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  1. If a driver earns more than 600 bucks at a racetrack they have to report it. Tracks /series send out 1099 income forms to participants. Most teams are set up as a business and offset earnings with costs. You can show losses for a couple years, but you need to show some earnings every few years to avoid red flags. Sponsorship checks are usually reported as well.
  2. Ryan Won both races on all star weekend. I believe night 1 was a 50 lap 5k to win series race as well. I remember he Put it on its lid at the Hurricane 100 in hot laps and won the feature later in the evening.
  3. No Roger is his uncle.....never ran the trucking business. His father Andy ran it up until he passed last year. Roger was damn good as well in a racecar, Rogers son Ryan has won some big races during his career.
  4. He swept Fulton, ran up front at weedsport and Bridgeport last season. He doesn’t race anywhere near as much as most of the “big teams”.....1 night a week, weedsport and the sds. He also runs a trucking company and promotes a racetrack and has a family. So I’m betting his schedule is packed full of stuff besides being in the seat. He hasn’t had the wins in recent seasons as years past and I’m guessing a smaller schedule is a large part of that, but his career speaks for itself.
  5. In the 90s Brett, Alan , Danny, Jack, Bob etc were still the best no matter where they went. That’s a hell of a lot longer than 5-10 years ago.
  6. Except for the multiple outlaw 200s , bunch of sds races from Canada to Charlotte. Bunch of championships at Fulton, brewerton and weedsport. The SB race at Syracuse during dirtweek. Yea I’d say he can’t finish the job either. Has Jimmy had a Sheppard or Hearn career....no.....but has he had a better career than 99% of modified drivers...absolutely.
  7. That’s because those great teams in PA and Jersey don’t travel much and don’t do overly well when they do. I don’t want to downgrade other drivers but the top guys in the CNY or dirtcar circuit are the odds on favorite and run well everywhere they go. Been that way for 30 years.
  8. Adding Kyle Larson to my top 3.....hasn’t raced one yet that I know of but he’s so much better than any driver in the country at this point I’d say he would be in a northeast mod as well.
  9. In no particular order : Friesen , Sheppard , Williamson , Mahaney , Sears, Pereggo , Decker , Wight , Rudolph , Maresca I think there’s lots of other drivers that can contend with these guys....but most excel at one format or another Hoosier /Racers or Big block / small block. (Pauch Jr. / Godown / Marc Johnson / Phelps / Fuller etc. ) The guys I stated can run up front and win no matter the rules, race distance or tire.
  10. About 8th. Give or take a spot or 2. Just my opinion but overall stats are not the be all end all for me. Based off the competition of today it will be super hard for anyone including Matt to jump guys like Bob, Alan, Danny, Jack, Brett, etc. There isn’t too many examples in racing where 5-10 of the all time greats competed nightly against one another in the primes of their career. They racked up hundreds of wins and tons of championships against each other. Now pure driving talent is a completely different argument and a few guys that do not rank among the top 5-8 all time greats wo
  11. I don’t know about outlaw last night but consistently the bullrings will produce the best show.....outlaw, brewerton, Malta, accord, Fulton, even 5mp and thunder if you can see. The big tracks can produce good racing but it’s usually more spread out with less action.
  12. Just to get shit started.....been quiet for a week or so. The Bobby Varin topic was entertaining.....was ended too quickly. Nothing personal, I like watching Bobby and think he’s underrated, but his fan base is easily fired up.
  13. I’m betting that Mimi Lazzaro or the tech inspectors from Fonda still had it out for Bobby and made the call. I’m also guessing he did not hit anyone, they just spun in front of him. I wasn’t there but I’ve been told in the past he wouldn’t pull any shenanigans on the racetrack.
  14. Funny you said that, I was just talking about buying snowmobile parts there years ago and stew was working there at the time. Seems like forever ago.
  15. Oh your absolutely correct.....to a point. We house thousands of Immigrants.....that costs money. Give them healthcare.....that costs money. We help them in any way they want as well so They certainly cost money, but have a much better work ethic than Americans. US Citizens here get more lazy by the day.
  16. STEW IS TERRIBLE.....MAYBE ITS HIS HOME LIFE.....CHECK FOR RUMORS....lol it’s amazing how fast everyone jumps to conclusions. A month ago Matt was never going to win again and had no shot at beating Stew for any point title.....that was ridiculous. Now I’m hearing Stew really has to figure this stuff out Matt’s going to be unbeatable this summer....equally ridiculous. They are the 2 best drivers in modified racing....they will swing back and forth more times this year with win streaks and the rest of the competition will sprinkle in a few W’s along the way.
  17. If I knew how to post links , there are multiple budget reports that find welfare programs to be one of the largest budget hits. There’s a senate budget report that claims welfare services to be 21% of total budget.....up 200% in a decade. If you want to support your side of any argument there’s an article written on the internet to do so. Not to mention some state governments are a major problem when it comes to giving money away. NY sits at or near the top of that list every year.
  18. There’s job availability in about every field.....you gotta be pretty messed up to not be able to do anything. Meanwhile people without limbs, battling diseases, paralyzed etc. go to work each day.
  19. Some people have some pride and hand outs are not what they are looking for. I’m fortunate to have done well, but if that wasn’t the case I’d rather live in the woods in a shack before I became one of the people leaching from others. The issue that maybe you don’t see where you are is the number of fairly young people who are healthy enough to suck down lung darts all day, have a flock of kids,go do whatever it is they want and yet are getting all sorts of assistance and can’t work. I was contracted to do a bunch of work on apartment units (why the owners would put money into these buildings w
  20. I would have zero problem with making those corporations pay....as long as the money doesn’t go to the others that are scamming on the other end. Until that gets fixed.....scam the system and keep the money.
  21. Moral # 2 is as long as you work to get out of going to work....you will be taken care of by the rest of us. Sickening and pathetic!!
  22. I agree, there’s scamming at every level...but the 20 billionaires or corporations that you point out with be the same 20 we all point out. The 20 people scamming the system will be different for all of us meaning there’s hundreds of thousands of them. Once again, the biggest difference between the 2 in my opinion is one massive group is scamming money so they can sit on their dead ass and not contribute to society.....the other may be scamming but in the process employ thousands and provide goods or services to people. Many of these companies that treat the employees poorly....are the same on
  23. Each one of us could pick out 20 people who we know that are getting some sort of government assistance and do nothing to better themselves. They are everywhere. Everyone knows this. The medical system does not help...anyone that doesn’t want to work can see a few Drs and be deemed mentally or physically unable to do a job. The scamming of the system is everywhere.
  24. Being considerate of others and enabling the lazy are completely separate ideas. Don’t group them. I shouldn’t have to feel sorry for people who made bad life choices or don’t have enough ambition to do for themselves.
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