  6. If fans would come watch sportsman or pro stocks as headliners....that’s what would be the headliner. There would be no reason to pay a modified purse if everyone wants to watch support divisions. With that said, there needs to be strong support for supporting divisions, that’s where the modified drivers of the future come from. A weekly rotation is very fair for everyone.
  7. Unless someone knows what they checked at tech how do you know what was going on? Maybe I’m crazy....but I find it hard to believe Brett Deyo and track management decided they have a strong enough field, with enough marquee names , so let’s try and single out one of the most successful drivers at Fonda and get him to leave. We have enough fans as well so his fans can all leave also. That’s flat out stupid to think that. You would have to actually look for traction control to find it, and in case you missed it, there hasn’t been much tech on any big blocks in 25 years. As far as the “truth” par
  8. Can you please explain to me what they were teching him for? Locker? Aluminum block? There are few rules to single anyone out? I have nothing but respect for Bobby varin, he’s extremely talented and very under rated. I’m just saying if lots of people have an opinion of you (for any reason) chances are there is some truth to it. Danny has a bit of a reputation as well, and I loved watching the Dr. go to work.
  9. Normally tech will consist of the top 5 cars. I don’t know for certain what Fonda’s policy is, it could very well be 2-3. As far as what goes on in tech....depends on the track and the rules at hand. At a place like Fulton with the spec head 358.....typically you would scale, they may check the rev box (MSD box made with 7600 rpm limit) with the tester. They very well could check carb as it’s a 650cfm carb rule. The list goes on. You can get to checking cubic inch/ cylinder head porting etc. Tech that in depth is extremely rare....tech guys that actually know how to properly do engine tech i
  10. Ok.....and the percentage of people leaching from that money continues to increase daily. If you can tell me that the added tax income that will come from wealthy Americans will go to American citizens who actually need it....I’m all for it. But if bunches of that money will go to illegals and people who are sitting on the system with some bullshit ailment I’m fine with the wealthy keeping it.
  11. The list of family and friends of mine who have gotten covid is currently at 15.....none were sick more than a week, none had symptoms any worse than a mild flu. With that said if you want the vaccine get it, I think people need to do what is best for them.
  12. Lol, exactly. There has been plenty of complaints about track conditions over the last year or so, lots of complaints about the run time of the program, so when you add these with the money Utica is paying and Deyos ability to run an efficient program it’s not hard to see why Matt would switch. He has had plenty of success at either so I’m sure he isn’t worried about that either.
  13. I’m not sure what you want other than if laws are being broken from wealthy or poor people should be prosecuted. If you are guilty of tax evasion, or if you destroyed property during a mindless protest....both get prosecuted for the action. How is it more important to go after crooked business men than it is to lock up people who destroyed middle class businesses? I never hear liberals stomping to lock them up. Actually it’s the opposite they chant for more with zero consequences. But this idea of take from the rich and give to the poor does not work when there is a handful of rich and the pop
  14. If you are not going through the proper channels to be here legally you do not belong. Yet thousands have come here and ended up receiving help. Strong strict borders are the only way the ensure that only qualified people are coming In. There are plenty of American children looking for a good home, plenty of schools that are overloaded. When do Americans come first? Lots of countries have strict immigration laws, lots of countries don’t want immigrants at all. When you have far more people taking from a system than putting in, the system is broken. And while I agree many Americans feel they ar
  15. There are plenty of people out there that legitimately need help, don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. They fight the hardest to stay above water on their own and then when they can’t have to fight like crazy for help. Others....walk into this country and directly onto the system. We all bitch about generational politicians, well there are generational welfare recipients as well. Families full of them. Cities full of them. Government statistics show whatever the hell they want them to show, they certainly are not going to broadcast that there’s millions and millions of t
  16. There were many things or words that years ago were accepted as just part of daily life that are unacceptable today. Any reasonable person understands this, and people who have no issues continuing to act as though we are in the 50s are probably people whose words hold zero merit to begin with. The family swimming in the pop up pool with nazi logos tattooed on their faces are not indoctrinating others....they are viewed as freaks by 99% of the world. We don’t have to save the nation from them, nor do all white people act in that manner. As it pertains to evolution, please look up some videos o
  17. So We just found these quotes in the last year or so? Or they just became racist? Or we just started to find every racist comment made by anyone and want to completely eliminate them from history? I’m not condoning his comments, I don’t care if his movies are no longer aired. I’m not a big fan of old westerns but Did pointing this out make black people feel better? Did dragging a guys family through the mud who has been dead for 40 years end racism? Same with attacking Aunt Jamima syrup.....is this brand keeping people enslaved? Is everyone that ever enjoyed it a racist? Did Dr.Seuss intentio
  18. I’m all for going after American corporations who operate in any capacity outside of the country....but once again there’s a lot of businesses that end up grouped together that break no laws and fully operate within our borders.
  19. I agree, there are plenty of corrupt businesses. Plenty of business men who break laws and should pay the price. But when you pass out a bunch of restrictions and tax increases to businesses or business owners based on income, your hurting more than just those crooks. As far as being murdered by a cop because you passed a counterfeit 20......I think being a felon, breaking the law continually and resisting arrest had something to do with this particular case. Normally if you get lots of practice at something you figure out how to do it correctly, or atleast avoid injury while partaking.....obv
  20. Where your wrong is claiming every loophole was put in place by any 1 person or party. Where your also wrong is believing a relatively small amount of people paying “a fair share” of taxes is going to do anything but hurt the middle class. They are not going to relieve you of your tax requirements, but the businesses that end up paying loads more will distribute that back to the people they are providing a service/product for. Do I believe Trump, Bezos or Bill Gates should get away without paying taxes, absolutely not. But when you attack businesses, the people will pay for it. It’s no differe
  21. I’ve never stated what I make but I do just fine, and whatever taxes I pay won’t change my life. Annoy me, yes, but the customers pay the difference that’s all. The thought of that money going to countries for gender reassignment therapy, or to illegals that don’t belong here, or the 35 year old lazy piece of shit who has never worked because of a bad back or stress.....is what completely sickens me. But financially, It’s Just like Dunkin’ Donuts, make em pay 15 bucks an hour.....pay 5 bucks for a coffee. Dunkin will do just fine as well. This is what most don’t understand, shit rolls down hil
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