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  1. We'll have to see how many travel to Atomic for the season opener . Atomic is just over 30 miles from the Kentucky border , pretty long tow for most .
  2. Ummm, what's your point here ? I responded to your question about Port Royal car count. I even included your question in my post to avoid confusion . You come back at me with results from Volusia ? I know we're both old but maybe senility has hit you worse than it's hit me ....lol....✌
  3. No ! I think 29 cars is very good . Remember Sprint car tires for 2023 are not available until March 10th . Brent Marks has already stated that he wouldn't be racing this weekend as he is out of older tires . I would have to believe there are others in the same scenario .
  4. Not a WRG hater , in fact I have supported more WRG events than you can shake a stick at . With that being said , I have never met Brian Carter but watching his interview a few months back on Winged Nation he struck me as being extremely arrogant . He acted like he is the monarch of sprint car racing referring to sprint cars as being (his brand). It was especially noticeable when they asked him about allowing drivers to participate in the high limit series . I am sure the episode is out there somewhere , maybe on YouTube , check it out and you will understand.
  5. Historically ? How many years back are you referring to ? Times have changed my friend . Considering 3 of the Posse guys were already qualified to run tonight's makeup feature at Volusia and they chose to stay in PA I see nothing odd at all about my response. The WRG guys are famous for thumbing their noses at other series and they can't produce a full field for tonight ? 🤔 If you are old like me and can remember the show Dragnet here is one of their famous quote's.. "facts , just the facts ma'am"
  6. The Mayor wins !!!! WooHoo !!!! Super nice guy , well deserving .
  7. Really ? I think facts outweigh your opinion . There have been 4 shows so far in Central PA , 3 at Lincoln and today at the Port , 29 is the highest car count so far .
  8. Our NY boy Colagiovanni made it into the feature , good deal .
  9. Get this shit ....29 410's at Port Royal today...... 22 410's at Volusia for today's WoO sanctioned race . PA Posse Rules !!
  10. BAPS has scheduled modifieds for 3/18 . Hopefully they get more than 11 entries or I think you can kiss future modified races goodbye in that region .
  11. The Sunday race is on . The cancelled logo you are referring to has been on the web page for several months , the web page needs updating .
  12. Your funny , what I posted is a cut n paste schedule for 410's nationally . In our region the Posse will be split up between Port Royal and Lincoln , Sharon is running a 410 show and the AllStars who are ending a midwest swing have a points race in Knoxville . What's left for Weedsport ? Looking at past precedence a few 360's will sign in to fill the field .
  13. Agreed , here are some 410 conflicts that will have a detrimental effect on car count . Saturday, July 29, 2023 WoO Weedsport,NY DirtVision Empire State Challenge AFCS Fremont,OH AS Knoxville,IA FloRacing FAST Paragon,IN IRA Wilmot,WI NOSA Dacotah,ND OVSCA Atomic,OH Night the Stars Come Out Lincoln,PA Rumble in the Pigeon Hills Port Royal,PA FloRacing Living Legends Dream Race Twin 25s 10k to win 700 start each Sharon,OH DirtVision St Francois,MO
  14. A little confused......what's the point of making it available on DirtVision if anyone can still watch for free with the tracks app ? I will take a stab at answering my own question........ The track will profit by DirtVision sharing the proceeds from their subscribers ?
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