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  1. Matt and Stew just locked eyes on this caution lap! *edit* Matt and Stew just locked eyes again on this caution lap!
  2. Great idea. That would definitely up the excitement level! Looks like Matt might will be starting 13th or further back tonight with problems in the heat.
  3. This makes sense. Hoffman's started in Syracuse. The Irish salt miners working in Syracuse at the various salt mines would make salt potatoes their daily lunch. Not food related but there's a few stop lights where the green is on top on Tipp Hill because the Irish refused to have red on top. The Syracuse Mets even have a game every year where they change their name for marketing antics. The Syracuse 'Salt Potatoes' vs. the Rochester 'Plates' which is giving credit to Rochester's Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate. Zweigle's hot dogs are also more popular in Rochester since the company was founded there.
  4. Too bad they didn't interview back to 6th then, Sheppard could've told them to get their head out of their ass. Lol.
  5. Your opinion did not upset me. I am glad you are great concern of my a feelingπŸ˜‚
  6. I have to say that I'm disappointed with the level of criticism her article received on here but I'm not surprised. Obviously, everybody's 'Top 10' list is going to be different and for different reasons. Realistically, with how diverse and involved she is with the car scene, we should be honored that some of these tracks even made it on her radar. Everybody talks about wanting to bring in more people, have NE Mod interest grow, and bring in more sponsors but someone that brings attention to tracks that focus on big block mods as their headliner, we just dismiss as an 8 year old that can't write. A quick click on her name reveals that this woman is more of a car enthusiast than probably 90% of us in here. She's working on cars and written 100 plus articles that involve cars. I definitely plan on reading a few of them as it looked like she covered some really cool rides. She's living and breathing cars, motorcycles, atvs, and racing. So, before you dismiss someone as an unintelligent 8th grader that can't write, that person might be a connection to a multi-million dollar business that would love to be the headline sponsor of SDS, SDW, or STSS.
  7. - "threading the needle" I hear this one quite a bit - "woahhh - he used a 55 gallon drum of Astroglide to get thru that hole" I have never heard any announcer say this but I would never forget it if I did. - "holy boilerplate batman" SDW Oswego when Britten was taking it up to "the top shelf where momma hides the cookies" - "he spun that guy around like a girl on a stripper pole" heard this from an announcer on iracing. I was lmao.
  8. With the new OCFS surface and everyone impressed - it looks like the 1964 World's Fair lights might get to keep on shining πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Let's get this thread back on topic. . . How many solar panels should the promotor be giving P1 in victory lane???
  10. Going back to the original post here. . . Are you referring to more of the Canadian tracks and weekly shows that need to raise their purse? In the US, SDS and STSS have definitely upped the ante for P1 this 2022. I mean STSS has the Elite series paying 25k to win. How much more can they increase their purse? OCFS has increased purses to attract drivers. Without looking I think every track in NY from LoL down the thruway to Fonda has increased their purses. Unfortunately, for the series races, this is only benefitting 3 or 4 drivers as only about 3-4 teams have a deep enough stock of crew members, motors, tires, and time to travel to every show. So, as the strong teams get stronger, the other teams fall further behind. So increasing the purse is only throwing more money into the already better funded teams to begin with. So, I really don't think increasing the purse is the answer as it usually comes with an increase of pit passes or admission which can push more people away (exactly the opposite of what the goal is). I really think it comes down to being an expensive hobby and knowing a purse will NEVER cover your investment unless you're a part of the small percentage that was lucky enough to make a living from racing mods. A team will never ever make enough to live on driving sling shots, 4-cylinders, pro stocks, sportsman, or 358's. The amount of drivers that have made a living on northeast modified racing over the last 50 years isn't a huge number. Maybe 30 if that?
  11. Onondaga County (same county as the NYS Fairgrounds) wants to spend 85 million taxpayer dollars to build a fish aquarium by a mall where people get raped, robbed, and held at gun point.
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