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  1. Jack, I heard the pits have been moved outside the track and they're letting a restricted amount of vehicle inside the track. You might wanna check out the OCFS website.
  2. Cuomo is opening up the shopping malls, he says the HVAC air filters will filter out the virus. Yeah right.
  3. LOL...conspiracy theories like "russian collusion" and the "vast right wing conspiracy" that made up the Lewinsky affair. Or the noose that wasn't a noose, just garage door pull that's been there for years. NY racing may shut down but there's plenty of racing elsewhere. Don't get any ideas about leaving the state though, all the believers in the quarantine and masks, you better stay put right here in NY because the governor knows what's best for you.
  4. 58K US casualties in Vietnam, 2,355 US casualties in Afghanistan and 20,719 US servicemen wounded. Is that amusing to you? Maybe a cost estimate between 4-6 trillion dollars might make you bust out in a fit of laughter. No wonder we're broke.
  5. LOL...NY leads the nation in deaths! When this all stated Cuomo and deBlasio urged people to go out to broadway shows, ect and not HARM the economy. Then he said the quarantine would be nothing more than an extended "spring break" Squashed the virus? Yeah, that's why SO many people are leaving NY, because he'll probably be governor until he calls it quits.
  6. Must be another school teacher LOL. I think it's always really cool when everyone removes their hats and stays silent for the national anthem.
  7. Wow, that's great news. Bethel puts on a great show. If you've never seen the street stocks run there then you don't know what you're missing. And the NASCAR all American mod series is running there too, like Whelen car with 602's and skinnier tires. Money talks and King Andy needs that $$$ coming in.
  8. The environmentalists just got their way in California, 2024 no new gasoline powered will allowed to be sold. I think it's a fair bet to say NY will follow CA, doesn't NY always follow CA? Outlawing internal combustion engines and fossil fuels, do you guys REALLY think the wackos in NY have any sympathy at all for auto racing? It's coming. I think the libtards would like to see as many tracks go belly up as possible.
  9. Unlike the last two jerks that didn't see combat either, he's ending these stupid wars that those two jerks kept funding and for what? We're not any safer for it, we're LESS safe. Close to 20 years in Afghanistan, that's double what Vietnam was. The deep state didn't learn a lesson from Vietnam or from the Russian experience in Afghanistan.
  10. I heard a news report stating that NJ covid cases experienced a sharp rise last week. Despite the strict social distancing and mask requirements, NJ cases continue to climb. So if the number of cases go down, the mask proponents say "see that's proof masks work". If the cases go up the masks proponents say "the number of cases would have be higher if masks were not mandated" Up, down it doesn't matter. Most of the people that think Cuomo is doing a good job are most likely part-time NY'er and snowbirds that live in Florida and collect a NYS pension. WRG should move SDW to Eldora permanentl
  11. I guess you can't contract covid at an Indian run casino? I'd like to see the CDC's data on that. LOL
  12. Could be the county exec believes 7/4 IS a hoax, it's very stylish these days to hate anything to do with the founding fathers.
  13. There IS one person at the top of the shit pile, it's the governor. He was AGAINST a centralized one size fits all approach. He got everything he wanted, a hospital ship, ventilators etc. But he WON'T get billions in aid to cover up the gross mismanagement of the state budget and pension system.
  14. Maybe covid19 has nothing to do with why the race was cancelled, perhaps the ulster county executive just hates July Fourth holiday.
  15. LOL he keeps posting to threads whose topic is when NY tracks might open, so despite all the severity and dangers of covid that he keeps repeating here, he must think it's possible the governor might lift the restrictions so he can see a race this year. That's REALLY how dangerous he thinks covid is LMAO. He'd risk his life and his family's to see something as trivial as a race. Like Pavlov's dog, he's been conditioned to react to all the media hype over this...probably for political sentiments and not anything actually to do with the virus.
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