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  1. The platinum thing is bullshit. If you win the points title after missing 2 or 3 races......shame on the competition that they couldn’t beat a guy that partially participated.
  2. My guess is if he was given a platinum pass he would not skip dirtcar races for stss. Especially when deyo allows a drop race.
  3. Giving tow money/pit passes and guaranteed starting spots is taking care of those that support you. Eliminating a guy from championship possibilities because he has to race a truck a couple times is ridiculous.
  4. Exactly. The series completely disregards him as the points leader. He should praise Deyo each and every time he obliterates the field at a sds race. Let the fans know how crooked one series is and what kind of show they are missing out on with the other.
  5. No I do not believe there is any home track points. But Who knows what games dirtcar plays with the series. It’s really simple the guy that accumulates the most points from series races should win the title. Shouldn’t matter if your platinum status or not. All that “status” should get you Is guaranteed starting spots, pit passes and tow money. There also should be a limit to the starting spots as well.....I don’t know if Dinkins has ever qualified legitimately for a sds race....ever. Yet he’s added to every show.
  6. Neither....it would be as if stew never existed. All year he could lead the points and not be recognized as the leader.
  7. Matt won a sds title after missing 3 races I believe.....stew is certainly capable. If being aluminum status is the only way to receive series points, the whole deal is a rigged sham to begin with.
  8. I agree, time trials do not take long enough for me to dislike a show. With that said the heats become very boring so I prefer a draw format. New Egypt was a perfect example, stew had a bad draw, didn’t make it through the super competitive heats which produced him putting on a show in the feature. Usually there’s always a guy or 2 coming from deep because of that at a stss race and almost never at a sds race.
  9. Make the heat races all 12 or 14 laps and do away with time trials. That would solve issues on both sides. For every driver that avoids a draw race because they may draw bad, there is probably 1 or more small teams that avoid time trial races knowing they are at a major disadvantage before they load up. It’s not just the time trial itself that puts some guys at a disadvantage, but usually you have an extremely limited amount of time between hot laps and time trials, so if you want to make adjustments/have a problem/gear change after hot laps you had better have a good group of guys that know w
  10. Yes it’s a big cubic inch small block, but it’s not a spread bore engine like the larger small blocks used in super late models. It’s easy to build 415 cubic inch out of a dart block.
  11. Unless something changed Steve was running a 13 degree 415 small block originally built by Mullins racing engines.
  12. Steve is one of the best to ever do it, and even in his heyday he did it on more of a budget than most. His old man never liked spending a lot of money. They are a great family and Steve is one of the nicest guys you could meet. He has always been willing to help other competitors and is genuinely a good person.
  13. Thank goodness there is an upset once in awhile or we would only watch 2 guys win every race they enter
  14. There’s no question. Steve said he was stunned that he won in victory lane.....when stew and Matt are there that’s how everyone feels if they beat those 2. I would much rather see Steve win than either of the other 2 but if you ran that race 9 more times stew and Matt win atleast 8 of those. A yellow late and stew would have had a very good shot last night, he was making headway but it was too late. I stick to my belief, being that apparently outlaw only has 1 guy that runs there regularly that can even compete.....I’d take stew and Matt to sweep the season there. On a normal Friday Matt stew
  15. They were all there...Steve earned that one. As for the rest of the outlaw modified field....well most got to watch Steve win along with us. Steve is a far better driver than Meier.....and had he been a second a lap faster than the field....I’d question him as well. That was experience coupled with a good car and a great driver, probably the best ever at outlaw speedway.
  16. Well if repetition isn’t your thing.....don’t watch Fonda when stew is there....just unbelievably fast. Damn it flo racing you just keep showing the same guy winning.
  17. The racing is 100 times more exciting as well.
  18. In head to head stats at Utica, Matt has more wins , top 5s and top 10s along with a better average finish according to race stat central. He also has 60 fewer starts but only 10 fewer wins than stew. I would put my money on those 2 vs the field 99% of the time anywhere, but It’s a toss up between them when you get to familiar ground for Matt. He’s been off at places he doesn’t frequent as much, but he will be extremely fast at places he sees often.
  19. He may be the odds on favorite, but Matt owned the place the last few seasons he called UR home. I believe the first of which stew raced there weekly as well.
  20. The commercials annoy me so badly I’d buy a new truck before I purchased a 1 dollar part with free shipping from them to fix my current one.
  21. I’d pay 350 a year if I never had to see another rock auto commercial.
  22. If fans would come watch sportsman or pro stocks as headliners....that’s what would be the headliner. There would be no reason to pay a modified purse if everyone wants to watch support divisions. With that said, there needs to be strong support for supporting divisions, that’s where the modified drivers of the future come from. A weekly rotation is very fair for everyone.
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