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  1. They increased the purse for tonight and lost a car since last week . $2000 to win .....11 cars ...... 😲
  2. Hands down Port Royal . They host every major touring series , pristine track surface , nice camping area , grandstand seats have back rests , hometown concessions at most events .
  3. That's interesting considering Williamson blamed himself ...... today's AARN page 18 ....... 🙂
  4. 99.99% ? Wow ! That's interesting considering Williamson blamed himself ...... today's AARN page 18 ....... 🙂
  5. Not starting an argument with you but I watched replay multiple times in slow motion/pause . 9s held the same line going into turn 2 that 88 ran the previous lap . You can watch it yourself . Matt Williamson is the driver who took Matt Williamson out of the race .
  6. Watching cocky little Matt Williamson take himself out didn't break my heart........🙂
  7. 2 out of the 12 cars got destroyed ? Remind me not to go there .
  8. Anybody notice that Jumper12a has been missing the past few month's ? Without him here the harassment level on this forum has been drastically reduced.....😊
  9. Dale Larson will never accept criticism of OCFS , plain and simple ....... 😞
  10. I have pretty much converted to 410 Sprint Car races for the exact reasons you pointed out . Attended the winged and wingless shows last weekend at Eldora . They were blessed with great weather and the racing was outstanding ! Good show coming up at Port Royal June 17th , winged and wingless 410's and Silver Crown cars all in one night .
  11. No ass kissing in my post , just stating facts.............🙂
  12. Matt Sheppard is very well respected by his fellow competitors . He is experienced and knowledgeable when he offers suggestions and he has done much to promote our sport . Why you have such a hard on for him doesn't make a whole lot of sense .
  13. As far as racing surface lets look at an example of an experiment in failure . Jimmy has been working his ass off the last few seasons trying to give the racers what they want at Weedsport . The end result is Weedsport is now a track that produces little or no passing . Is that a good thing ? I have to agree with con7 on the Port Royal thing . Whatever they have going on there as far as track prep is great stuff.
  14. I am prepared to get chastised for saying this but I'll take my punishment with a smile........🙂 Apparently the human species has regressed in knowing how to prepare a daytime dirt track or race on one. I remember watching many big dirt races that were run at daytime , and they were good races . Can you say Rolling Wheels , Syracuse , etc ?
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