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  1. When my father was a kid his track (Maple Grove) hero was Clint Meade in the number 1. He left for the service in 1962 so his youthful days in racing would have been in the late 50's and very early 60's. When my father returned home in 1965 he built a late model and put the number 1 on it. He had built two late models with flat heads driven by Howie Burgess, Walt Mitchel and John Birosh. My father doesn't remember what happen to the last car he built but he still has the motor. Fast forward to 2017 I had one of those "I'm not getting any younger moments" and I bough my first Sportsman
  2. That was the best race I've seen at Outlaw EVER! The track looked great too, Steve seemed to like it.
  3. Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY. I think it would be a good candidate for dirt as it doesn't have a lot of banking. It would be a good weekly Sunday track based on its location. I'd love to see Richmond as a temporary dirt track!
  4. My guess is its a matter of how much space is available inside the track. If you look at some pictures with NASCAR haulers there you might count 45-50. The vast majority of the sprint car teams will have similar sized haulers. Many of the big block teams also have large haulers. So with some of the big block teams bringing smaller haulers, you might fit 60 teams total inside the speedway.
  5. STSS has been listing entry's on FB. Last I counted there were about 24ish signed up. Nearly double that for Sportsman.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, there are no restrictions for travel to/from Florida or no restrictions fans in the stands so the 50th running of the DIRTCar Nationals should be close to normal. (maybe?) The issues may be the northern states with quarantine requirements upon return. What teams are making the trip this year?
  7. Great question! I'm guessing with the 37° banking, drivers can pretty much flat foot it around the whole track so the speeds will be pretty substantial over what most are used to. No doubt the Big Block teams will make it look like a Sunday drive but not without bolting on a few chrome molly parts rather than lightweight aluminum.
  8. http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2020/11/dirtcar-sportsman-teams-heading-to-south-carolinas-lake-view-speedway-this-january/?fbclid=IwAR1FDMeSouuIKgNhykdWtu3EactK5iC5oTmqrX9-TkKIbPXFF597zokZyxs Looks like WRG finally gets into the early season Sportsman business. It will be interesting to see what teams make the 12 hour drive for a long weekend verses who makes the 24 hour drive to race the STSS and the GRIT races over the course of two weekends.
  9. I'm getting curious as to what teams are going to travel to Louisiana in a couple of weeks for the ‘Cajun Swing’. I'm surprised it hasn't been talked about yet. Pretty good payout too.
  10. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing them call the race with something exciting and the camera is focused on something completely different.
  11. I've read of this "pre-registered list" a couple of times. Where is this list? Is if open to public viewing? Sorry.... Disregard, I just found it.
  12. Flagmen are absolutely needed, they play a key role in safety. The "gap signals" that Farney provides are very useful to a driver. He just does it for the 1st and 2nd place car. IMO the drivers should be allowed one way communication from a spotter. I feel this would definitely enhance the safety out on the track. Congratulations to Larry Wight and the 99L team.
  13. Steve Paine sells the fuel at LoLR, Kirk Reynolds also sells fuel in the Canandaigua area. Reach out to Gary and make sure they are up and running. I have no idea what happen Saturday but Gary's car fogged the speedway for mosquitoes and I think they packed up and left shortly after.
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