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  1. Telling the truth about what? Explain to me how unemployment was extremely low prior to covid, meaning many of these people had jobs that paid wages that they were living on.....then the places get shut down...the business owners lose income for months on end....some got help others did not....now somehow these businesses open back up but cannot find employees. Sounds like somewhere between shut down and an extra 300-600 bucks a week in unenjoyment, forgiveness on bills and today, all these people that filled those jobs a year ago cannot survive on the prior wages. Whose fault is this? Life wa
  2. The only way Overton was going to be beat is if he broke or if someone was really lucky on a restart with a few laps or less remaining. Madden cleared him on the last restart and after 10 laps Overton easily drove by and away. He was the class of the field.
  3. I’ve never listened to him, not sure what he believes or not, and I’m sure he is a smart guy. All I know is if you take a short drive anywhere right now you can find help wanted signs everywhere. If you listen to 10 random business (lumber producers/racetrack owners/restaurant owners/bar owners etc) owners they will all say the same thing.....they are short handed. When people fear getting a job is going to cost them money, the system is broken.
  4. Well you can claim That none of the situations or people I reference are necessarily true, that they are more of a personal opinion. That’s not the case. I know some poor lazy people I won’t call them out by name either. When your on the opposite side of this argument there’s no facts or personal experiences that will change your opinion. I just gave examples of people with limited experience, but lots of determination, who have done well with basically hard labor.
  5. Well there’s a reason why for the bulk of our nations history we have been the leader in just about anything. Nobody envies Canada or much of the rest of the industrialized world. There’s nothing anecdotal on what I claim. I could list names, addresses, the year make and model of vehicles of the people I spoke of. I’m not doing any of that to anyone unless they said go for it. Now I will agree, I primarily surround myself with like minded people, ambitious people. So Being that I do not spend much time with people who do not work.....I probably don’t quite see the struggles they fight daily. I
  6. Once again, all of the government run programs that are in place to help people in need probably had good intentions. There are those out there that have had hardships in life, physical disabilities, injuries or mental illness. The problem is that so much of that system is used by those that are just lazy, stupid or shitbags. Sometimes all 3. Tax dollars should not be spent on bailing out stupidity or laziness. If you lived above your means and went broke, if your a drug addict, alcoholic, have no ambition or drive.....these are not valid reasons to spend most of your adult life being supporte
  7. The people who feel everyone needs help are either looking for handouts themselves, or live under a rock. There’s work everywhere. They want us to believe prior to covid all these people were making huge money or they were having zero financial difficulties......now after a years worth of pay raises for sitting at home....forgiveness on multiple monthly bills and help wanted signs everywhere.....they just can’t make it. Complete joke.
  8. Your 100% correct. Not to mention if your a waiter/cook/bartender or dishwasher, I can personally take you to numerous places that will pay comparable wages starting Monday. Let’s not make it out these are jobs that allow you to retire early with a nice nest egg.
  9. This is where your out of touch. I helped a kid (I say kid he’s 24) when he was first starting out with a lawn care business. He has limited equipment but he’s a hard worker. He’s up and headed to his daily jobs by 7am and works till he is done, might be 5 might be 8. He’s killing it, doing great and is looking for help....can’t find anyone reliable. Another good friend of mine....his teenage son and best friend bought an old trailer, put together a pressure washing business....buried with customers because they are on time....every time.....and they work hard. They are doing great, bought a n
  10. So your telling me that people who had high paying jobs never saved a nickel, lost said job and now everyone else should help them out? LOL. Your out of touch with reality. Many of those wealthy people whose fortune skyrocketed during a pandemic made out so good because the people sitting at home couldn’t help but spend more money than they had. People fail to acknowledge that boat sales went through the roof, RV sales, golf carts....atvs etc. all shit most apparently now can’t afford. Who the hells fault is that.....not the wealthy. If you now are making 20$/hr and took a massive pay cut.....
  11. IDK if limiting the amount of tires used in a night is feasible when it comes to weekend racing on dirt. It works somewhat at Oswego but trying to monitor 100 cars in the pits weekly isn’t happening. Now, if there was a more equal way of distributing tires....that’s something that could be worked on. Some of the larger teams have no issue of ordering a truck load at a time, some dealers are also tied directly to or are race teams themselves so they are certainly getting the first pick through a shipment. If there are certain chalk marks that are limited....obviously those guys are grabbing the
  12. If the parents care about the children they won’t be in this position, if they do not care it doesn’t become my problem. Sounds harsh.....but this “save the world” mentality is what puts us in bad spots. Worry about yourself and your own family, and don’t expect others to do it for you.
  13. Depends, track going to slow down a lot and shine up? Are you going to rip the cushion all night. Is a cut up 400 RR what you need or not? What worked last week may not work this week. A driver or team has to watch the track, watch the clock and decide from there what direction your going to go.
  14. We gave away billions to people and allowed them to avoid paying rent and utilities......if you then cannot find a job and have no money to pay for shelter....you deserve to be homeless.
  15. Do all that work to a bunch of different brands and compounds and see how much is saved doing it to only 1. You gotta remember each brand take different but a lot of work, now when you want stagger options from say 5-8 inches....you need those options in all different brands. There was a time when you could not do any altering to tires. Bob would go scuff tires on the old pavement parking lot at weedsport. Chuck bower would have his trailer completely closed up and then smoke would roll from the doors when opened from grinding them. Those days are long gone.
  16. Tires are extremely important.....you can do all your homework on chassis setup, shocks springs etc. but the tire is the final attachment to the racetrack. Unfortunately In a lot of situations the best tire prep for Brewerton will not work/last at say Fulton. Siping and grooving is very important with Hoosiers, and how much/how deep and what direction you go with each matters. With American Racers, sharp edges seem to work much better, as the tire wears and begins to roll the edges it’s time to turn the tire if the siping pattern allows or replace it. Some tires the grinding disc needs to be s
  17. Absolutely, as much as people like to complain about “track tires” or “series tires” it’s the far better option. Years ago guys had Hoosiers, McCrearys, Good Years etc all mounted and ready to go. It was insane. Now with that said....the sanctioning bodies have and continue to stick it to the racers....having a stamp on the side of them or being the mandated tire tacks on 60-70 bucks per tire. That horseshit. It was also horseshit when Hoosier made the front tires half treads and never dropped the price. The tire deal would be much better if there was no grooving and siping allowed. Or go to
  18. If he did.....I can 100% guarantee you it wasn’t thrown by max Mcglaughlin or matt Sheppard.
  19. Once the teams found the best overall tire to use, there would be a larger shortage. Your not going to show up with a Hoosier just because it’s the only tire available to you, when 15 other guys could still have the better tire. Shortages are going to continue for awhile. You see it every field, whether it be windows, lumber, seat foam, race tires, engine parts etc. Lots of places were shut down and now most places cannot find labor, too lucrative to sit at home and watch Oprah.
  20. There are a lot of lazy racers.....most show up with last weeks mud on the car, it looks like a piece of shit and runs worse. They then head up to the beer booth and bitch that the big teams spend too much, even though there’s 15 other low buck guys lapping them each week with hard work and dedication.
  21. Nah, Tony should stick to racing related topics only. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about when it pertains to business.
  22. Lol, boy where have I heard some of those opinions before. I love Tony.
  23. Watching the world of outlaws at rolling wheels from the infield was cool, it’s a neat perspective for a short time and the speeds look totally different, some places slower some places faster. But the thrill of it wears off quickly for me, too hard to see the track to begin with never mind turning in circles to watch.
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