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  1. Not really a fair comparison, first off racing is voluntary ...mandates are not. Second when you didn't have the fire suits and safety systems for example F1 in the 50s and 60s they averaged 2/3 deaths of drivers per season. using the average of 20 teams thats a 88 to 92 % survive ability rate. we are still talking about a virus that 99.7% of people who contract it survive. and it also well documented at this point the overwelming majority of deaths came from our gov running the numbers up by pumping positive patients into elder care facility's. Basically targeting the weak and frail. My po
  2. "Social Distance" "Wear a mask" People still Die "Lock down" " "Stop working" People still die "lock down again " "Cancel holidays" People still Die "stop working" "wear two masks " People still die "get a vaccine" "get 2 vaccines" People still die "Get a Vaxx pass" "get a Vax tracking app" PEOPLE STILL DIE !!! Clearly the government doesn't have a solution but they have a hell of alot more CONTROL!!!
  3. Porta potties, and parking all the way to Alto music makes the parking better than Louden
  4. Granted its not a short track, but have you been to Pocono recently ? compared to OCFS and the recent improvements Pocono is a dump
  5. Sheppard ran a 20.9 in hot laps if I recall, Meier was just on rails
  6. Its been some time since ive played with those things but with the Animal engines and the right gear ratio...ehh... I wont say it was over 100, but if your turning laps int the high 70's average lap speeds your getting up there on the straight aways. The thing to to remember with the Mod your kinda sitting in one like a park bench, you have a few feet of stuff in the front (engine radiator bumper ect, ect) and a few feet of stuff in the back( fuel cell heavier duty bumper) to kinda cushion the blow in the karts your pretty much laid down like an Indycar and more times than not your laying o
  7. There are some dirt tracks down south that get up there in that speed range, I remember when we used to run WKA . In reality Karts are in some ways more dangerous then a modified, 2 inches off the ground and no seat belt, plus the walls are just as hard. there are "Champ Kart" divisions that give the illusion of safety they have a roll cage but if I remember correctly they had an insane plastic seat requirement . Having driven both and wrecked both lol ... I personally have always "felt safer" in my sportsman.
  8. Jack I agree with you 1000% and living in the area and dealing with them as well I could tell story's for days as well. Granted Not every single one of them are bad like in any particular group , but going bye my personal experiences the majority ive personally delt with are. Unfortunately when ever you bring to attention of their ill behavior your labeled as an Anti Semite or a racist and they use that as a shield for their horrible behavior. I know its a natural reaction in any crisis to point fingers and blame one group or the other but they have flaunted their disregard. Weirdly as much
  9. I just read on FB It was on, but the track was telling people not to try to buy tickets in the office because the speedway office is closed. Working and living in proximity to OCFS, yes there has been a Covid Spike as a matter of fact everyone got a warning on their phones conveniently the afternoon of the debates. As far as the 46 positive cases, all but 10 came out of one particular "community". I wont go there, but that "community" is seeing record spikes in the City as well. As far as the Gun debate there really is none after the summer we have seen that debate has been set back 20 years.
  10. The drive inn got closed the minute Cuomo got sued by those other tracks ....
  11. Its Dirt Tracks he is after because Dirt tracks sued him... Bethel has been open with fans in the stands
  12. Race fans in general are not King Andy's Political base, tracks in general take up valuable space that his main supporters from Brooklyn and Monsey want to use for other purposes . He is doing the exact same thing to race tracks that he has done and is doing to restaurants in NYC . Restaurant owners filed a lawsuit against him so he proceeds to keep them closed. He basically came out and said as much. When he got called out in the press for being the tyrant that he is, he shifted blame then said "ok you can open after you have this enforcement or that" (none of witch are remotely possible
  13. I agree with the vote portion, but wasn't the whole point of locking everything down so the hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed by whuhan virus ? Now you cant sit in the back of your own POV and watch the races ? this is BEYOND over reach
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