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  1. 8:30PM and they have run 3 laps in the first heat. Feeling sorry for the fans who have to work tomorrow.
  2. Past precedence tells me the USAC wingless boys will have more passing and more side by side racing than the WoO...I'll be watching Flo...😊
  3. Next weekend Eldora is running Woo Sprints and USAC Sprints. Do you know if they are splitting the streams between Flo and DirtVision or is one company showing all of it ?
  4. Fan permitting should not be an issue . The capacity for race tracks went from 20% to 33% this week and it could go up more by Memorial Day.
  5. 12 people from Oswego..cool . I am thinking about doing an asphalt show at Oswego Memorial Day weekend . You guys going ?
  6. Another great tip from jwin . jwin I nominate you as the resident "media guru" for this forum 😉
  7. This is just my opinion but unless you have an adapter to plug your I phone into your TV I would say save your money and watch the highlight real on YouTube the next day. 😊
  8. Leroy your a pretty smart dude , give me your choice on these 3 scenarios . #1 Port Royal knew the crowd would be small Sunday so they tried to make extra revenue by hittin up the campers with a fee . #2 The crowd was small because the camping fee pissed people off so they stayed home . #3 The camping fee and the small crowd are completely unrelated . No seriousness to this post...........just something fun 😊
  9. $30 for the weekend is certainly acceptable . The thing they did that pissed people off was they made people pay the full $30 plus admission even if they came for only one race.
  10. Based on some facebook posts the track tried to price gouge people who wanted to stay overnight in an RV or a tent . They wanted $30 to stay overnight . That $30 fee plus $25 admission to get in caused several people to make alternate plans .
  11. You sure on the Port Royal race being free ? The MAVTV web site shows you have to have a subscription. BTW really like the old format......thanks !
  12. Just watched Lincoln , you were right , great race . It's pretty cool that Lincoln and Port Royal can run head to head and both have full fields of good cars and great racing . 😊
  13. If you haven't seen it try watching the replay from last nights ASCoC feature at Port Royal. Definitely not a snoozer !
  14. No issues for me using Roku App , switched back and forth between USAC and ASCoC Spectrum 30 mbps ethernet
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