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  1. 1 hour ago, Devin Willis said:

    Would they drive less hard if the other cars had small blocks as well?

    The point is that those guys know they either can't afford a bb or even if they left and went to another track they still wouldn't win and racing brewerton is close to home or they jsut enjoy the track and racing is their hobby. They have to go to work on Monday or maybe even Saturdays after racing to fund their program and their regular life stuff. Driving an extra hour or more to finish a few spots better and possibly get less money might just not sound all that good 

    And if they really like Brewerton and want it to eventually switch to 358s…..they are hurting the cause. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Devin Willis said:

    80% of the guys that line up aren't racing for the win anyway so what's it matter. 

    If your not racing to run up front what the hell are you doing it for. Yes, 80% of the guys are not winning. 80% of the races are won by a few drivers at every track, but what’s the point if your not atleast attempting to give yourself the opportunity to run well. There’s not 1 person who would agree with 305 guys running weekly against 360s or 410s no matter what bonus they put up….if your competing for the chance to run well it’s ludicrous. If your one of the 358 guys that want Brewerton to switch to 358s(basically all of them), then constantly going to fill the field only furthers that from happening. Once again I have no money invested or time on any of these cars racing against big blocks so It doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t see how they figure it’s helping them. It hurts the chances of getting another 358 track, and it does nothing but build bad habits for a driver to go drive as hard as he can all night because they are down 350 hp. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, old racer said:

    Ok they run Fridays and UR same nite and UR pays $500 for 10th place So lets say Brewerton has same purse structure ? Add $300 to $500 you got $800 Now 3rd at UR pays $900 and 4th $700 using BB/BSB so 358 earning $800 would be a good thing ? What's the issue ?

    I have no issue at all….whatever guys decide doesn’t matter to me…..my point is as a racer you would think your racing for good finishes and the opportunity to win. Not to make a 300 dollar bonus.  A 358 has virtually no chance at running up front at Brewerton. Maybe once or twice a year they will crack off a top 5. If 300 bucks is your deciding factor as to where and how you race…..your in the wrong sport to begin with. I do not believe Brewerton pays as good at UR as well. This bonus is only put in place to entice 358 guys to fill a big block field because you cannot do so with big blocks alone. So in turn if they continue to do so, what incentive is there for the track to switch to small blocks? None. They can still claim to be a “big block” track and not have a full field of big blocks. To me it would make more sense to not go fill the field…..continue to load up 358 tracks with car counts in hopes of the few Big Block tracks left to make the switch permanently. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, old racer said:

    Doesn't Brewerton pay bonus   for first three 358s  against BB meaning win and get $300 bonus plus first place money .,,Track owner also builds and sells motors ?

    Yes there is a bonus…..it’s a perk to get them to fill the field. I feel you race to win…or compete for wins….you don’t race to finish 10th and hope you made an extra 300 bucks. 

  5. 1 hour ago, leroy said:

    ISMA has/had fans?

    seriously though. We’ve had this discussion about mod car count shrinking for at least ten years. Maybe longer .    And I’ve been seeing 16 -18 cars at some weekly races for at 25.  
    Fans still go.   Lately crowds seem bigger .  Probably due to ‘lockdown’ though ?



    The Big block car counts do continue to fall….you just have 358 guys filling up the field. If the small block guys were smart….they would stay home and it wouldn’t take long for 12-15 car fields of big blocks to turn into another 358 track. I laugh when I hear 358 guys complain they wish Brewerton was a small block track……then they go beat their equipment up hoping to finish 8-12th with a 358 on fridays against Big Blocks. Your not going to prove the 358s are a better option if you continue to go be field fillers at big block shows. 

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  6. 28 minutes ago, Jack Brady said:

    602's do look slow especially on the bigger tracks like Canadaigua, OCFS, the Valley, and Fonda. On the 3/8ths to 1/4 depening on how good the race is, most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Unlike a lot of guys on here who can tell the difference just by hearing them on the track (Im not one of them). Your average fan wouldn't know the difference accept for the name of the drivers. If you through crate motors in place of the BB motors. Most fans wouldn't care, as long as they got to see their favorite driver.

    I don’t care if your racing on the mile or in your living room….if anybody says they can’t tell the difference between a big block and a sportsman featuring an engine out of a 91 z-71……they belong at a horse race. 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, ChrisAkulis said:

    Here’s a rhetorical question that I’m sure I will get blasted for asking, but I’ll ask anyway. Because I’m a logical guy…

    If it’s such a disadvantage for guys to run a BB against 358s with a weight break…. Why are they even running big blocks anymore?

    I mean wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you could go the same speed or faster with a 358 at 2200 lbs than a BB at 2400….? Especially when one engine costs almost twice as much as the other….🤔


    Well you can’t weigh 2200 lbs first of all, and rarely are spec head 358s going to be as fast or faster than a big block. Dirtcar is trying to preserve a class based primarily around 20 guys(really about 4-6). The cost of big block racing has been driven up so high that now there’s apparently some form of sorrow for the people who spent what you need to spend to run competitively. Eventually the class will succumb to 358s. The series won’t survive if weekly racing for that class is gone, based off of car counts between the 2 classes, it’s apparent one is growing while the other struggles to maintain. I’m not a huge fan of the spec head deal, they are turd engines, but it’s opening the door for guys to move up without a 2nd mortgage. The product on the track isn’t much different normally, I don’t think either package provides as good of racing as the old steel head 358s produced, and literally everyone had them. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, Towman said:

    Back in the 70s & 80s no matter what dirt track you attended on any day would be full fields with Racers sent home, including every Sunday at Weedsport. I believe its all about the RULES and some track owners/promoters that keep Racers away......

    It’s all about the rising costs to field cars, along with the rising costs of entry into the races themselves….Mix that with the rising cost to live, the stagnant purses….and the less and less amount of modified teams in general…..swirl all these together and the chances of strong fields every night everywhere is just a fantasy 

  9. 4 hours ago, matt_s86 said:

    They also were requiring 358's to add weight in order to race against the big blocks.  So there wasn't much chance of getting any extra cars to fill out the field.

    Sunday racing in an area full of Friday and Saturday night tracks plays a huge role as well. Most guys don’t even want to race 3 straight days nowadays. Lots of reasons a standard sunday mod show in cny will not be a huge attraction . 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Jack Brady said:

    I don't remember much good racinng at all from Octoberfast last year, accept for Malta the other shows were pretty much train races. I think one other one had some passing but wasn't very memoriable to me.  Though I can remember things from 30-40 years ago, I can't remember much of last week either.

    The race up front was pretty good, max Matt and jimmy with max winning. There were multiple grooves and the racing was as good as your normally gunna get at a sds style event. Will weedsport ever be Brewerton or Bridgeport....no but it’s not always horrible either. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Jack Brady said:

    Utica Rome had a top and bottom. Slick isn't always bad, but if drivers and engine builders think all the cars running around the bottom is great for racing maybe they are in the wrong business.

    There are tracks that run every week on a slick track but at least they usually have a top and bottom groove, and usually a driver or two can figure out how to run it through the slick. But Weedsport doesn't fit this criteria. I don't think the surface is the problem I think the crappy lay out of the track is the problem. Glen screwed up the track trying to make Brewerton and it failed. Get a bulldozer this fall and put it back to the old lay out, long straights and tight corners with a lot less banking. Danny Johnson spoke up the first year Glen changed the lay out. He said it was horrible, all it was was fast now, the old lay out made it a racers track. Maybe it wont help, maybe the Hoosier tires and these new coil cars just don't work on that paricular surface at Weedsport. I don't know, all I know is the racing has sucked since the layout change, and the surface isn't really any different then it was 35 years ago.

    The race during octoberfast  was pretty good imo. 

  12. 14 minutes ago, DowntheBackStretch said:

    I see they only had 20 cars. Does anybody know why such a low turnout?

    Sunday racing for a regular purse. Nothing special about the event. 15- 20 cars is the norm if your not paying a large purse for big blocks. Brewerton gets around 16 big blocks along with some small blocks, Canandaigua gets 17-20 cars weekly. That’s where “weekly” big block racing is in CNY. It survives in the area because a handful of small blocks keep it on life support. 

  13. 1 hour ago, old racer said:

    I think Phelps prefers this type surface to race on He won both BB and SB last fall at Octoberfast @ Fulton  also should have won last race or last two races @ Oswego on ice   I think he has to put his own performance aside and think of paying customers The surface should match the overall property which is one of the best in the country To have a showplace like that with a terrible ice  surface makes no sense .....This problem is very easy to correct with the talent around that area and money spent on that property ....

    Based on the amount of drivers who praise the surface I’d bet that’s where he gets his input from. Every big block series race usually has a great crowd, so I’m not sure that everyone agrees. I’m not a huge fan of the racing there, but there’s lots of places that fall into that category. 

  14. Nobody is quite sure what the truth is when it comes to Fooci, he goes in circles faster than Kyle Larson. But he certainly has shit on his plate that he denied and it’s gotten out. There’s more to his China connection than you want to let on.

    But I’m proud of you for finally admitting the country is full of lazy bastards that do not want to go to work. Good luck teaching them anything but I won’t disagree with trying. You call it “tough love” I call it let them starve if they don’t work.....it’s the same thing, yours just sounds nicer. 

  15. 40 minutes ago, DowntheBackStretch said:

    He choked! Got scared and tried to cover the whole thing up. Lol. Go back and look at all the video.  If he took immediate action things would have been much different. 

    If your fearless leader Fooci didn’t fund creating covid with China all of it could have been avoided in the first place. There was a reason Fooci is on video in 2017 claiming that there was “no doubt” there would be another epidemic during Trumps time in office.  Anyone supporting them should not be throwing “cover up” around in regards to anyone else. 

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  16. 40 minutes ago, JohnyC said:

    Bro, you won. That’s what’s so funny here. It’s not you that should be fighting for change. The system is set up for you. Heck, you’ve probably won by two or more touchdowns. It sounds like you want to win by more. You don’t live in a socialist country. The exact opposite. And all the fear mongering in the world won’t change the fact that your system isn’t going anywhere regardless of the administration or governance. There is simply too much inherit wealth and an unwillingness to change for the benefit of others. 

    Well I guess I was one of the few that didn’t inherit what I have. My bad. Everyone else that has a good life didn’t work for it. Im not part of the top 1% hell I’m probably not part of the top 5-10% of earners in this country I don’t know where the numbers say I fall. I live well. I have lots of friends/acquaintances that own/started business. Repair shops,car dealerships, trucking companies, bars, restaurants, construction companies, tattoo shops, salvage yards, septic service, generator sales etc. None are in the top 1%. All share my views on how to do well today. As far as winning by a touchdown or 2.....i appreciate teams and coaches you pour it on. If you can win by 50...do it. Crush the opponent. Then they know for sure how much work they have to do to compete. 

  17. 1 hour ago, DowntheBackStretch said:

    But it was ok to bail out Jaime Dimon and his JP Morgan Bank and all the other wealthy CEO bankers? You forget it goes both ways.  The Middle Class needs to take back our country and rewrite the Tax Code and have the crooks start paying their fair share of taxes like I pay mine. Lets start creating tax deductions for the Middle Class again and level the playing field!

    I’ve told you numerous times the corruption needs to be addressed at both ends of the spectrum. But you seem to find it completely acceptable to “bail out” people for their entire life. I do not agree with constantly sending a check to someone who needs to be narcaned back to life once  a month and can’t work because he’s 38, never had a job but has a bad back. 

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