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  1. How Jamie Dimon isn't in a prison work camp is beyond me. He is responsible for more than $1 billion in fines for things like rigging the London Metals Market and other associated crimes that he just paid a fine for. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-metals-jpmorgan/british-regulator-reviews-jpmorgan-metals-trading-amid-u-s-probe-sources-idUSKBN1WQ26Q Somehow he also survived an aortic anyerysum
  2. In August when the $300 extra a week stops then people will be back to work. Until then you just have to do the best you can and service one customer at a time.
  3. I think you should take a little time and go on youtube and find gerald celente. Ive been a subscriber of his for more than 10 years. He publishes a weekly journal via a subscription and twice a week on youtube. trendsjournal.com ANY publication that takes ANY amount of money in a magazine, newsletter, website etc has to balance its content by the amount of money they take from advertisers. There are NO ads in the trendsjournal. Take 13 minutes and get an education on the real state of the economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQAunZOdIY
  4. Dont worry, in August the big block and small block mods will show the sportsman the fast way around.
  5. Fonda, to see if anyone can stop the Friesen train. Canandaigua tonight because Steve Paine is being inducted in the track hall of fame.
  6. https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/nj/montville/dieter-f-schmidt-12824100
  7. I'm like ef Hutton when I speak you should listen.
  8. let us know when your done holding your breath too
  9. Listen up if you use Weld Wheels. I was told on excellent authority that the standard time now to get a normal stocking delivery of weld racing wheels for modified racing is around 12 weeks. If your going to Super DIRT Week or Charlotte and need wheels do not delay in getting your orders in. Dont wait till the end to decide you wont have wheels.
  10. God bless you because it would take 3 weeks just to pay my rent.
  11. $620 a week. Minues federal medicare tax and ss tax your down to 572.50 before state withholding and health insurance if provided or taken along with dental and vision. High 400's a week people just can't make a go of it on that wage. I realize that there is a certain dollar amount thats paid for the job and thats accounted for in the cost of the product and you cant pay more for an employee than what your product cost will bare in the market. Its a hard thing to overcome for employers. Eventually the checks stop coming and people will return to work.
  12. Get your hands on this weeks AARN. There is a full page story on the tires from AR and Hoosier. One of the tracks that cancelled the event held a practice session just before pulling the plug on the event. Hoosier is running 6 days 24/7 and American Racer is pushing out tires as fast as possible. NO SHORTAGE of tires. Just panic buying. Read the story and then come back here and post after you read it.
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