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  1. I think Mimi should use the word butthurt when asking Bobby about this. . . Mimi interviewing Bobby to see how he feels about her comment, 'It looks like I caused quite the stir with my comment, are you as butthurt as the bvdv guy on the DTD forum? Tell us how my comment made you feel.'
  2. Don't worry. If I didn't see your memes for 6 months or so I'd wonder what happened to you too.
  3. What happened to this poster/member? He always had some good and and funny comments to contribute. Hopefully all is well.
  4. I'd love to see what Kyle could do in a mod. I think it'd be better to see him run a 50-100 lapper versus a 200. The 200's leaves a lot to luck.
  5. Well a few months ago I figured out that Siri's business 'partner' is now Matt's t-shirt sales person/PR Rep 'partner.' I figured that was all water under the bridge for this new '21 race season. What else is going on?
  6. *edit - looks like I was typing my response the same time as DowntheBackStretch I'm not sure what businesses DowntheBackStretch is referring to but I can only assume he is referring to the BILLION dollar companies like Amazon, UPS, GM, Ford, Carnival. While some of these companies pay a fair wage for some of their positions. Some of them offer ridiculous hours that are part-time for YEARS with close to no benefits and getting some serious tax breaks - BILLIONS of dollars. Amazon and UPS beat the crap out of their employees. If they could have robots doing everything they would but the
  7. I really don't think that was the problem. It's more that you have rappers-athletes-super stars using the same word and they are getting endorsed by big billion dollar companies and starring in commercials. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I am not sure why anyone cannot see the problem with this. Myself, I could care less about the word because I don't use it. It doesn't take much research to see how many songs Lil Wayne has that uses the terrible "N" word. On the contrary, let's talk about how terrible of a person Larson is and saying that he deserved to
  8. It really sounds like you're in the middle and a fair person. I consider myself in the middle only because I think people on the far left and right sides take stuff way too far. Something I will never forget that I learned in high school. It's really not a straight line of left and right - but more a circle and the more I see today - the more it is true. These people are so true to their beliefs that they actually share a lot of the same behaviors and habits. So I saw in the news the family is suing the Capitol Police for shooting their daughter for I think 10 million dollars. I mean, wh
  9. 1/2 million dollar Trump Supporter coming thru!! I check this channel out every so often and saw this the other day - pretty entertaining watching some of these boats navigate this inlet in Miami
  10. Sorry to hear this. You're obviously very smart about the health field. I was really trying to understand if there's a difference between a healthy non-vaccinated person and a vaccinated person spreading it to another person. I wasn't trying to convey that I think everything that is said is fake news. I think a big reason why people aren't getting the vaccine is because of how new it is. I know some news outlets around here are trying to make it political by saying that Trump voters are less likely to get the vaccine. I guess anything to make a story or stir the pot.
  11. Because they want to show people they are a REBEL and go against the grain. That they are badasses. I associate the flag with the Dukes Of Hazzard and thought the cousins were cool doing stunts and being bad asses when I watched the show as a kid. I never thought as a kid, "oh cool, they have a rebel flag on their car and they're driving around looking for people of color to kill because they're racist mofo's!" I've never flown a rebel flag or owned clothing that has the rebel flag on it because I consider it the southern flag but never even thought of it as being racist until the cry cult
  12. How does someone not getting the vaccine put them in the category of treating others as an expendable, not caring, or not showing compassion? See, this is the part that make people not trust what's being put out there (and I think other people might feel the same way). To start, they said that your mask is to protect other people and this will be our road back to being "normal." Now, the "experts" are using this same line with the vaccine. You can still GET and TRANSMIT covid with the vaccine. I would assume if you're a healthy person that your body is kicking the crap out of the
  13. I'm very surprised to hear you say this. Ultimatums are really not a popular method. If the government chose this route, things would either be shut down for about 5 years or there would be complete riots. I am guessing more riots than just simple complacency. Myself, I'm sick of reading headlines everyday like, 'Cuomo says. . .' I really don't care what the guy has to say. I didn't want to hear what he had to say last year and I definitely care less this year (if that's even possible) to hear his infinite wisdom. With that said, if the government gave me the ultimatum to get the shot or
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