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  1. The only Canadian SDS race we may see this year is the fall nationals in Brockville.
  2. cornwall can't even hold a practice until may 21st at the earliest, and that's only if they lift some of the restrictions
  3. It's great to here the positive talk about Bridgeport..Dirt racing needs all the positivity it can get.
  4. yr 2 of superdirt week in Oswego was the best racing I've ever seen.
  5. I've been to eastern states, and fulton..is grandview as cool as it looks on the video's I 've seen..It looks really racey
  6. 100%..I go to the SDS races in quebec every year..The atmosphere is great.I bet if you did a driver survey they would say the same
  7. I read on the SDS site that their working on finalizing a date with Brockville and also airborne speedway in Plattsburg
  8. You make a lot of valid points,their has always been a lot of cash floating around.But to be fair great ownership and great promoting go along way also.Its also a huge family thing in the community, it's just the place to be on sunday night.Big races have a lot of buzz.
  9. Cornwall Speedway has been running on Sunday nights for 50 yrs..no problem here
  10. Williamson had 2 big races in october, and they just happened to be the 2 big ones, that makes him mr october in my mind..Perrego was great also..and Mahaney was by far the most consistent.
  11. After seeing Matt quite often in Cornwall this year, I can tell ya this guy is the real deal.And I've never seen a guy help so many guys in the pits, well deserved.
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