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  1. Page 39 of the current edition of AARN has the storu
  2. Look at this dust https://m.facebook.com/groups/819133061802660/permalink/1644697302579561/ I never said 1 word about Corcoran. The track is super slick like a ice skating rink.
  3. Since when did you start playing optometrist? Will you be the spokesperson when it's dusty with a 7p start in 2 weeks ? Maybe you should start watching the new wh press sec so you can lie on your feet and come up some real bs like the sun was out or we forgot to water it.
  4. It was dusty in practice.. getting the excuse grader warmed up..
  5. Doug should be ashamed he cuts Hearn short on the interview yet he will talk for hours about some unknown sportsman driver.
  6. FYI devils bowl pays its sportsman the same purse as the mods at malta and a $5k point title along with a $10k crate sportsman 200
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