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  1. And this friends, is what passes as 'race talk for smart people' in 2021. I'm with Ric on this one. Compared to a few years ago where this was one of the sites I visited first every day and many times through out the day, there are now days when I just don't bother. Oh wait ... what was it one of the owners told me - get a thicker skin, or something. Said owner also pointed out that he rarely posts here any more. SMH Drain the swamp, figuratively speaking, and people will return. One man's opinion.
  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned that he was being replaced by Drellos. With silly season in full swing, is the only interest in what happens south of the NY border?
  3. Is this what qualifies as 'race talk for smart people' in 2020? Thank God and Shammy Shine it's almost over.
  4. I shouldn’t reply, but I can’t stop myself. You might be surprised that my thinking is probably not all the different than yours with the obvious exception of not being anti-semitic in what I write. Or in what I say. Question – doesn’t your post equally reveal that you are as much of snowflake as I supposedly am? Or maybe it’s that neither of us is a snowflake …. Yep … some of the FBI stuff looks bad, but not all agents are bad. Yep … a lot of what the NY Times posts is bad, but not all of it. Yep … the Washington Post is biased, but sometimes gets the story right.
  5. Jack, any serious discussion uses verifiable evidence to strengthen one’s argument. Using your eyes as evidence is nothing more than a subjective standard that you set up for yourself. If you judge anything based on that standard, it’s simply limited to your interpretation, because no one else would be able to see it from your POV. That’s not to say that your eyes have been deceiving you, I’m simply pointing out that your eyes offer no proof that anyone else could judge as right or wrong. The same applies to dealing with “them” (when you create group ‘us,’ by default you create group ‘the
  6. I’m calling Jack Brady’s post (and blowinblackboogers’s) bigoted at best, anti-semitic at worst, and completely based in ignorance. Is this what we have reduced ourselves to … even on a racing board? WTF!? FBI Hate Crimes Report (latest available data, 2018) “Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,550 offenses, and the majority of those were anti-Jewish” New York Times, February 18, 2019 “Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in New York Washington Post, December 30, 2019 “Acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise in New York and elsewhere, leavin
  7. 2 Thoughts: 1) The 'negative' folks are a small but vocal bunch. Sometimes it's good to take care of the squeaky wheel, but ... I think Deyo has been around enough to avoid doing that just to silence them (or bring the racket down to a dull roar). At the same time legitimate complaints (negatives) are useful for the promoter to know what to try to improve on. 2) I haven't given a lot of thought to what it is about Deyo's way that's different. One thing I could point to and perhaps argue for is sustainability. Someone posted a few years back about the difference between BB mod drivers
  8. I think it’s best to let this topic fade away. KB19 may be right in saying “nobody seems to understand what you’re trying to say.” A few people got it, at least in part. Bob Krummel for example. It was intended to be witty and point out the fact that Deyo shouldn’t even listen to me. J. Downing maybe understood it the way it was intended. Other than that …. Outlaw Photos, surely growing a thicker skin goes both ways. You rib me, I rib you. I misunderstand, you misunderstand. C’est la vie. dan dan, Bob Krummel, and KB19 – if you didn’t get the original post, it seems entirel
  9. My bad. ROFL I thought this was a board for exchanging ideas and *gasp* supporting the sport we all love so much (to quote the famous Bobby Varin). Sure as hell, we need more people like Brett. In a world that thrives on negativity, where people try to prop themselves up by dragging others down, posts like mine are the things that should be said more often. On this board, things have gotten to the point where you've got Bob Miller posting a weekly, "No bitching" thread to counter the negativity that literally oozes out of many threads. The 'No bitching' idea seemed to me to be p
  10. Dear Mr. Deyo, There are just 3 comments: 1) People are drawn to, and for the most part like, what you are doing because it’s different; you’re thinking outside the box and have a proven track record – no pun intended. For evidence you only need to look at the turn out of both competitors and fans (and this is NOT intended to be a slam on any promoter at ANY track, it’s just the facts). Which leads to number 2. 2) To whom should you be catering, if anyone? I think no one. The person who can tell you what you should (or not) be doing can do it better than you. IF such a person ex
  11. I would add that he finished 5th at Outlaw. 2 top 5s in 2 outings with the Allstars. Plus, he won feature #2 at Fonda in the Magasrus 93 mod on Saturday. Great weekend for the youngster.
  12. Looking at the list of Bobby Varin wins, there are 2 pieces of information missing. Bill Braga, the guy who compiled the list with the help of Ed Bittig Jr (and I'm sure a whole host of others), doesn't know who the car owners were NOR what the car numbers were for those wins. 1 was the midget win at Glen Ridge on 8/29/2015. The other was the mini-sprint win at Fonda on 7/26/2014. Can anyone help with that info?
  13. I can confirm both racer 80 and The Rabbit's observations. [Note the quick fill in the blue 18. The date escapes me, but it would have been the early 90's.] The car was purchased, hauled to Bobby's shop where they dropped in a Dennis O'Connor BB (of KarKare fame), and if my memory is correct, it was debuted at Weedsport with only the number changed (by some miracle by the guy with the paintbrush was able to make the number turn out halfway decently - to the point where no one wanted to mess with the bottom of the 2). It wasn't until later that someone else got ahold of another paintbrush
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